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I'm hoping that he can turn into a live bolt of electricity and travel through powerlines. And then there's always the Static Shock method of flying on trash can lids :)

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Where the heck is Pokemon? Yes I said Pokemon, I have wasted hours of my life playing those games.

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But its hard as hell sometimes especially when you miss a stem and fall all the way down

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There is an open voice chat feature in which those in the vicinity can hear you speak. If you want to speak to someone who is in a different are you can just phone them through the menu.

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The JP version of this game has also been delayed. Which made me wonder if SEGA thought that delaying the JP version to improve the quality should be the same for the PS3 versions worldwide

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Would be an official US release date :)

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Hey fool you know Zulu isn't a country, city, nor state it's a tribe.

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Halo 3 > Ico????

R&C:ToD is more beautiful than Halo 3 and some others on that list tbh. Half the games on the list haven't even been released yet. Might as well add FFXIII and VSXIII maybe even WKC too. The rest of the list is good though except Megaman 9. I guess it would've been "beautiful" 20 years ago.

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I agree whole-heartedly Hip Hop is basically on life support. I blame the mainstream. Though some is "catchy" us as music lovers need to promote the classic rappers. Not just Southern rappers, but those from up north and the underground as well. Let those artist be the new mainstream.

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I lagged so much that the music and sound fx virtually stopped. Knowing this, I'd rather it be an F'd up Beta than an F'd up game. Still going to buy it as of now.

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Soulja Boy is nothing but a bubblegum rapper. He blows up one good time then he's through. He gives artist like Outkast and Nappy Roots, and all the other REAL southern rappers a bad name.

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Those high notes crack me up!

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This gun needs a melee mode where you can just run up and slice enemies. But if it didn't I wouldn't mind this game is day 1 for me.

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Take that Dark Void!

This download looks awesome :)

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Trade it in for MGS4 (if you don't already have it)

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In a house made of the many Japanese Xbox 360 a street alley in Japan, with an overheated 360 to keep him warm lol.

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I have both CoH/CoV and I believe that this game will be better than both of them. Seems like its shaping up nicely ;)

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1 which was LA Noire and the other, as you said, not being developed yet. But whatever the second is I hope its a new IP

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This game is going to be fi!!!

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its an anime from "the creators of the great anime series Full Metal Alchemist and Eureka SeveN as well as many others."

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