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Imo they start to look more you know normal - appearance wise. (None of the oversexualised crap. Like og lara Croft....) ironically I think personally that a normal and realistic design makes them look more attractive than the over sexualised ones. U'd rather have a character that looks like someone you could bump into on the street and has an interesting story arc and a well developed character....... Industry is getting there.

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It's satire but it's exists because of a significant number of pc users elitist attitude. It exists as a way of taking the piss abd saying "look your acting like a suprensmisist a major trait of racists. ..

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Those defending black lives matter; please explain why a load of Blm protesters were arrested here in the UK a few weeks ago for breaking onto the runway at Heathrow and being a nuisance in surrounding areas; protesting about the climate. Wtf does BLM have todo with that what is air pollution targeting black people.... No i don't think so.

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Kinda has a point I mean a large number of pc gamers refer to themselves as "the master race" oh who else referred to themselves as the ' aster race' oh.... The nazis....... Yeah I see where the racism comparison comes from.

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Got an invite but for some reason can't access my code -_-

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The alpha is ps4 footage. The E3 footage.. Who knows it could be either.

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It's an alpha.... What was shown at E3 would have been polished as it's for a trade show.....

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Don't know about the technology. You are clearly one such person else you would know the term upscaling refers to the stretching of an image whereas the ps4p has a custom gpu designed to make the checkerboard method of generating a 4k image. It doesn't stretch the image. Technically it's not actually upscaling. But after the argument over killzone shadowfall who's multiplayer used this technique.; Sony have decided to refer to it as upscaling but tryto explain the difference ...

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You are incorrect the native resolution of games running at 4k on ps4 is 2k using checkerboard method to up to 4k. The gpu is custom built to allow the checkerboard method to work with minimal performance hit si it's easier for devs to implement. Oh I apologise I misread your comment. By and large you are correct although those that have used it in person say that the checkerboard method gets very very close to the image quality of native 4k. We shall see. I'm sure it will be suffici...

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Tbf a) the ps4 is able to play some games in native 4k the xbox one s is not and Microsoft have advertised the 4k gaming it can do. Secondly the checkerboard method of generating the image isn't standard upscaling which is stretching the image. I mean really we need a new workfor it because the image quality is very similar to when the image is native. (killzone shadowfall's single player vs multiplayer visuals are virtually identical)

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Not really. For starters the s is using standard upscaling. This is using the checkerboard method of generating an image. Sony's tech. Same tech that killzone: shadowfall's multiplayer ran off of. It generates a 4k framebuffer out of the 2k frame buffer but doesn't generate the image before that point then stretch it which technically is the definition of upscaling. This isn't native but more is it conventional upscaling it looks far better than a standard upscale image. Killz...

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Nah try 14 twraflops. 8 might get 4k going at 30fps

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I read the interview and you are clearly thick. More knowledgable means someone with more knowledge on a particular subject. In this instance that's gaming. How many people own a ps4 and don't use sites like this or know anything about the tech inside? Plenty, they are the people that "aren't knowledgeable" about the matter. He's saying it's not aimed at them.

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I actually hope the xbox one s does better and that it's shown from usage data by MS to be down to the 4k blu ray drive, might prompt sony to do something about it. They could if they so wished to.

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How does it have fewer features?? (the audio port had a usage rate of about 2% apparently.... and is present on the pro. It's not more expensive it's got a lower rrp.

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@Xanderzane well no format wars. I reckon years time when the new setup boxes have been out awhile they'll announce a patch.

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@kneon yeah in a standalone player it'd need more ram to decode and play the data but in theory it could read it. But ps4's 8gb vram (ddr5) should be ample..

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If I were Sony it's what I'd aim for and for naughty dogs next game to he announced and due 2018.

9d ago 2 agree0 disagreeView comment on uhd... Thought this was interesting. I'm assuming they know their stuff considering its a specialist site...

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No, he's not but his outrageous and incorrect predictions are just those. This his reasoning is sound and he is likely on this occasion correct. Other analysts have already said the same thing aswell so it's bit just him this time.

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