Fuck this new N4G.


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You are getting disagrees with no reply to you because gamers just disagree with you and your video
No one need to explan that to you
But i will
You are also getting disagrees because the video you showed is nothing but glitchs and he never showed a full playthrough of that level just the few parts of the level where those glitchs happened with him
and if you read the replies to his video you notice that most of gamers are telling him that they also never h...

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What the fuck is going on with N4G ?!
This place is a nightmare now after the N4G Downgrade.

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Time to leave this planet
It was mistake coming to earth
I'm going to Apokolips...coming ?!

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If you are going into Uncharted 4 looking for TLOU2
Then you have no one to blame but yourself
Those are completely different games with different goals.

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Their first next gen game came out a Nuclear bang
and In a way i feel that also just like last gen ..ND will end this gen with another Nuclear bang.

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Oh god
Dem graphics though...can't wait for this game
I might be the only one on earth who like Beyond:Two Souls.
Huge fan of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy too.

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Until TLOU2 or ND New IP comes out :)

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I can understand that
It's because the pacing and story were better in Uncharted 2
Uncharted 3 is better in graphics,gameplay,music,set-pi eces though.

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1-UC 4
2-UC 2
3-UC 3
4-UC 1

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***It's not fair to pick but UC4 has more replayability and more in the little moments. And it's much funnier - it's easy to forget that UC2 is possibly the least humourous in tone of all Uncharteds.***

you just went into my mind with that line.
I was thinking the same thing.

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According to my comment, your site sucks.

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No doubt that Uncharted 4 is better in graphics.story,gameplay,

Its TLOU=Uncharted4 >Uncharted 2>Uncharted 3>Uncharted 1

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I don't understand your disagrees too
you are praising Uncharted 4 like every one here in the comment section
yet you are getting disagrees while the rest is getting agrees
Who did you piss off man?! lol

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**but a linear title is probably 99% of the time going to lose to a large massive open world game that I will have ten times more playtime with.**

I'm sure you are right
I mean...look how GTAV beat TLOU for GOTY awards, It's not like TLOU became the most awarded game in history or something or the low amount of awards Uncharted2/3 got ./s

Now joking aside
While i truly respect your opinion i have to disagree 99% with you

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I will edit my joke since it sucks
and yeah the ending was perfect

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Lol you think you went out fishing...that was illusion
Once you play Uncharted 4.... you stay in Uncharted 4
It's like the Matrix

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Uncharted 4
unless Horizon somehow beat it.

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** but sometimes you just gotta love seeing the world burning **

Well done, ND not only you made a masterpiece and the highest rated New game this gen
but you also geting amazing sales.

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Well, It's ND game ...you should know any ND game will always end up as HUGE GOTY contender.

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** yes it is fand didnt like ign 8.8 so they petition to get the reviewer fired then ign cave and they changed it to 9.0**

Where is that petition for IGN review ?!

and 8.8/10 score wasn't final in the first place
They even said at the time "We will give it 8.8/10 for now"
and they stated that they will do do that with every game even before Uncharted 4 was out.

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