Going Commando


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A DMC Collection!? Sign me up, I've been looking for an excuse to play DMC 3 again.

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I hope they balance power weapons because the noobs will lure veteran players away if they are over used. Other than that, I see the multiplayer being very deep and competitive. Hopefully Uncharted 3 can be thee competitive shooter on PS3. Most other games seemed to have failed (Killzone 3, Socom 4).

The last real competitive shooter for me on PS3 was Killzone 2, before valor boosting killed the clan system.

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Teh Cell will prevail

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I actually like the name Vita, and I'm sure it has some letter for letter meaning like BRAVIA (HDTVs)

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The lyrics were pretty dope, I'd kick Vega's ass with Ibuki tho :) lol

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Buying June 7th

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Lmao I can only imagine the comedy that can come out of this

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Is Sony's press conference really going to be 5 hours long, like what could they possibly do for five hours to keep me entertained; wait, nvm.......don't answer that

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All I need is NGP in my life

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The new Raptr is beast, already signed up

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Meh if the competitive community lasts at least 3 more weeks, I'll consider purchasing it

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I'm going to need a new laptop for College, thanks for the tips

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My eyes are Starhawked on Starhawk

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I haven't been in the market for an offroad racer since ATV games of years ago

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EDIT: It's always been linked, but the image has just been added.

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It's on Killzone.com, Killzone players have always been able to check their stats online post matches from Killzone 2.

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"as it will likely be at least a few more days" - PS Blog

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im gonna rent for the 3DS

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Great interview, very impressed by the developer input.

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My personal wish list: Starhawk, NGP Wipeout, new Super Smash Bros Brawl, and nothing else off the top that i can think of.

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