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"Games Lover Until I Die "


you talk about people who love to exaggerate
and then you say Xbox UI is the best ever ?! 0_o #3.3
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We waste our time on alot of things
Playing video games is the same as watch movies or
TV shows .etc

But what is sad to me is that Non-Gamers treat gamers as some sort of retarded person because playing video games is for kids
like the Non-Gamers are incredibly clever for watching Movies or Tv shows .etc

What makes us look like retarted though is Gaming Media.....and Fox News

Every idiot who kill people or kill himself... #1.1
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What with those articles ??!

i never see any of that about Dark Souls games
was those two games before was soo damn easy
that the gaming media didn't see BloodBorne being difficult

or simply because this game is exclusive
so that make it a target ?! #1.1.1
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Yeah, that looked awesome indeed #1.1
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Flamebit article
every one should spend his money on the the things he/she love
not the things people tell him to buy

i'm a huge playstation fan
and i would never buy Xbox console again
simply because i didn't enjoy xbox games at all
but i would never tell people that they shouldn't buy Xbox because i don't like it

also from this lame article
"Xbox fans need to understand that the Nile is a... #1.1.4
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I don't get it too
They said that game was a "failure" to them
because it sold 3 million on all systems in 2013

So instead of going after more money with the sequel
they made it timed exclusive ?! #1.1.3
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But you are always angry
you will tear down the studio just turing into super saiyan #3.1
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this is just my opinion and i just said that them doing that is not cool at all
and very "Anti-Youtuber"

BUT be honest
if you are in their place or any publisher place and made a game that you put too much money into it
only for people ignore buying and just go watch Let's play on youtube instead
you would be very pissed

you guys think about this as Gamers
while they think about this as publ... #1.1.4
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Well, it's their prodect and it's their right to do that

but it's just not cool #1.1
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All great points #1.4
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*turn on Xbox*

*Play a cloud-based game in 1080p/60fps*

*lose connection*

*play a cloud-based game in 480p/15fps*

jk jk #1.1.5
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No #15
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What "next-gen" about any of the "Next gen games" so far ?!


there is not a single game out there that offer any thing we haven't seen before on Ps3/360
Same thing for Witcher 3 too
You can't wait for Gears and Halo and yet they offer nothing new

but hey,
let's complain about games that offer nothing new
and then go praise another game that offer nothing new #1.2.3
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After the petition to bring this game to PC failed

I noticed those downplaying articles are almost coming out every day

Fanboys logic :
"If i can't play it ..then no one should enjoy it" #1.3.1
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there is no CG cutsenes in GOW3 or Ascension #2.2.1
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Did you play GOW3/Ascension ?!

they already look CGI on ps3
Just take a look at this
http://stream1... #2.1.1
Is that a fact or opinion ?!

if that what you really think about Ps4 even though it have the highest rated games this gen so far

i don't want to know what you think about the rival then #10.1
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Doesn't make it any less true
whatever people want to admit it or not
SSM and ND games and few other 1st party studios games on ps3 still rival most of ""next gen"" games
Those guys are out of the this world with what they have done with Ps3

SSM will melt everyone eyes with their next Ps4 game #1.2
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TBH IMO i didn't like Witcher 1/2
the combat just felt very outdated
and the facial animation was just...pain to look at
in fact the entire game animation is very outdated

But Witcher 3 seems to correct all that from what i have seen
So i can't wait for it

I would never call any game Overhyped or Overrated just because i don't like it though #1.1.5
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