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RE3 is the only mainline game in the series that can’t be played on modern platforms

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Third party publishers don’t have much incentive to take advantage of this service

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No mention of Diddy Kong, Daxter, Clank, Cortana, Maya Fey, Kazooie, Otacon, Dominic Santiago, Rush, or Victor Sullivan?

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I still don’t have much faith in this service. Nintendo has a habit of making boneheaded decisions with online gaming, and now they’re making you pay for it

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No that doesn’t make sense since in Japanese, Akio Otsuka still voices Venom Snake just like he voiced Solid Snake & Big Boss. Not to mention that Keifer Sutherland still voiced the real Big Boss in Ground Zeroes & Phantom Pain.

We already know the only reason Keifer Sutherland was brought in was for a western mocap actor because Kojima didn’t think Hayter was up to the task.

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Is enjoying old movies, books, television, music, comics, manga, etc a waste of time when new projects in all those mediums are always being made?

Your question’s been answered.

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Misleading headline much

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Not as egregious as Nintendo rejecting the idea of Samus fulfilling her profession.

Retro Studios planned on having Samus fulfill more of a bounty-hunting role in Metroid Prime 3, namely, by having the player pick out actual bounties to go after. The higher-ups vetoed this, in part because of the genre shift for the series it would entail and in part because Samus doesn't really fit the role of bounty hunter to a T. The guys at Retro jokingly referred to her as a "...

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Why the headline make it look like the author has something against jiggle physics

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Not anywhere close to what a disappointment Ultra Smash was

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2018 has been a great for David Hayter’s return to voicing Snake.

- Super Bomberman R
- Metal Gear’s 31st anniversary shorts
- Super Smash Bros Ultimate

You can tell he really loves the role and was disappointed as was the rest of us when he was replaced by Keifer Sutherland.

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I never understand why people think the future of games are services since the content won’t indefinitely be available

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“So, let’s get the obvious out of the way: no, the Xbox One will not win the Holiday season this year.”

Oof this article doesn’t even bother pulling punches.

“Not having any new hardware this year, and having no exclusives to stand out, means that the only thing left for Xbox One to actually sell well this Holidays will be discounts and bundles- and I have no doubt there will be many of those, Microsoft pushes them out on an almost monthly basis now. And ...

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Shieet that’s the third flash sale in a row

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Not releasing it with enough substantial content is what failed it

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Sonic ‘06 basically is Sonic Adventure 3 in all but name

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Put all the content on the discs

Don’t screw up Spyro’s legacy

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“The culmination of not just Nintendo’s best efforts, but of Sega, Capcom, Konami, Bandai Namco, Square Enix — together with each and everyone of the developers big and small featured — that have made video games the great unifying and delightful cultural cornerstone it’s now become.“

That’s one of my favorite aspects of this series

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““Waluigi for Smash!” the meme-lords cry. As fan-requested characters like Simon Belmont, Ridley, and King K. Rool start to flesh out the roster of Smash Bros. Ultimate, everyone is wondering why there is no love for Waluigi.”

Because there’s more notable characters to put on the roster than Waluigi.

“f only you knew how appropriate it was that Waluigi is being excluded. In fact, being excluded might be the most Waluigi thing Nintendo could do to Waluigi...

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All that talk of Xbox One X making a big difference last year and the gap still continues to grow

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