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"How do you do ?"


Look at his name, it completely renders anything he has or will ever have to say completely irrelevant . #17.4.1
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Cash grab or not, there are still MILLIONS of RE fan's worldwide that missed out on this game due to it being exclusive on the game, it's a must have for them regardless. #1.1.2
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Well that's a wrap, what I'd give for a Timesplitters 4 tho one can dream :-( #8
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DMC4 is a better game than DmC.

DmC isn't a bad game, it's great game in it's own right just a terrible DMC game #15.2
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I don't think Sam Raimi would be right for this adaption, I enjoyed Evil Dead 2 and Spiderman 2 but his past movies prove that he's far too goofy for a subject matter like TLOU.

Heck I think turning TLOU is very unnecessary, the narrative worked as game because your the driving force ,the 12-15 hours you're playing it you're connecting with the world, the characters like Ellie which is what made it so powerful for some.

The difference between g... #38
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They need to change the combat for starters give it as much depth as a game like DMC or Ninja Gaiden theres only so much you can do with swinging a chain about.

Also I'm all for them changing the mythology completely maybe something unseen like Ancient Egypt with a new character to fill the GOW shoes,
Kratos is really played out imho.

I like what Jaffe wanted to do with series, basically turn it into Zelda but with a more in depth combat mechanic,... #5.1.2
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Regen health is the worst game mechanic to happen to FPS gaming in the last 20 years, what follows suit with it, is linear level design unbalanced weaponry, and frequent checkpoints. In other words "casualisation " (if thats a word)

In the mid 90's FPS were actually very complex, challenging games, with large levels that featured multiple forks in the road that tested the players navigational skills, wide variety of enemies that required strategic use of diffe... #8.4
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Crash isn't even featured on their website, there hasn't been a game in 6 years (that's nearing a decade) and there are currently no plans for a future game.

There really is NO REASONING BEHIND THIS. #3.1.2
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"only because it's being made by SE's golden boy, Tetsuya Nomura. "

Im glad you said that, I now have faith. #1.1.4
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I agree the Killzone games have never held a candle to the more popular shooters (Halo, BF, COD) both critically AND commercially and in an indusrtry saturated with shooters....whats the point ? There are enough shooters on the market do we really need another ?

This isn't the early 2000's where decent console shooters were few and far between, the whole purpose of this franchise is completely dated.

It blows my mind how Sony sunk 40 million developi... #1.1.12
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I dunno if you noticed but Killzone is an exact clone of those repetitious dude bro shooters, what on earth are they doing so different from other shooters ? And please don't say the OWL or Ray traced bullets or any other gimmicks.
Theres a very good reason why Killzone Shadowfall is among the most returned PS4 games. #2.1.1
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Fallout has a great lore, but the storytelling is pretty meh it's not really the main draw of the games, if anything i'm concerned about the gameplay, RPG's are easily one of the more complex gaming genres to make, GG are barely competent at developing a decent shooter. #1.1.5
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I feel sorry for the Free Radical guys
*Timesplitters 4 development hell
* Haze= poor critical and commercial reception
* Free Radical going down under
*Being aqquired by a lousy company (Crytek)
* Lousy management, unpaid labour

And now this, the poor guys cant catch a break, majes me wonder if we'll ever see TS4 what a shame. #1.13
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It's funny you say that, Shaft was originally a white guy, but yeah i agree (black guy here) the petition is silly. #1.3.9
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I don't really care who "wins" what does it ammount to in the end ? it's ammo for fanboy wars.

But nonetheless

LB3- Cool I enjoy the series, but I was kinda expecting a new IP

BloodBourne- Awesome my most hyped game next year if it's anything like Demonsouls The way it was hyped I was expecting at the very least 30 seconds of gameplay.

Suda 51 game- cool I guess, I'm not a fan of his games, but for t... #1.1.2
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It wasn't a bad e3 it was a boring E3, The Order= Meh, just another linear grey cover shooter with a bit too much emphasis on cinematic's for my liking.

You would think the pre E3 hype given for games like Project Beast and Uncharted 4, we would be given something more than teaser trailers.
TLG once again was M.I.A especially given the cancellation rumours it would have been the perfect time to show SOMETHING. FFXV/ KH3 ? these games may as well be exclusives... #1
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Lool at the disagrees, talk about a tough pill to swallow, I haven't seen to many Knack copies in the preowned circuit, but plenty of Killzone's on the shelf. #2.3.3
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I thought DmC was a good game, but a lousy DMC game, the combat was a huge downgrade from 4, Ninja Theory just wasn't a worthy developer for the DMC name, if anything I want Platinum Games to develop DmC 2, not Ninja Theory.

Oh and Revolt13, I really hope you're joking, with that statement. #3.3.4
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The beautiful thing about it is that the gamers win regardless, god I love competition. #1.2.1
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Did anyone notice a prison in the desert, I came across it early in the game thinking there would be an awesome jail break mission, nope...nothing, its just a random building that automatically awards you a 5 Star wanted level.

The single biggest flaw of GTA V, is that there are either too few missions, or not enough missions that takes advantage of the full map, couple that with the linear mission structure, just gives the Map the big for the sake of being big feel, like the... #1.1.2
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