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See our broadband having issues with its exchange and bt are transferring everyone to new servers over coming weeks as such I have speeds as low as 2mbs yet the game was playing pretty much flawlessly for me... #4.1.2
(potential spoilers ahead) My issue with quiet (and I'm not American I'm British...) wasn't the nudity it was the fact they felt the need to focus on the near nudity quite so much like when you pick her up (if you don't kill her) to put her in the chopper why the hell did it feel the need to switch to first person and focus on her chest... I mean I know someone CLEARLY spent too much time programming the physics of her boobs but it jut felt out of place and unnecessary. Aso w... #1.1.5
and he's already technically retired :p

Also never really saw her as 'damsel in distress' I mean she's disapproving of his actions and often pulls apart his lies to work out what he's doing... She isn't reluctant in uncharted 2 and in 3 when he's missing was preparing to mount a somewhat suicidal rescue mission for sully.... #3.1.5
HTC is on the borderline of going bankrupt aswell... #3.4
I can't believe this is a coincidence lol... #9
Shan't be picking this up at full price then... Shame. I've heard what's in the game and there's not enough maps and content for me to consider it an mp game worth full price. Battlefront on the Otherhand has alot of content from the sounds of it. #60
Lol they'd. Have had to cut out like half of each game for it to be the latter option :p. Think someone would notice ;) #6.3.3
Some of the assets and textures were likely used in some form in all or multiple entries anyway, they will have just upped resolution of them and had them on the disc once instead of three times. #3.1.1
Wanna point out that this was for Japan not for the West if you like Japanese games you will have been pleased. As far as Japanese games got the kingdom hearts games counts as an Amazing exclusive as part of the content is a new game bundled with the HD remaster. Also their gamescom conference is yet to come and it's good as confirmed that Quantic dream will be there now seeing as MS didn't announce any new AAA exclusives at gamescom far as I'm aware this year, even one AAA would... #8.6
If 2.9 is just 1.5 and 2.5 ported Ibworth be pissed off because i really want to play one again and play through rest of kh2 (rest are added extras imo) as so far I've played birth by sleep, kh1 and about half of 2. And I don't have Ps3 at uni so 1.5 and 2.5 on Ps3 isn't annotation ffs it's retarded they didn't do ps4 release of at least 2.5 considering ps4 had been out like over a year when that released. #7.1
Why is there an episode of horizon on tonight all about how games don't make people violent according to scientific evidence but they do have many many cognitive benefits it's been shown.... If the BBC hate gaming why would they make and allow such an episode to air?! #14.2
Far as I'm aware rockstarbhad issue with it from the start for whatever reason much as I love their games they are abit odd about somethings sometimes... Unless they are specific about what's factually incorrect about the show specifically and it turns out to be considerably more than you expect from a drama adaptation if events then they are probably just being ott. #11.1
Yeah but the other dlc packs were full of more than enough content to be worth the price of that season pass so as they usually do impala stuff that would be fair. Skyrim had dragonborn dlc which wasn't as meaty as oblivious shivering Isles but wasn't far off. #8.1
Who would have thought.... Lol #3.1
...... The quality of its gaming lineup is totally subjective and even going by critical review averages they break even across the board.as for support xbox has had more frequent updates this gen but support is about the same. #1.1.7
Ps3 scenario was different because on paper the Ps3 was the most powerful th is gen the ps4 is performing better name discuss also one with most power. #2.1.11
"extensive changes to the story" what deleting half of it? Lol literally there's barely any story to bloody change.?y #13
@triplec Sony actually have a new optical disc format-archival disc. #1.1.21
Well batman might aswell have skipped pc lol.. #2.2.5
Server side computing is an old concept thing is getting it to work in tasks that are potentially time dependant (on when the computed code cones back and can be used to display a image) that's something that hasn't been done much for a good reason I suspect. Crackdown will work fine but beyond what crackdown can do destruction wise and driveatar style AI the applications are limited. #11.1.1
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