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Sony loves their George Foreman grills

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"Update" we have no update. -__-

Edit: Ok, I've been pretty low key about this whole thing but it really just hit me a few minutes ago. PSN is dead until further notice :'(

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I don't think those are silver letters, I think the off-screen shot of the presentation slide makes it appear to look as if it was a shiny silver.

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Good observation, it does appear to be shopped. But it is consistent with the previous leaked image.

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I wish I could play Mortal Kombat online -__-, but great podcast

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Uncharted 3 is my second most anticipated game of this year.

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Lol another entertaining podcast guys, "as soon as I plugged it in"

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Final Fantasy has no soul; the direction FF has taken has disgraced the culture of JRPGs that still does exists, the ones that I love.

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As long as Disney's interests are put first before Square, it should turn out great.

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PC is where it's at

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Spiderman left his nanosuit at home unfortunately

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Lmao this guy is on a rampage

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INSANE The "I Wanna Be" makes the song so epicccc OMGGG

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looks interesting I'll check it out

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I have to agree that Final Fantasy X was my favorite. Tidus and Yuna were fantastic and the music is epic as well. Some of Uemetsu finest!

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Team NaughtyDog FTW lol

I think I will cry when we get to see the multiplayer footage, U2's multi was damn near perfect

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I agree that Black Ops is a breath of fresh air!

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Black Ops is definitely a breath of fresh air!

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Black Ops is pretty good

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Yes they're sending them out via PSN messages

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