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i do not understand when people say this game wont live up to the hype. since when did this game have all that much hype?? early previews of the game have been very critical and did not have that many good things to say. I feel like for a game to be hyped, it needs to hyped by the media as well as gamers, and i just have not seen that. #5.2
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Since when are games with an average rating in the 7s considered burning at the stake?

Everyone acts like games that are in that range are these horrible games that should not be played. You know why you are having a good time with destiny? Because it is a good game, which has been agreed upon by gaming reviewers. We need to get this idea that 7 and 8s are not good reviews.

I am actually happy that people are reviewing these games with higher standards. If... #1.1.6
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my friends list has been completely fine #1.7
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how is that a low blow? is it desperate? yes. but not really a low blow. #4.3.1
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@ OOMagnum

my averages are not wrong. i was only including the main series. not prologue not hd concept and not the psp version because those are not the main iterations of the game. basing it off that, gran turismo is rated higher.

and even if you do use those averages that include HD and prologue, that does not discount that the latest and most up-to-date versions of both, gt has a better rating. so you can disagree all you want, but your point of forza bei... #3.3.8
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i do not understand this jab. can you explain? #28.1
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@ OOMagnum, forza 5 has a metacritic of 79 while gt6 has a metacritic of 81.

looking at the highest rated from any of the titles, gt has a 96 which is higher than any of forza's.

further, if you look at average scores of all forza games vs gt games, gt averages at 89.6 while forza has an average of 88.8. tell me again how forza is rated higher? #3.3.4
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im not saying i believe this, but people have lied about games before #6.5
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I fucking hate angry joe. His channel is shit. #1.6
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Isn't this an old video? #10
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They didnt do very well when announcing this game. Unless i missed something, I do not think it was a good idea to release two off screen pictures for the first time they show a game off. Give us a trailer or some better in game screenshots. Something to hype us up. This doesnt get my hyped at all... #17
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This is so frustrating. I do not understand why they didn't have this in development for next gen as well. #19
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Why is that so hard to believe? I too have a PS4 and and gaming PC (although I wouldn't say its high end anymore)? #1.3.1
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I despise these presumptuous flamebait trash articles. Who the hell do they think they are telling people what they want? #18
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I think you need to look harder if you do not think this looks next gen. #1.14
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The thing is, it wasnt just IGN. This whole game was way over hyped everywhere on the internet. Hyped by gamers and hyped by gaming sites. It obviously hasn't lived up to it. #15.1.1
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8.9 is an amazing score and all, but after all the hype this game got, I expected a little better than a 86 Metacritic. Not that an 86 is bad at all, just feel like the media and xbox fans treated this as the second coming, and now that its out, it isn't living up to all that hype. #15
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I am sick and tired of people criticizing those who are early adopters. Someone needs to take the plunge. If no one did these consoles would obviously not last. So if you aren't ready to buy a console, STFU and let those who did buy one enjoy and stop trying to make them feel stupid for doing it. #1.10
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The author is complaining because no one else seems to realize it isn't new. Its being way overhyped. #7.1
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@ lolCHILLbro

I'm not trying to start a PlayStation/xbox fight by bringing up a PlayStation exclusive, but killzone 3 did a lot of what titanfall is doing. they had multiplayer mechs and multiplayer jetpacks and they had mission based multiplayer with cinematics.I'm not saying its the same level as titanfall, but it's definitely similar.

It's not even just killzone either many other games have used jet packs (Halo) and many other games have u... #1.1.3
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