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"I am back ! :-)"


Aweeesoommmm !!! #30
downloaded and loving it! #1
can't wait for Grand Theft Auto V #29
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bad thought vice president..!! #3
Droid X is way better than iPhone 4. Check this
http://techpediia.blogspot.... #4
just want to say Awesome #1
i think this year Microsoft is doing good. #2
The slim version should be released years ago #2
if PS4 is not coming then i'll switch to XBox. #6
It does not know that there will be a PS4 within that 10-year period, it just means that they are waiting for the PS3 gets a little older, I believe that PS 2 was a 6 years before the PS3 came out. #3
yuupp its really awesome, it will capture most of playstation's market share. #1
its one of my favorite game. #2
God of War3 is simply the best. #4
Hey buddy, you pointed out really interesting thing. Thanks. #23
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