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Still waiting for them to patch out the audio before I buy. My SSD can wait.

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Hardware based processing is still a major thing with routers and switches. The more you can take off the cpu, the better.

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You would think after all the money grabs, EA would get the ball rolling on this.

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Poor spammers can't even afford a decent translation.

Please think of the spammers. Without suckers like you, they face having to work a fair job.

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That new tech smell....


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No really, it's not.

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Just Cause 2 was able to do it the best though because they weren't texture obsessed at close range.

Once you start being detailed at close range, you have to kill long range graphics which just ruins open world games. I enjoyed Infamous but damn those were some polluted cities.

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I think it could be good in a party setting. Fight your friends and make winning all that more fun (and losing that more scary).

Just has to be marketed correctly.

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I pirated Big Rigs Over the Road Racing.

I don't think anyone here will disagree my decision on that one.

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Since their website had issues.....

PSN - $30 - until Monday

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I'm sure the remote play on all games will be worth it (assuming the stupid devs implement it!)

BF4 on the toilet!

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Stardock does. Sort of.

You don't HAVE to put in the key unless you want updates.

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Which is why I didn't even realize you could shut them down. Why not leave them running?

Way to piss off all the moms EA.

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The OS isn't Windows. 1GB is a ton for a game console OS.

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The disc scratching thing bothers me more than the RRoD did.

If every laptop manufacturer and the ps3 can move while a disc is spinning, why the hell can't the 360?

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Because Halo 2 didn't do well when released on pc TWO AND A HALF YEARS after the xbox version.

To be serious though, if Microsoft released it at the same time on pc, they'd lose one of their few exclusives.

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And you think Amy's story is amazing? 1 minute ago my mother brought home $1,000,000/month for the past 3 months mining asteroids, part-time from her laptop!

Just go to this web-site that's not a scam at all! bullshit.com

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I bet that stuff will be DLC. You know, because the devs didn't have time. *sarcasm*

Stupid casual gamers will pay up for this shit. It's not going to end.

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You would be surprised how many times companies have messed that one up.

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You need to diversify.

Virtual boobs and real ones, at the same time!

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