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Start counting from now. All these awards till now only considered games launched before October. Rdr2 was not a nominee in any of them except TIME magazine's list. It just somehow won critics choice award.

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Red dead Redemption 2 was not included in other voting categories. Only games launched before October were considered for voting categories. They just included it in critics choice category.

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Rdr2 for me

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I don't get "rdr2 will win because it's multiplatform". Where were you when tlou, uc2, uc4, half life 2 etc won. They were all exclusives. If a game wins, it wins. Simple.

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Rdr 2 is better now. Better rated.

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I'm not saying Xbox version is better. I am ps4 gamer myself. I'm just saying that xbox one version was at 99 a while ago which has been achieved after such a long time since Ocarina of Time. I am just happy to see Rockstar achieve that feat no matter which version reviews we take account into.

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It's already the highest rated game of this generation. A few reviews back, the xbox one version was the highest rated game of all time.

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97 metascore on ps4 and 99 on xbox one. Game of generation guys.

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@ultranova yeah the same way Uncharted 4 and The last of us and uncharted 2 were goty. Exclusives have won most goty in a year a lot of times.

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@Gh05t i agree that it's bit unfair but people should atleast let the game release and if the single player is not upto the mark then say whatever they want.

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God of War doesn't have a dlc but since it's a PlayStation exclusive, people just say it's a complete single player experience, it doesn't need anything else (although absolutely true but shows the hypocrisy)

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Is that John Marston i see!!!!!

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No it's at 94.45 to be precise. With metascore of 95. To be 96, it needs a lot of 10s yet. 95 is very strong score though too.

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@heisenbergX if you remove those 7/10 and 4/10 for UC4, it'll move upto 94, not 95. Had calculated it too when it got those a**hole reviews. Definitely a 10/10 deserving game.

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@capjacksparrow tlou definitely deserves a 10 but even if you take out that 6/10, the average will still be 95. I had calculated it too :)

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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It will win GOTY at Game Awards be it fair or unfair

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Polygon keeps getting degraded with every new review. BO3 is super cool.

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Yup. I think it's the first game reviewed by TIME.

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