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"Games Lover Until I Die "


Just go into their dreams and kill them all , Freddy Krueger. #3.2
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I loved TLOU because Joel ...not ellie.

So don't you dare bad mouth him or we are not friends any more. #1.1.9
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*Watch the video*


This game must have been made with unicorn, leprechaun and dragon blood, how does this game keep looking better every time they show it off amd that's takinh into account that there is 12 hours of this amazing game to play, ND you win. #1.1.19
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If they gonna keep the story of Joel and Ellie

I want to play again as Joel...I loved this guy way more than Ellie
He's my favorite character in any game

Or they make a complete different story in TLOU universe

Anyway, ND are pure gold ..and they will have my money day 1. #1.1.2
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Well played. #1.2
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But you just agreed with him that TLOU is the BETTER game by saying it offer Better story,better Gameplay,better graphics .etc
and that's he's point...which i agree with

The fun factor come from that you enjoy the light heart style of uncharted more than the dark creepy style of The last of us
which i can understand

But that's a very different matter from what he said #17.1.1
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As someone who love witcher 3 ALOT more than skyrim

Skyrim wins in gameplay
It offer much more than Witcher 3 in gameplay

Incredible amount of magic powers.
The shouts(one of my favorites when i make the sky drop thunder on enemies or call my dragon to help me.etc).
The armors are much cooler.
The weapons are better.
I get to have people follow me

Everything else goes to Witcher 3 though
Story,Q... #1.1.1
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Lol i laughed....and i'm batman

I.Don't.Laugh. #1.14
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I laughed me a** off watching E3 2015 demo
the things drake and sully were saying were funny as hell

"I'm not 100% sure...but i think they found us"
"Sorry fellas, first time driver here"
"sorry about the chickens"
"You think they sent enough goons after us?
Well we're still alive, maybe not."

oh, The comedy will be there ..we will see alot of it #25.1
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I don't think any one is worried at all
She didn't do any thing in TLOU
and it end up as One of the greatest games of all time.

i'm not worried at all #8.1.1
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It didn't suck
It got a freaking 92 on Metacritc...that score is pretty tough for most games to get
how did it suck ?!

It Just not as good as UC2

I love them both equally though. #7.1
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She was the one who write Uncharted 3 story
while it was good it was no where near Uncharted 2 ...Let alone TLOU.

bruce straley and neil druckmann (Uncharted2/TLOU ) will do a much better job than her with Uncharted 4. #1.1.3
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I don't think that you even believe what you type
But I still enjoy your comments
You always bring a smile to my face. #2.2.1
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Why would any one need to hide the 30fps
when ND themself did announce it will be 30fps ?!
And every one saw how smooth the gameplay was

you make no sense what so ever #7.3.1
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You bastard. :P #2.1.1
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Don't be like that man
Everyone should enjoy the game on all systems

What would happen if both PC/Xbox one version were the ones running great and Ps4 version is the bad port
would you say the same ?!

Be fair #1.1.3
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That's good for Xbox players

Now let's see if they will fix the PC version or not
I want to play it badly
and don't feel like paying another 60$ for ps4 version ...when i own PC version. #1.4.2
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Let me take some of your salt
with your BullSandwich. #1.1.2
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From what i hear ?!...No

Didn't get the Ps4 version though
Only got the Pc version
Because i only buy Batman games on PC #1.2.1
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If only 1 version out of the 3 versions is working

Then yes, Rocksteady should no longer be trusted
They delayed the game 9 freaking months
They should have no excuse.
(IF xbox version is indeed broken too) #1.1.1
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