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That was exactly what happened. They hid loss making divisions in with one's that offset the loss.

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For aesthetics etc and /or where all dlc is free it's fine. No still y it is aesthetics or speeding up unlocks

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They add microtransactions more often now because a) people bought them b) they are an effective way of not having to charge for dlc. When dlc s to ll costs money any microtransactions are limited to aesthetics. So yes the business model in most cases is sustainable. Want the skins etc you pay. Don't, then just play the game. Also "singleplayer will be extinct within a decade" did t he y not say this a decade ago and infact in recent years demand for a solid good length singlepl...

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Sony bought all the top tech companies for game streaming tech and codes and such... They have PS now, however it isn't there to replace their hardware, the games on the service are a year or two behind the curve and for the vast majority it's not realistically the way to go.... Because of issues surrounding Internet connection and speeds that aren't going away anytime soon.

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They'll have made back what they lost in those years in no time then xD.

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My birthday!! :D

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Lack of exclusives alone won't but the higher price than the competition will, also Sony have exclusive content and advertising on call of duty, destiny 2, Red Dead redemption 2 etc plus like 2/3 AAA exclusives to release....

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I'm hoping he is actually in it....

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it was a limited number of stock and for a single day and it was 2016 just before the pro and was the original model of ps4. Either that or you are referring to a trade in deal of a console plus many games. maybe.

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Microsoft as good as said they don't expect to catch the ps4.

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I mean it's great but in digital foundry's own words to see the difference between natithe 60fps would be nice but we will have to wait and see ho many games run so well at 60fps etc my guess is the forza engine is really well optimised and that open world titles still struggle.

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the author is writing more books now isn't he, now he has the demand.

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O i've played many many hours of this game and have now finished the main story and im sorry but this is a joke. There is no way in hell this game deserves such a low score. Yeah it has the odd animation issue, literally limited to a turian sitting on a chair that was invisible and a weird bug with Sarah Ryder's face-once (and I fell through the floor once but it spawned my back where i'd been shortly after.....). Yeah granted every asari appears to have basically the same face bu...

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It won't be Ciri, I mean for starters they set her combat up very differently for a reason but it really wouldn't play well to play just as her. I think Geralt would return. 3 may be the end of that story but he can always return in another. Alternatively they might create a new character.

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Sorry but Dragon Age inquisition has far superior gameplay in terms of having the larger more sprawling locations, the more diverse quest system etc granted I prefered origins core storyline however inquisition has a solid storyline. Andromeda has clearly taken the bits that worked well for inquisition and adapted them and I have to say whilst I wasn't too sure for fist 3 hours or so past that it became clear there was a great game in there that was similar in key ways to previous mass ef...

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Games are advancing and take up more space and processing power and resolutions increase, thus the bandwidth to stream them in decent quality must increase and speed to reduce input lag will still be an issue for many because of distance from cabinets, servers etc etc. Some will enjoy the streaming of games now and in the near future. The majority of the market base aren't at the stage of not having to own physical hardware which will always have benefits in terms of performance. As such...

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Even ubisoft couldn't manage to downgrade that badly...

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Ironic really then hahaha

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a) if you have the Internet capable of playing these games stably, most won't I have good Internet but using ps now has been abit of a pain. b) Sony haven't said what games will be offered, old ones only you can bet for starters plus I wouldn't be surprised if few or none of their exclusives are on the platform for now. Yet again though most won't have the Internet capable of playing this well thus hardware is going nowhere and won't be affected in the slightest by this ps...

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