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"Sources are not Sony". Exactly, yet here you are using other sources to further your argument but when other people bring up the same source it's suddenly not aloud? Even though it's looking pretty likely, we don't really know if this is actually happening.

Also, how about you make your point without calling people blind fanboys. I assure you that there are people out there that genuinely don't see anything wrong with this. Just because they disa...

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you act like nintendo can just will a win out of nothing. apart from the wii, every single nintendo console has sold less than its predecessor. the wii was able to do well off of a gimmick that casuals bought up. nintendo needs to make serious changes

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Both look good. Although I think the ps4 looks a bit better.

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I never use mine.

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I think he was referring to things like the xbox fantasy football app and other non game related sports apps. Not necessarily sports games.

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I never understood the hate GoW got for being violent. Especially the hate on Kratos for being, for the most part, a one dimensional character that is nothing but rage. I personally like that about the series. No game has ever made me feel more powerful than GoW. There is nothing wrong with enjoying them just like there is nothing wrong with enjoying mindless action movies. They are there for pure enjoyment. They dont need to be "deep" or "moving" for them to be good games...

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This is basically cod now.

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I will agree that Halo's story is better, but for me I will always have a slight favor to COD. And that is because of COD 1 and 2. This was when COD wasnt hated for being a casual money grabbing machine. I would say that it was loved by the PC community at one point. There was nothing better than getting my friends together for a lan and playing COD 1 and 2 all night. Not even Halo.

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LOL is the most casual MOBA there is

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you know at one point i would have added Call of Duty to that list. Call of Duty 1 through 4 were all really great games.

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im sorry but "the greatest game franchise ever created" is quite a statement. if they said "one of the greatest" i would agree more. no doubt halo is a great series though

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i really miss that game. i would love a sequel. what ever happened to surreal software?

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cool opinion

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Drakan 2 is one of my favorite games ever.

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i do not understand when people say this game wont live up to the hype. since when did this game have all that much hype?? early previews of the game have been very critical and did not have that many good things to say. I feel like for a game to be hyped, it needs to hyped by the media as well as gamers, and i just have not seen that.

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Since when are games with an average rating in the 7s considered burning at the stake?

Everyone acts like games that are in that range are these horrible games that should not be played. You know why you are having a good time with destiny? Because it is a good game, which has been agreed upon by gaming reviewers. We need to get this idea that 7 and 8s are not good reviews.

I am actually happy that people are reviewing these games with higher standards. If ...

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my friends list has been completely fine

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how is that a low blow? is it desperate? yes. but not really a low blow.

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@ OOMagnum

my averages are not wrong. i was only including the main series. not prologue not hd concept and not the psp version because those are not the main iterations of the game. basing it off that, gran turismo is rated higher.

and even if you do use those averages that include HD and prologue, that does not discount that the latest and most up-to-date versions of both, gt has a better rating. so you can disagree all you want, but your point of forza bei...

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i do not understand this jab. can you explain?

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