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lets not forget ryse which scored lower than the order 1886

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Isn't this just US though? Did they release worldwide numbers?

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There's more than one negative review though. Mostly the game is getting mixed reviews. It's at 67 on metacritic now.

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Wow. Telling someone they aren't a fan because they don't think it's a 10. Are all Zelda fans this insane? Starting to think so. I'm a fan of a lot of things. That doesn't mean I have to blindly follow everything and can never be critical.

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I personally think that horizon has the best gameplay out of all three. Very few games have more exhilarating fights.

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"you don't really see ppl up in arms over a review a movie got, or someone saying a certain album sucks"

lol dude thats all over the internet. people were up in arms for that shitty batman v superman movie.

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How is 97 the highest rated game of all time?

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I don't think they are over looking it because it's a Nintendo game. I think it has more to do with the fact that it's a Zelda game. Honestly there isn't much to overlook cause it's a great game. It's more about keeping your hype in check because a series you love turned out to be an amazing game.

Breath of the wild reminds me a lot of "don't starve" in a lot of ways. The open exploration without any real guide, the dying due to cold we...

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Well to be fair, breath of the wild is an amazing game. I'm just not seeing how people think it's the best game ever. In what I have seen so far, other than being to climb any surface, I don't see that many new things in the game. It takes tons of things from other games and makes them better or adds on to them. It's more of an evolution rather than a revolution.

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I got to agree with this article. Zelda is an amazing game that is being carried to a god like status by people who were wanting it to be a good Zelda game. I have played around 6 hours on a friend's and watched about 6 more hours of my friend playing and I personally think it's over hyped. It's an amazing game worthy of praise for sure but the people going around acting like it's the second coming are being a bit dramatic.

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How is it irrelevant if it sold more? Wouldn't more people playing it mean it's more relevant?

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Wow that was the biggest stretch of a list.

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It's not. Eddie is a blind Nintendo Fanboy.

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Bloodborne is the best ps4 game. And a 8.8 vs 9.8 isnt destroying in my opinion.

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My thoughts exactly. If there is a 8.5 I highly doubt that person is lying about the review. That's still a great score.

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Major contender? It's a sure thing. Red dead is the only game that has a chance and I don't think it will beat Zelda. Zelda has too much history and nostalgia behind it.

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Wasn't last guardian from 2016?

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Last of us 2 is not coming this year or even next

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I love Zelda but people put it on a pedestal and are blinded by nostalgia if I had to make a guess. I'm not saying it doesn't deserve amazing scores but if you take the name Zelda off this then I bet it wouldn't be deemed "greatest game ever made". That goes for other franchises too. Not just Zelda.

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IGN gave it a 6.7 for the moment. Also metacritic shows it only having one 9

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