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What makes you think Bone Thugd or Eazy won't be there? Their music is on other streaming services. #3.1
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Who wins.....gamers! #64
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Wow, 21. I've only owned 10 of them but if I include my friend's houses who I've spend lots of time at, my list still only gets to 15. It will be 16 when I get a current gen system. #1.2.1
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Wrong article.... #3
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Looking at this review, they docked it because it didn't really showcase what the PS4 can do other than graphics. Essentially, it's just another Infamous game.

I'm really wondering what many of these reviewer are expecting for "next gen experiences". I read once that someone said that you can't have a new experience without new type of hardware like VR, Camera that can read you body movements, a controller you can point at the screen, etc.
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The question to ask is whether or not this publication paid the $30 for the game or was given a freebie. The criticisms are about the price paid for the amount of content.

I want to play this but I'm not comfortable with the amount of content. #1.2
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I am thankful for the great friends and family I have. I'm also thankful for the roof over my head and the dollar in my pocket. Also for Dragon's Dogma and X-Com Enemy Unknown/Within. Love those games. #136
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I agree. This would be good for games where you are "consulting" a strategy guide.

They really need to fix the Bing navigation, though, to make it worth while. #1.2
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....or they are just watching the wrong porn. #4.2.1
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That made me laugh. Great post! #2.1.3
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Yup, still looks too slow. #2
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"But what does it say about the condition of shooters over on PS3. Is the lack of mics for everyone still a problem? Is that off-set by the no subscription online service, or does Future Soldier perpetuate the stance/myth that Xbox gamers love shooters more than they do role playing games?" - From the article

I laughed when I read this. #6
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@ ronin

But Nintendo is loosing money on every one sold. They said it wouldn't be profitable until later this year, so in they way, they still lose a bit by winning.

Interesting situation for Nintendo to be in, they need to get the product in people's hands yet they loose money doing so, and they must make a profit which is hard cause your best selling product looses money.

In a way, the drop in sales you speek of will save Ninte... #1.1.2
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People were talking price cut before the Vita was released. Remember, when it was announced, $250 was a great deal. The 3DS price drop started the "price drop" talk and the announcement of the memory card prices just fueled the fire.

What Sony needs is a hit game on the Vita. That's it, nothing more. #11.1
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According to Joystiq, they are working on it.

http://www.joystiq.com/2011... #1.1
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I missed the original boat when it set sail. I auditioned the second boat but really didn't like the ride. I recently tried the newer third boat and still didn't like it.

I find I just don't like that mode of travel, but that's just me. #3
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The 3DS didn't have a touchscreen similar to phones. #16.1
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Love that 2Pac Album!!!!

"Trapped" started playing in my head just looking at the cover.

And yeah.....is this news? #1.1
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I wonder if we'll get a HD version of pimple popping games now. #1
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I doubt it's fake. It's most likely a christmas gift and the giver didn't know what the other person had. When returning merchandise to stores, most customer service reps will just put on the tag what the customer says no matter how silly.

I bet after it was returned, the customer service people took this picture and put it on line making fun of the customer. #4.2
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