GTA V .......GOTY 2012


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Is that John Marston i see!!!!!

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No it's at 94.45 to be precise. With metascore of 95. To be 96, it needs a lot of 10s yet. 95 is very strong score though too.

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@heisenbergX if you remove those 7/10 and 4/10 for UC4, it'll move upto 94, not 95. Had calculated it too when it got those a**hole reviews. Definitely a 10/10 deserving game.

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@capjacksparrow tlou definitely deserves a 10 but even if you take out that 6/10, the average will still be 95. I had calculated it too :)

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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It will win GOTY at Game Awards be it fair or unfair

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Polygon keeps getting degraded with every new review. BO3 is super cool.

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Yup. I think it's the first game reviewed by TIME.

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Jensen Ackles would be a great choice for Drake.....he has a great sense of humour and he looks like Drake too

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we can't add 20/20 so i have normalised it to 10/10

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does it still have 2 player ladder like mk9?

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Paul is the best

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lets see how this game turns out

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Glad Gta V won best remaster. Deserved it.

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Same pinch brother :) MW2 is my best COD though AW is amazing as hell.

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I'm glad that the reviews popping up are sounding good. So excited to play it on my PS4. Damn!

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Did you even finish the game? Your link manifests only an image of Kevin Spacey. No review. Stop trolling! COD has done some good in years and we are already deeming it another 'also ran'.

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N4G please remove this review. It's merely a directed review of VideoGamer which already has hit the web hours back. And we all are well conscious of the actuality that no two similar reviews are to be submitted for any game, let alone approved. Please.

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The Wolf Among Us had the best story as well storytelling.
No offense to The Last Of Us: Left Behind though. :(

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Gta V next gen is going to surpass it

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