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Hmm what about the 'leak' that claimed it was called eastern front last week and would be revealed next Friday right before EA announced BF5 would be detailed next Friday lol coincidence then?

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And a multiplayer you need to be like a rodent on speed and crack with the most ridiculous good luck to enjoy and not get screwed by the spawn system or the ridiculous speed everyone moves at....

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Lol this is clearly the sequel to ghosts. After that shit show there's every reason to assume it will be a shit game gameplay wise. I fully expect and hope more people are playing/get the remastered call of duty games as it would hopefully send them a message about what they need todo going forwards.

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The people that think this is a reaction you are having a laugh? Do you realise the work that will have gone into what based on the leaks would be custom gpu based on amd's new architecture an improvement over the previous ones. You don't just design that as a quick reaction you have months of planning if not years. If it's out end of this year as predicted it will already need to have entered mass production, the chipsets that is.

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I'll get you link to both articles about it

Neither of those sites would have published those articles unless they were 100% sure their sour...

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Ffs like ubisoft or not they do make some games that slot of people like, vivendi would wreck that completely based on the financial targets they would apparently set

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How comes Sony.are able todo this if Activision own the rights?

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@rainslacker: I'd give you the restricted drm thing except they DID deny it there were 2 or 3! Interviews with Yoshikawa at the ps4's reveal that clearly stated "NO THE SRM IS NOT SOMETHING WE WIL BE DOING" it got buried and people just seemed to miss the information I remember I spent 3 -4 months posting links to the interviews in the comments section of articles about it.

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Ummmm you realise Phil statement doesn't mean no xbox 2.5 what it means is a) they wouldn't call it that b) the upgraded specs would ve they think considerably better. It becomes subjective and purely down to what you consider a "substantial upgrade" really... Surely you'd rather they do what Sony are rumoured to be doing than release an xbox 2 who's games don't run on the current xbox one.....?

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No it won't, having a potential market of 80 million rather than just 30 million and abandoning the likely 50 million+ by the time this launches... Plus there would be lawsuits if Sony say "there will not be neo exclusive games, it will not happen" then do just that in 2 years technically that's false advertising. Plus unlike some of the others Sony has a history of providing great support for previous gen consoles for awhile after a new gen launch. They will definitely be...

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The rumours clearly state no exclusive gameplay content. Better graphics but the same games and same gameplay content. It's not that hard to design the comes for the Base console then when optimising you have a second higher preset graphics setting with improvements such as higher frame rate/resolution and better graphic fidelity etc.

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Higher frame rate? A more stable frame rate.

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Tbf think about it, will have cost people the same as a launch ps3 if they upgrade but they are getting choice on pricing and it will have been split into two chunks year apart which is more affordable for most. Assuming ms do same as Sony are doing with the neo then same applies pricing wise.

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The early adopters aren't going to suddenly wait 3 years for the ps5.5 next gen. The whole point of being an early adopter is that you want to have the tech as soon as it's out and not wait. Most of those people will probably get a neo aswell. They might not be too happy about it but they will.

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It's simple really if Sony don't just outright deny a leak it's usually true. Also an article summarising all the evidence/leaks about it l.... What exactly is wrong about that?

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Ummm wasn't the previous leak of this exact information based around it being set in 2148??

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That statement kinda makes it sound like rumours aren't true and that it's just a slim. Could also mean it's normal to be working on a successor though. I expect the rumours are true though.

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I never had noticeable frame drops before the update not played it just yet since the update released however I'm on ng+ ans it mostly maintained a steady 30fps...

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Frankly not having it launch this year is abit odd but fair enough however not showing it at E3 is a ridiculous decision. If it's not ready to show then they are cutting it close. E3 is the biggest gaming convention in the world abs is clearly the time to show new hardware to as many as possible. Worse still is they have ONE? ONE game on the show floors.. What the f?!!

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Amazon UK had a separate modernwarfare trilogy listed. Thing is which ones multiplayer would it have if any? Or would it go halo mc collection and have all the multiplayers? I mean it can hardly go uncharted collection route and just have the campaigns that'd be a right pisstake....

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