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what are you on? #11.1
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There's no reason this game shouldn't reach 60fps 1080p.... #2.1.2
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It's because last gen people complained about how many updates they did-double standards much.... they sad as much a year ago. #1.9.4
They used to last gen and all people did was compain about them all so now they do one big update a quarter they said this a year ago now... #1.8.2
Look to be blunt while Halo's campaign could be bad this time it seems unlikely but it depends on what 343 do with it, they aren't that well known-uncharted 4 isn't going to have a bad campaign-it's possible but highly unlikely why? Well someone find me a bad Naughty dog game since they made the first crash game? I sure as hell can't find one so in over 20 years not a single bad game is not a record i'd bet against.... Tomb Raider I expect to be decent after previous o... #6.2.6
Driveclub at launch youd be right but now its far better now. lbp3 is good fun. shadowfall was day one game and got 9/10's so was far from mediocre but was infact quite a good game. You haven't mentioned infamous which was a tad short but was also a very good game same goes for last light. #1.4.9
Where are you guys emerging from... a) MS was the one with e customised cpu, not too much just slightly to better fit their purpose for it. Sony are the ones that had custom GPU even if the customisation as with MS's cpu's weren't too massive... #5.6
..... phil spencer has himself said that the xbox one prettyn much already got DX12 because it really low level API's already. #4.2.1
This is same guy from the article the other day talking about unfounded claims about DX12 lol when even people that develop for xbox and phil spencer( ? had a sudden mental block on guys name grr) had said DX12 was more about the pc side and that xbox one allready has really low level drivers.... Or am I thinking of someone else? He's really looking like an impartial person to speak to isn't he? *facepalm* #4
Guy that said 70 on a test is a C I don't know where you study, at secondary school it's 55-60% for a . At gcse and A level it changes based on how everyone did. And at uni now 70% is a first, 60% a 2:1 Etc. I don't believe for one second this game deserves lower than Actually:Unity. But review scores only help the no name games sell well if they are good. The big AAA games tend to sell well irregardlesirregardless. #1.1.8
go to the system debug menu, and get it to redo file system or whatever the option todo with file system is. (I forget it's name) that should fix your problem I think... edit: rebuild database is what it's caled I believe. #4.1.3
tbh with sales of ps4 im pretty sure a disc that just displays the image of a turd could sell quite a few copies :p so this selling a million seems a no brainer. I expected sony to purchase them in the long run just as they did Sucker Punch and Media Molecule. And especially in the case of Sucker Punch-they've only improved and made better games since sony acquired them-it means more money and in many ways more freedom; sony seem less controlling than some publishers are Insomniac are wro... #1.3.3
I'm failing to understand when a linear corridor shooter became a bad game by default... If that's what devs meant to create and they do it well then so what. #9.1
Laws of physics say he couldn't however it looks like an awesome addition to the game xD #1.8.1
they don't need to sell it as a tv device-they just needed to put psn on their and other's smart tv's (like the samsung deals) and then they have the entertainment side covered too.... #2.9.1
all digital yeah maybe- i see discs or some form of physical media existing but in smaller quantities- abit like albums STILL get a physical release but most music is consumed digitally these days.Maybe a digital only model that's slightly cheaper and then a disc based premium model of ps5 seems on the cards.... :o #2.5.1
@gansta_red the entertainment is second to gaming on the ps4- just not on the PSN they both seem to be being given equal space. Gaming is a form of entertainment infact it's arguably the largest of all of the entertainment sectors nowdays. So positioning gaming first sells it to the hardcore gamer market who buy loads of games, but someone that buys loads of games is also likely to like movies and music too-goes with the territory really. So then they add those services and build them up... #2.1.2
no i think at least one game announcement will be present, they seem to be focusing mainly on gamers first and everything else is additional and that seems to be working, it has ps4 on track to potentially be the best selling console ever, it's certainly the fastest selling to date I believe... and an excellent way to expand themselves into a services company-something they should have a decade ago. #1.3.1
I think this must be project morpheus related.... If not then I'm wondering if vita is getting an early death and one last ditch attempt at handheld market will be made. While ending support for vita early would concern me I'd be in there day one on any successor.... #43
I agree it have Z2 after I saw my father's z1 he had for a year and their phones are excellent. #3.2.1
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