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Great response

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To be honest I never really downed motion controls; I just thought Wii sucked in general lol jk, No seriously...

Wii gave motion controls a bad look with all the shovel ware published on the console; it will be great to see Sony or Microsoft bring some hardcore games to a motion control scheme.

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Yeah I caught that, he obviously doesn't know what hes talking about along with other things he said in that video. Overall terrible review.

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If you haven't played the game don't comment because Final Fantasy XIII is getting shafted big time.

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A 8 From Edge is like a 9.5 from IGN. I'm sorry but edge magazine has proven that they don't like to give PlayStation 3 games AAA scores. Its quite evident that titles like those of the Halo franchise has lived in glory of high scores under this magazine when they arguably weren't worth the praise.

Edge = Don't give them any credit

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Sounds sweeet

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99% of everything I read in that article either isn't expressed properly or shows complete ignorance to all gaming consoles. Who ever wrote this obviously doesn't know what they are talking about.

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Good points

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ah Hem *coughs* finds the same story on this page

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I agree 100% great video

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This is the same review posted again we already know this

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I have to admit epic fail *approved*

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The answer is simple, Final Fantasy was meant for the PlayStation 3 I don't know why Microsoft even bothered, they have tons of other games releasing this year. Paying for a watered down version of a blockbuster title = FAILURE

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@above I disagree, why would Microsoft try so hard to market final fantasy when we all know their crowd doesn't want that game.

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Well I just checked and the trophies are here as well.

Edit: actually it requires the dlc sorry but hey the new metals are here...

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quit with the fanboy crap both are great games and you shouldn't even compare gears with uncharted...the only similarities of both games are that they are 3rd person shooters with multiplayer

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Gets popcorn

Heavy Rain is a love or hate title not everyone will like it.

Reviews that are 7s can easily be 9s on another. Ultimately its up to you to decide...

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There are two different people in this situation, I wrote that article and Treezy did the video. :)

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this article is so misleading

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