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@battlefield @sayanfury well said. I'm in the UK and the general spin trying to be placed upon this bt the losing reman campaigners is that everyone who voted out Is racist, uneducated etc (because not getting a degree means you can possibly be any good at critical thinking. Capable of researching a topic etc) -however I fall into none of these categories for starters I'm a student at University, (studying physics I might add, so that's critical thinking and maths and subsequentl...

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Irony is its the left wing labour voters that won the election for leave lol

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Well I'm 21 and a physics student (so can't pull the old or uneducated cards) and I'm categorically telling you long term this will be better for the UK. I mean alot of young people are like "oh these old people being selfish and blah blah" when it seems to be missed completely that maybe some of the older people who have seen the changes enacted by the EU and put up with it for longer maybe they have more experience and actually being older can think longer term than m...

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God of War has a provisional 2017 as it's date..... Kojima's game we won't see anytime soon. Horizon is March next year after its delay, last guardian is October, all the ps vr stuff is October. Days gone is also 2017- probably summer 2017. Around a year from now. Gt5 appeared in the montages trailers. Spiderman will probably release to ride the hype train with next year's movie. There were other games I can't think of the majority of stuff is aimed at releasing within ne...

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Bit hard to break a Bethesda game. Most come outta the 'box' broken lol

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Oh come on, PS3 it was oartlynpa3 but the issues on Ps3 existed on all formats just to a slightly lesser extent, the main cause there was their awful engine coding Base. This gen when ps4 is using same bloody hardware and almost no other developer has these issues.... Nah I ain't buying it. It's been pretty much unanimous among devs that ps4 is easier to make the games for. It's literally just Bethesda having issues to this scale.

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Nope it does not. Why? Because this isn't a new generation. All games will have to run on the lesser hardware of the old models. It actually makes less sense in many ways to make it as powerful as MS have apparently done. All that will happen is some games will likely have leftover processing power unused and/or game developers will optimise for xbox far less because to get a game running at the same level on neo and Scorpio will take less Scorpio optimisation.... So why waste your time a...

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This isn't a new generation so the power matters far less. Why? Because all games have to run sufficiently well on the Base models.

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AMD'S nee rx480 is likely to mean you will be able to buy prebuilt models at 500-600 with a good bit of kick in them...

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See whereas I am building a pc and will sell my ps4 and get a neo (purely because my ps4 has a bloody loud fab and it seems based on the noise produced by friends ones; that it shouldn't and it's annoying). No point getting the Scorpio as every game will be on pc anyway here on in.

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@battles: however there is no way xbox Scorpio is coming in under £500. It will be at least that if not more. Then throw in the occulus rift- you might aswell just get a pc now and the HTC vive or rift now. After all AMD'S new graphics card the rx480 which I expect is what net's gpu will be based upon- has for the price- very high performance. Xbox exclusives also all launch on pc here on in so they don't even have that card to play. They have described xbox Scorpio as like ...

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It's the latter I remember an interview kojima chose Ps3, he felt focusing on one platform would result in the better game, he felt pa3s better processor would allow him todo more, he genuinely wasn't sure he could get octocamo the way it was running on 360 and he wanted to use the halfway family that had the majority of his userbase. And mgs3 has since released on everything in HD collection and then 3DS...

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Sure it was motion sickness and not just people getting scared hahaha tbf actually I can see why this is, I played the standard demo and the movement is abut odd I would imagine for a VR headset. Ofc you play RE7 in VR and you are actually insane lol

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Spiderman will release next summer around the new film, God of war I think is late next year or early 2018...

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I was like " there can't be anything more, INSOMNIAC. Good spiderman game almost guaranteed...

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Has Microsofts entire conference leaked basically now?

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gamescom with september release (they've done this for multiple pieces of hardware before- ps3 slim 1 and slim 2; psp slim, ps tv etc) or paris games week i don't think TGS is an option as I doubt the japanese market cares about power and graphics.

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They could be aiming to release in fall but if they decide to make changes just launch in new year and it's nothing much to them, it will still sell. Yeah ps4 sales over xmas might suffer a little bit because of some people waiting but ultimately they have 40+million units sold already....

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I agree!!

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It took so long because it's nonsense. The two consoles are basically running the same tech just one with more power. I would expect that if you just made a game for ps4 Base unit based on specs of neo leaked by press (if True) that the same software would actually run on ps4 without any changes but at better performance. Add in some optimisation for both and your golden. At any rate even if this isn't the case- the new amd gpu tech will be on pc; all multiplatform games will need som...

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