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"Games Lover Until I Die "



But he's not talking about what interest you in Ps4 games

You said a comment about how Ps4 is the clear winner in sales but not games
which is very wrong
but you state it like a fact

Fact is
not only Ps4 have much more sales (ignore lolchartz numbers though..ps4 sold 30+million )
Ps4 have more games as well.
and is the console with the highest rated exclusives so far incluing remas... #4.3.2
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*There's A Clear Winner In Sales*

Sooo... Ouya won :D #1.1.2
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ND let their games speak for it self...they don't need PR. #1.1.13
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Oh dear god, those are insane numbers
This prove gaming isn't dead
Keep up the good fight, gamers.

Oh, wrong gif :P #1.1.15
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Yes, that's why i believe them
and i agree that SFV don't have the graphics leap i thought it would have over SF4 but they were not clear with their development problems at the time
but all point out to Sony stepped in later to help making SFV happen.

**IMO it doesn't really make a difference. Both publishing companies did the same thing. Where the developers chose to announce it makes little difference.**
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So you don't believe CD PR then ?!...alright, my mistake.

I asked you this because it sounded like you are saying that Microsoft is backing the game from the start
so that's why i asked why they haven't said anything at E3 2014 then and only said it's timed exclusive in Gamescom when E3 is biggest game show of the year....and they didn't even say it's timed at first.
The point here Sony didn't took SFV... #12.2.8
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Lol, let me get this right
You didn't believe Capcom PR about how hard making SFV and it would take them to 2018 or more to make it and you said it's **convenient**
but you have no problem believing CD PR about MS deal ?!....that doesn't also sound **convenient** to you ?!

It's PR whatever you like it or not
The game was already announced
in the very first trailer we didn't see coming to **Xbox... #12.2.5
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Yet, we keep see naked boobies in every movie in the BOX OFFICE or TV show and video clips from US...they even have no problems making Porn movies and give them awards

*oh noes, a video game have boobs....some on call FOX NEWS* #2.2.2
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I didn't see in that PR comment from CD anything about Sony
So I'm asking you to prove that Sony didn't want to back ROTR....can you?!

about SFV
atleast Sony was smart enough to make it exclusive ...not timed
also There is no article or news about Sony buying the game when it was already in the making
there is article/rumor about Capcom working with Dimps about new fighting game
but maybe Sony... #12.2.3
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How Microsoft made Ps4 irrelavant again in that month?!
By not posting Xone sales or Halo 5 sales for that month?!
Do you know how much Halo 5 sold in the USA ?! or how much Xone outsold Ps4 in USA in that month?!
and How Microsoft needed to combine HARDWARE and SOFTWARE and end up posting revenue ..not profit
So No don't post that Halo 5 made 400 million *revenue*
Because every sane person knows *revenue* is not the same thing as *p... #1.2.1
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I think Ps4 will win it
But i don't think Sony care that much about USA sales
Sony care more about World Wide PS4 sales #1
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But then you will have gamers calling this Naughty dog game ....a Naughty Dog rip off
and ND will sue ND. #5.1
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** Exactly when did bugs and glitches in games become something that people should be "ok" with? **

Since Bethesda find it's way into the Gaming market. #6.2
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We all knew that was going to happen from the start...(maybe not xbox gamers though)
It was said time and time again that ROTR would not do well coming at the same day as Fallout 4.

CD made a HUGE mistake going after the wrong system for timed exclusive(TR2013 sold more on PS3/Ps4) and the wrong date.

And i HATE timed exclusives crap anyway
that need to go ASAP. #1.1.16
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So let me understand that logic of yours
You are saying
it's crazy to you that Uncharted collection (Console exclusive/remaster that already most people played on ps3) dropped in the UK charts after a MONTH

But it's OK for Halo 5(a console exclusive/new game) to drop even faster after 2 weeks because it's (console exclusive) ?! 0_o

CD are not happy with ROTR numbers and
Microsoft are not hap... #2.1.5
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Ps4 lost and The Tide is Turning
Ps4 can win all the year in USA and the rest of the world but since it lost 1 month
that means that Xbox is closing the gap
Price drop did little to nothing to stop HALO train

i mean that it sold something close to 1 million
It was the best selling HALO game ever...on XONE
and made xbox outsell Ps4 by a HUGE BIG number 27k
That number is impossible to beat

Just face... #3.1
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Thanks and that's good to hear about the endings

as for Riddler's trophies
They were never fun in City or Asylum in the first place to me atleast
I had to finish them to complete everything
They were fun in Origins though

as for Arkham Knight
I will see for my self once i start playing the game. #1.3
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From what i have played in Batman AK before i give up thanks to the stutter
The gameplay in both combat and stealth is far better than any Batman game
I loved using the Batmobile ..but i didn't play for more than 1 hour so you might be right there
can't comment on the story till i play it till the end
But a question though
Does it really have different endings ?!

Mad Max is Mad awesome...i love it alot

and yeah... #1.2
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It's sooo painfuly clear that you never owned a Ps4
any sane person would notice that the moment you said:
""i gain 1k a week and had to trade my ps4 for xbox one"" #4.5
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I might be alone in this but my GOTY so far is Mad Max and Bloodborne
Have yet to play Fallout 4 and Batman AK. #1.1
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