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Ouch the Costa he must have incurred vet he wishes he hadn't bothered now. #1
brain is in your head so... if your head leaves you might aswell have left.... #4.1
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tbf the extra mini campaigns and side missions against various villains sounds good, the missions as batmans allies sounds good as does the batgirl campaign so this might well have the content to jutify the price after all the batgirl thing they refer to as ana expansion not dlc.. #10.1.1
£100 wtf where are you buying your games? £65 total... for me like its more yeah but not much more #1.6.3
Tbh they probably didn't give more specific details to avoid a backlash where people claim you witheld content or that it should have been in the main release. Also maybe people should stop jumping the gun in the case of stuff like farcry 4 reveal? #1.1.4
RIP my social life and physics degree. #7
tool it means investment into ps5 and other such ventures developments.... #6.1.1
Uncharted 4 next spring and whatever is announced at E3 will compensate for any price drop....especially as an announcment of a first party AAA game due out by xmas seems likely... #1.7
Obviously at the time I absolutely despised it, but being bullied by at least one person throughout my main school life for... No logical reason has its benefits I guess. It means nowadays it takes alot of crap to actually get me down, I just seem to bounce back from pretty much anything and it ones teach you how to not take crap from anyone. Guess it's a shame it doesn't effect everyone the same way aand that she couldn't just stop using the sites for awhile and then make new ano... #2.1.1
I think it's announcing some sort of coop... #6.1
They said there was a new feature no one outside studio/ Warner had seen that sure looked like coop.... #2.3
Might be no ones got marketing rights and Activision just picked ps2 because of larger install Base growing at faster rate. Fastest rate any console ever has even the ps2 despite greater competition. Go figure. #1.9.1
She's one of the race of people that built the chalice dungeon responsible for the monsters/tainted blood and the hunt, she's covered in blood because of something todo with losing her child or something hence the baby crying noise and the 1/3 umbilical cords you must eat to find true ending (if you cn find them ofc) #6.5
what about the door at the top of the tower if you go left through door that opens after killing blood starved beast? I want to know whats through there and the one in the crypt in cathedral wall if you go through gate with giant axe guy and head down the large steps and past brick guy and club guy and then chain and ball giant? There's a crypt with a semi-hidden door that too is locked. #5.4.2
Sony aren't allowed to post videos with ps4 footage though... as Microsoft has advertising deal so it's not quite the same thing.... #4.5
Tbf this is the company that had to pay fines in the uk after advertising regulators decided there was a clear difference between ps3 and xbox footage of a couple of games and they had used the playstation version in their xbox advert on tv. Didn't they also have a couple of shots from killzone in one of their trailers at some point? #1.11
Well I'll try that, thanks hope it works... #1.2.1
I feel we should remember it does seem silly when they do this but there is a reason however. Microsoft were the ones that started this. Does concern me they might go chuck money at someone to buy up a 3rd party multiplatform title again like Tomb Raider to makeup for some perceived loss.... #6.2
The devision is an odd one.... they have the marketing rights yet ubisoft showed PS4 footage and PC footage not xbox footage... lol #5.2
I reckon this will lead to a early beta access or exclusive beta test at E3 possibly done the way Sony and EA did battlefield last year? #2.1.3
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