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I love how soneone looked at the situation: gunman with known psychological issues goes on killing spree, had obsession with mass shootings, seemed to have issue with dual nationality status as an Iranian-german. Was apparently a Muslim and shouted "allahu akbar" at least once, used the dark net to buy the gun (and I imagine probably communicate with God know who), had been bullied at school (aren't most of us at some point though?) and seemed to target teenagers and young adul...

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I'm not worried because I looked at the company claiming's info and what exactly they were claiming and basically it's ridiculous. Even if there is any similarity or if part of the code is the same it really is just coincidence I'm sure and if you write some.formula that's got a different purpose but part of the code happens to be the same as another piece of code it'd usually be considered a coincidence unless it could be proven they directly stole your copy of the fo...

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Hoping digimon world 4 for ps vita and ps4 will get localised... Apparently it's even better.

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Digimon, I mean pokemon is more popular but digimon is objectively better imo. Less childish, better narrative generally speaking, more complex plotlines and the games feel like they have a larger variation to them. As opposed to the pokemon games which by and large are the exact same games with small changes.

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Cd projekt red talked about it before it released, explained to have the particle and smoke effects they had to change renderesinf system because didn't work not even on pc- frame rate dropped whenever smoke etc was present so they changed the style and process. This resulted in the different look everyone accused them of having downgraded but the character models, textures etc hadn't changed. Lighting and rendering systems had however. Anyone saying witcher 3 isn't a ver...

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Ubisoft had it running looking alot better on ps4 the October before ps4 launched. It was at conventions, press had played large chunks of game on ps4 and written previews. So this excuse doesn't fit. They went and made some major changes I suspect to some aspects of the game in that six month delay and therefore didn't have reason to optimise it properly afterwards I suspect.

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@scorpiusx not really. It's been selling at that rate or faster despite being 3 yr old tech now. So I totally see neo selling that if marketed correctly. That's assuming half are new purchasers half are people who already have a ps4. If the rebus rate is higher than half I wouldn't be surprised. It might be worth them giving rough estimation of minimum time from neo to ps5. Say something like "won't be seeing the successor to the ps4 for at least 3/4 years from now, mini...

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Especially with potentially 40-50 million ps4s out there and 10-20 million neo's.... Vs what looks likely to be about half that in xbox's sold. The real question is if NX will be supported.....

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With Sony having the larger userbase of 40 million + already. It's common sense that Activision would want to partner with Sony.

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Actually as original was due in spring, I could see it hitting next spring. It's big enough that they could do a press conference in the fall announcing it with a release date of spring/early summer. Not inconceivable. Avoids competing with the battlefields, starwars battlefront and call of duties out next fall.

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Wait where did that rumour cone from??

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Still calling it current gen unless it has games that can't run on ps4 and have bigger differences than just graphics settings. If I buy a ps4 neo game and it's the same disc and price as a standard ps4 game, and I could put it in my normal ps4 and have it run. Then yep it's same generation. Plus diminishing returns means the power jump isn't as big as you think. By the time it releases all Scorpio is likely to be is a low-grade high end pc effectively. I'll bet you could...

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Based on a fairly small game store in the UK having had a few hundred allocated multiple times. I'd say it varies. Sony already said production is slower than the actual ps4 and it was delayed from June to allow for more launch stock but I reckon we are looking at 1-2 million being available day one. With shipments worldwide of 0.5 -1 million produced worldwide and sold prior to Xmas. This also ties in with sony's sale predictions and analysts claims of 1.5 million + sales by January....

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It really won't matter. It's nit a new console generation. All games have to run on the Base model. So the 1.4(?) to xbox one and the 1.8 to(?) ps4. Then run with better graphics and framers etc on the more powerful consoles. And due to the nature of processing power being a case of diminishing returns with exponential gains needed to keep the improvements at similar levels 4tf-6tf isn't as big a gap as you might at first think.

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Any idea when that should be?

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@battlefield @sayanfury well said. I'm in the UK and the general spin trying to be placed upon this bt the losing reman campaigners is that everyone who voted out Is racist, uneducated etc (because not getting a degree means you can possibly be any good at critical thinking. Capable of researching a topic etc) -however I fall into none of these categories for starters I'm a student at University, (studying physics I might add, so that's critical thinking and maths and subsequentl...

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Irony is its the left wing labour voters that won the election for leave lol

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Well I'm 21 and a physics student (so can't pull the old or uneducated cards) and I'm categorically telling you long term this will be better for the UK. I mean alot of young people are like "oh these old people being selfish and blah blah" when it seems to be missed completely that maybe some of the older people who have seen the changes enacted by the EU and put up with it for longer maybe they have more experience and actually being older can think longer term than m...

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God of War has a provisional 2017 as it's date..... Kojima's game we won't see anytime soon. Horizon is March next year after its delay, last guardian is October, all the ps vr stuff is October. Days gone is also 2017- probably summer 2017. Around a year from now. Gt5 appeared in the montages trailers. Spiderman will probably release to ride the hype train with next year's movie. There were other games I can't think of the majority of stuff is aimed at releasing within ne...

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Bit hard to break a Bethesda game. Most come outta the 'box' broken lol

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