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Pikes Basin is a joke
The real points are at Sullivan's Folly. Get a couple of buddies and you will be averaging about 1000XP a minute because you can clear it in a minute. The group I was just with had a fastest time of 54 seconds and I got 1200XP.

I had Pike's Bason down to about 5 minutes alone getting 2400XP average and Sullivan's Folly averages almost twice that. I used Pike's Basin to prestige and I'm about to double prestige with Sullivan's Folly in half the time. #1.1.3
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It could just be the themes and backgrounds
That are already available on PSN. #11
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Don't waste your time.

People like this aren't even worth the energy you used to type that. They would rather use this as some sort of positive PS3 propaganda than good news for people that like good video games. It's a great game and we should just be happy it will soon be available on the PS3 as well. End of discussion. #10.2
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This was in the new Game Informer already
The funniest part is the cover. It's got a picture with the GH characters and the bottom reads:

"Drums, Vocals, Create your own songs. See how Neversoft is changing music games forever!"

It's almost like Rock Band doesn't even exist to them. #1
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Don't forget Vampire Rain and Two Worlds
Even though no one really wants them. #45.2
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Let's just play Citar Hero and forget any of this ever happened
That's a joke for anyone else that watches American Idol. Mike Myers FTW. #1.3
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I don't even think he's talking about Sony
If anyone has a problem with third party publishers, it's Nintendo. That's how I read it. He did say "some."

And as far as Microsoft goes, they have made progress with third party developers. How could you see otherwise when they get exclusives like Mass Effect?

I'm as much of a Sony fan as anyone else (well, not as much as some) but sometimes this site is sickening. Bloodmask wasn't wrong. You can't say they got some of those great exclusives last year... #9.4
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You know
Blacksite:Area 51 scored 2 points higher in graphics than Haze on IGN, and I really don't see that much difference. And from what I saw of the demo, I would have imagined the scoring to be the other way around.

Anyway, it's just time to let it go. They are free to have their own opinion. Maybe they really, really hated that flamethrower. #2.2
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You guys really shock me sometimes
Don't ever join a cult, that's the best info I could ever give to you guys.

One minute, you'll be doing whatever this guys says, and then the next minute you start getting sleepy after drinking some juice. #28
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But I did gain about 20 pounds with her because every time she wanted a Moolatte from Dairy Queen I would just get one too. #21.3
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Anyone can learn to photoshop
And this just proves it. Come on guys, let's be realistic here.

A guy named Xsux360 is the only one who saw this? Go ahead with the mass disagrees but if you've used photoshop you would know something like this could be done in only a few minutes.

EDIT-Hey look guys! I just went to Gamespot an hour ago and they gave it a 9! But then I refreshed the page and it went back to 6. It's a conspiracy! #12
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I thought the 360 already had access
I would love to have access to Netflix on my PS3 considering I'm already a paying customer. Netflix is awesome, and I really hope they beef up their content available for streaming because right now it's only at about 1/10 of what's actually available at Netflix, and it's never anything new.

I also think that the pricing struture they have right now would work just fine for streaming movies. I don't think Netflix should even bother with DRM issues and HDD storage. Straight str... #2
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If it makes you feel better, I believe you
Only because I've already seen them. #4.1
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How about eggs and toast while we're at it?
Doesn't anyone else see this? It's funny as hell might I add. I love the personal bickering.

Oh well, I agree with both of you. #1.10
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Yes, but
It's hard not to notice that Nintendo owns spots 3-10. #1.3
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All of the MGS4 topics
Will finally show what it takes to crash this site. #6.4
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Gives me a headache. I'm gonna go watch Hell's Kitchen. #10
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We'll see
We also thought it would be out in October last year.

I'm looking forward to Home just as much as anyone else who is, but I seriously think it will come at some sort of price other than microtransactions.

In the end though, it doesn't matter to the people who don't even care about Home, considering basic use of the PSN is and always should be free. #11.2
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I do feel burnt
Not because I wanted to hype anything, and not because it was an exclusive. I didn't fall for the "hype" either.

I've just been a fan of Free Radical games for a LONG time. So yes, I do feel burnt, but I don't see the joy in being satisfied that you called a game bad and it turned out that way. Wouldn't you rather be happy about the opposite? #21.3
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Elite Ghost
You definitely mean TS4. #2.9
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