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This article didnt nothing but reprint popular rumors about what MS is going to show at E3.

Personally I think MS has something big up their sleeve theyve been very tight lip all year. We already know about Forza 3, Alan Wake, SC, ME2, the GoW2 expansion pack and Halo odst. Given that all those titles (beside ME2) could be release this year thats already a fairly impressive line up.

Its reasonable to assume Rare, Lionhead and Mistwalkers will all be announcing n...

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The only reason ps3 has any game sells at all are the extreme diehard fanboys that will buy any game as long as its a ps3 exclusive no matter how crappy it is. The ps3 is a great system for lil unheard of companies (or companies that make bad games)to make games for cause sony will pay for the exclusive and fanboys will buy it and hype it to be the 2nd coming of the ps3 no matter how god awful the game is *cough* mgs4 *cough*

On the other hand 360 has so many AAA games that its...

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You have to laugh at all the sony fanboy saying CoD4 is SONY'S Halo killer. Sony fanboys yet to stupid to even know what sony is.

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everyone seem to be forgetting about star ocean 4.

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the 16 bit wars were nothing compared to this. If fact I dont really remember to many gamers actually caring what system a game was on it was either good or bad.

The sony build up a huge fanbase with the ps1&2 and it was pretty easy and nothing else came close to the ps1 or ps2. Now the 360 and Wii have put an end to the ps rule. Making many of the fans extreme mad. To top it of a lot of idoits have a deep hatred of MS for no logically reason. Other then maybe the think it...

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Thehiphopps3fanboy reads what other ps3 fanboys say on N4G this is the source of his rumors.

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Its obvious ps3 fanboy padded the score on this game there is no way it ever deserve a 6.3

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Why is force unleashed on there and why no mgs4 , lbp or r2

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LOL ps4 using DD only wouldnt that be funny seeing how all the ps3 fanboys are saying DD will fail.

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Your an complete idoit It has almost nothing to do with the 360 when most of their games on the wii, ds, psp and ps2

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"its a major GOTY contender alright."

its not even coming out this year so how is it going to be GOTY. Plus the game sucks just like the 1st one did its funny how ps3 fanboys talk about the 360 being a shooter console when all there so called AAA exclusives are nothing but genric fps

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No spin need the reason they are 199 is cause they will becoming out with 2.0 soon making all the blu ray player that are out now useless. Sony is screwing over there customers once again

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Wow another 360 that is over run by ps3 fanboys in fact dont think I seen a single post that isnt py a ps3 fanboy. You think with 06, 07 , 08 and now 09 all being so call years of the ps3 that they be to busy playing game to be on here. Oh wait I forgot you all are still waiting for games that were announced back in oh 04. I guess the only game the ps3 has is the waiting game.

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Ps3 exclisves for 09

Killzone 2
Uncharted 2

360 Exclusices for 09

Halo wars
Star Ocean 4

possible 360 09 exclusives

Alan Wake
Mass Effect 2

unlike sony who announces games years before they are goin to be release MS plays their hand much closer

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its funny that sony fanboy want to talk down about gears to when there isnt even a game on the ps3 that is equal to graphics of gears 1 let alone gears 2 MGS4 was complete trash for a game that took 50 gb of space and had less then 3 hours of gameplay what a joke. For all the talk about blu ray. ps3 games are just as short (in a lot of case shorter) the 360 games and they have sub par graphics. So what the point of blu ray and why do they talk about gears when they dont have a single game tha...

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The game is going to be like 40-60 hours. who the hell cares how many disc it is ? Seriously its not like your going to beat the game in one sitting. You goin to have get your @ss up at some point anyways. So it not even taking away from the gameplay.

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IDemonstalkerXI I love 7th saga still got my copy of that game too.

Legend of Dragoon was another great on cant believe I forgot about that one.

Panzer Dragoon Saga is another great rpg that should of been on that list

My person list in no real order probably be

1 Xenogears
2 Chrono Trigger
3 Final Fantasy 7
4 Baldur’s Gate 2
5 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
6 Illusion of Gaia
7 Lu...

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