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It's the rubber banding and how they will go in for the ram you off the road method of winning but when they ram you, you get the collision penalty. That pisses me off no end. #7.3.6
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Game and the ps4 bundle has been selling very well anyway. #7.1.2
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The online is fixed. If your having issues it's your end. The reason ps plus hasn't been released is not because online is broken but because it would be broken again if they did as it'd be opening the game up to every ps4 owner pretty much...and there servers having just recovered arent up to that without some improvements first. #2.1.6
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Shoddy security isn't really a fair claim to angle until an independent organisation has investigated fully plus the fact they were according to the Whitehouse attacked by a foreign states government.It's not like that was some lone hacker group etc also the attack completely anihilated their internal systems and security. So while certain files should have been encrypted it's really a null point if the security infront of that means those files shouldn't have ever been obtain... #13.1
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@AndrewLB: killing doesn't use the on hardware upscaling chip, it's images are gnerated by taking a frame, taking the values for every other pixel (roughly) and using the vector data effectively predicting what those pixels will do and generating the next frame using that prediction and the rest of the pixels it's generated in the standard fashion. Now that's not the same as upscaling... Which means generating a lower resolution image then stretching that image by making pixel... #1.1.8
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No I think he means summer 2015 or early 2016 so that it doesn't feel like it was forced to be released in November because of xmas. #1.1.1
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Exactly... :/ #3.3.1
Sony has dangled 1 carrot that may not-im sure it will eventually but might not appear. Thats the last guardian. From games like uncharted, the last of us, infamous, killzone, god of war, demon's souls many japanese games and a tonne of indie games sony have shown they have the games and that they do deliver. Please don't talk crap. #12.2.2
Heprobably knows as he advises investors where to invest lol... in their interest to maake sure he has a good idea what they are doing. Not that he claimed to know he just claimed sony would LIKELY have more. I don't like the guy but he's made it clear it's an educated guess based of past performance and tbh he's probably correct. #1.2.5
They are only small time when it comes to physical weapons unfortunately China likes to play devils advocate and protects them despite no real gain seemingly just because it pisses off the rest of the world. #4.2.5
Batman film wasn't a case of threats being given out on the win of some short fact little shit of a dictator who should be thankful the west are just taking the piss out of him 90% of the UN want him hailed infront of the Hauge got crimes against humanity.... And rightly so. So no they should not be giving into this twat. Now he will think this technique actually works and the same bullying tactics will be used alot in the future. #3.2
The Fbi and Cia have said it is north Korea/a group employed by them on they must have some concrete evidence against someone to say that for certain. #2.3
The latest screen show slightly different lighting effects that's the only difference on the whole it improves how it looks a tiny bit however in some images it makes it harder to see stuff, more realistic but it's a game you don't always want everything as realistic as possible... #12
Ac unitys buggies most broken version was PC and it required a pc of far higher specs just to play it at the same graphical fidelity as the consoles-i was horrendously optimised. #9.1.1
Not really they redid their security aslong as it's up to date with all its security I dont really see how it's not their fault if they get hit bearing in mind these people are like experts?. #1.2.1
@gribbleGrunger: they don't just occupy the same building as the ICE team, the ICE team is basically a part of ND... #1.1.5
Can I point out this is old.... The video shows the old party screen which has now been updated. #26
Not impossible but unlikely I think... #3
Street fighter 5 announced as Ps4 lifetime console exclusive. RotTR announced as xbox exclusive for 2015. Won't comment on ps4 version. Ps3 and ps4 version of previous tr outsold xbox version. Means alot of potential sales there-ergo it's coming to ps4 if it wasn't MS would have said and would want people to know there's no point waiting. #1.12.1
@Melanoma: he said only on xbox in 2015 that's where he is getting dates from. His dates seem pretty reasonable and make sense. Expect to see os4 version at ps experience next year or something. The fact he hasn't said it's not coming to ps4 means it probably is. #1.10.2
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