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So as I said they both ended up committing suicide lol hmmmm couldn't they have picked a better analogy for them I dont know pride and prejudice - one used to be an arrogant twat but is trying to make amends abd get along with the other now? :p #9.2.3
Your missing the two other expansions that clearly aren't ready or fully planned yet beyond their names. I'm guessing last stand will be the biggest and releases in about a year. Doubt it will be the final expansion for the game though. I see the game having alot of expansions over the course of several years. #3.1.2
Lol season passes I have purchased Assassins Creed unity when they announced a free game for all those with season pass and there was a brief time period where the pass was available for purchase still. Got farcry 4 for a fraction of its retail price :) this season pass is one I'm considering. I want to see how much content is in the game first. If as I suspect there's lots of content then I will probably invest because it should be worth it. Also want to point out people complaining... #1.5
I don't think they have, devs chose not to put in microtransactions like many other console mmo esque games and ubisoft games in particular have been allowing people to skip progression using real money for awhile now. Plus it looks like there will be an awful lot of content in the game day one so even if they did I doubt people would notice. As for special events, I read it as " there will be special events for everyone and then some exclusive to season pass holders" #2.1
Don't they both die lol at the end of the story in romeo and juliet... They both commit suicide....I recall (been awhile since I read the story) #9
.... The dark zone is great I mean ideally they will change the revive system so that people can only get revived a couple of times our life or each time the revive time limit goes down or something. Because got in a gunfight last night 3 of us vs 4 of them we'd down two and they'd crawl just behind cover we try to get close enough to stop them being revived but they'd get revived as their saviour would get downed but whoever had run forwards would be forced to retreat this went o... #10
@Higgins ummm well no. Because the consoles run the game at what mediumship pc settings (depends what graphics features you look at) Frequently this gen we've seen games thst run fine on pc hardware of a similar strength bot work on consoles aswell as they should've considering better optimisation, also seen the opposite occur: Batman. Furthermore the win/wii u could play most multiplatform AAA titles stably even on the lowest settings. #4.1.3
30fps is acceptable because the game plays perfectly at that frame rate, it's third person and it doesn't harm the game. The fact that devs talked about 60fps is something your right because surely they must have known that wasn't going to happen I mean reaching end and optimising and turning down your draw distance or deciding that reducing resolution slightly to ensure steady frame rate at your target is one thing but half the frame rate you originally discussed and I believe th... #4.1
The beta makes it appear like the main game is going to be rich with content so I won't be complaining #1.2
Is that meant to be an imminent thing?! #6.1.1
I don't think EA were lying on this I genuinely think they've decided not todo any remasters, end of. #2.2.4
Tvs will always exist I think because the screen tech transfers to other areas of their business and its just a legacy thing. I expect to see number of models they release pulled right back. But that's probably a good thing, having too many new models a year costs alot and consequently your products are competing with one another so you will love money. They need to reduce the number of flagship mobile phones down to just the one a year instead of two. And just one or two 'budget'... #8.1
Well kaz's message seemed clear from the start he thought gaming needed to be pushed outside of the insurance and banking stuff over in Japan (which is very different to electronics markets) PlayStation has been their biggest earner, it's the one market where realistically they are in a strong position along as they don't f it up. Kaz was a PlayStation guy to begin with anyway so it comes as no surprise. #7.1
@ultranova. Nah kaz Hirai wouldn't let it happen and he's ceo of Sony outright and has plenty of experience in working in usa having helped launch ps1. Nah I think Sony are just recognising that gaming in general has shifted towards the west in recent years although there are still many notable Japanese devs they are still uniquely placed to interact with. I think this is more todo with psn improvements and profit consolidation. Psn makes alot of money and that money can now more easi... #1.3.2
Or a retribution sequel following James grayson in Russia. #17.1
Fairly sure it's coming to ps VR aswell. #8.1.3
Tbf another studio could well continue resistance in the future Sony have kept the trademarks, renewed them recently so you'd assume they have some kinda plans for it. Sony bends resistance retribution had a sequel that got canned early on so they could work on uncharted ps vita but I can't help but feel like James grayson'a story over in Russia would be a good place to continue... #1.5.2
Is this the one with the easter egg? I would say suggests the series isn't over? #3
Well it's not an ffs for starters
..... #1
Nope I didn't. And sorry it just annoys me thsat everyone assumes devs are trying to rip them off cutting content some games I'd agree-destiny and j said so before release it was clear. This game however does not look to be like that not at all. #4.2.2
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