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Hmm Killzone tried mechs but it was an FPS so I look forward to Starhawk

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More devs should take time to fine tune their games to limit or remove installs

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Starhawk hype!!

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Looks like Final Fantasy XIII and God of War 3 had sex

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I'll check it out because i played Stardust and a good score

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Not a Soccer gamer but Pro Evo and FIFA seem to be the most relevent titles in the sport

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I'm really hoping UC3 is the biggest multiplayer title on the PS3. I love UC3 and it deserves to be on the top of the throne, supported by tourneys and an active community.

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Hmm haven't played this game at all yet

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I completely disagree. Uncharted does take skill to be good at. Against your average player, gun battles are easy and straight forward (to put it in short). The game is dynamic and vertical making it harder and more intuitive to kill experienced players.

Ultimately, there are too many noobs in Uncharted 3 currently because they're so used to being hand feed by games like Call of Duty. UC3 multi has enough depth to be that "it" multiplayer that'll evolve the ...

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Drake's Brawl FTW

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Nathan Drake for President

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Thank god for the DRM less Witcher 2

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I've always been cautious about going AMD, but I'll wait for benchmarks.

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Looks interesting, but idk how many people will actually sit down and use the new features like YouTube and Bing

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Simply incredible, but did we expect any less?

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Are you kidding me, Kotaku is an amazing site.

People sicken me, when they bitch and moan about gaming journalism but they complain when sites like Kotaku break embargos and don't kneel to publishers.

This IS REAL JOURNALISM. Although, legally, you're not supposed to break an embargo because you're bound by contract. Kotaku's other leaks involving Activision are an complete opposite though. I applaud them.

Anyone posting art...

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Then it's confirmed, why would Sony put PS Vita all across the source coding if that wasn't the planed name. It makes sense (V) 5th PlayStation console.

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Microsoft has a sense of humor? "What does this mean?" *double rainbow voice*

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