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It's not that the mechanism of landing was hard it's just that take the training mission for landing. The bay you are assigned is inside the hangar, that structure had multiple sides and was rotating at quire a sped but it doesn't tell you which side you need to approach from to enter the hangar to find the docking bays. I mean that was rediculous tbh. I

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I've played and enjoyed other games like this but I have to say I found elite: dangerous shit boring. The controls were mapped well but the actual feel of the ships was clunky and annoying. Trying to land at a space station the first few times was a joke because it was awasn't clear where to go at all. Furthermore the mining mechanics were just obtuse (in particular collecting mined material was far too fiddly and irritating.

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They won't as they are clearly have mw2 and mw3 remasters planned at some point in near future.

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The games available on Xbox one anyway..... That's what is baffling.

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The first gen is relatively cheap now lol it'll have 3rd gen release in 2020 so expect to see custom 2nd generation chips with maybe some specific additions/improvements from 3rd gen or that Sony and MS want.

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I mean its a good option for some but it's not going to replace hardware anytime soon. Lag issues and Internet speed /data caps etc will be an obstacle for many people plus personally I find the game streaming services are just too expensive imo.

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I actually disagree. It's not in Sony's interest to allow cross to play with Xbox one. It's abit rich for Xbox to be making a fuss now after years of titles supporting PlayStation - pc cross play. As the actual networks won't link you need 3rd party systems to communicate and form parties etc and I cba with that shit. It's all built into the console now, why would we want to deal with all that crap and the inevitable different account for each game. Been there done that th...

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Uhhh the ps1 games spiderman 2 on ps2 and the cell shaded spidey game. That's about it. Of late batman has had 4 quality tiles in a row we are talking like a decade since the last genuinely good/great spiderman game.

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I find this hard to believe based on everything we hear from other developers.

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I expect they plan to. 299 would be my expectation. Leaves it almost half the Xbox one x price and with frankly pretty similar capabilities in practice even if the one x does have more impressive hardware specs. It is all a game of diminishing returns after all.

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My money is on coop or potentially the choice of playing as either one. I'm hoping they can include the black suited spidey somehow and then venom as a villain xD

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Well that's good then, maybe slightly better draw distance due to RAM on the one x but otherwise game should look basically identical on my pro then :) good to know.

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Erm framers team it's clear has been held back by cpu rather than gpu in most cases. The one x I has same cpu just slightly (0.3GHZ?) faster clock k speed as ps4 pro's cpu. Also consider destiny is an online only game and as it also has to run on Xbox one and Xbox one s they may well infact be holding back both the pro and one x versions of the game because of the Base model of each respective console.

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Dense is the correct adjective to describe this project and whoever thought it was a good idea.

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See personally to me Peter Parker is the spiderman, the only spiderman however; idc if Miles morales is in the game just as long as a) playing as him is optional/only for small segments and they don't and aren't planning to kill Peter off and replace him with miles in the games.

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Good thing this isn't a movie game.

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Erm mm they'll run at 4k on ps4 pro too.... I and yes it'll be checkerboard there will be literally no real discernable difference at normal playing distances and it costs a hell of alot less...

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@mouldy well Anthem will look and play just fine on other consoles. How do I know this? I because it has to run on base Xbox one and ps4 aswell as pro and one x. There are 60 million ps4s sold, and potentially up to 5 million pro's and counting. There are under 30 million Xbox I ones and no Xbox one x's at present. So nope I can't see it being spectacularly better on one x because it has to run fine on the other sky's and consoles because ea need to make a profit.

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Wait is it really @tankcrossing so you mean battlefield is actually already doing the cloud computing made out to be new and unique to crackdown (if it ever releases)

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Well sony have Starwars battlefront, COD, Destiny, Red Dead Redemption 2 and I'm fairly sure I'm missing one.... So good luck with that, not including any potential exclusives alongside GT:Sport. I reckon a new splinter cell is what this is or the next tomb raider.

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