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Well at the time the ps3 was a supercomputer. Why science labs were using clusters of ps3s... 4d just means 3d with some kind of experience in the room with you (motion? Vibration?) 50% more powerful if you talk just GPU initially on paper it was.No network is truly secure but everyone gets hit nowadays amd seeing as no one got money nicked despite how badly compromised they were more secure than it might seem but no one is truly secure. At the time they were refusing to pay for exclusive stu... #18.2.3
It's in beta with publisher determined pricing you tool. They need to come to agreements over pricing and.see.what works #24.1
Well they were from a business perspective and that isnt an opinion that is a fact. A) conflict of interest. B) ea expected them todo customer service for it and pick up the costs and potentially bad PR that could incur. Plus add on that the deal is pretty shit anyway. All the bad PR they'd get from people blaming them for the lack of value that they already sometimes monarch about for ps plus? It would've been a bad move to say yes.. #18.1
Might? Might? Will. There is one important factor no ones thought of. Why isn't some form of this on pc? Hmmmm or do they already know the open nature of that market means it wouldn't swing? #5.1
I swear an insider or a leak claimed this existed for a fall release to fill the gap. Personally I can't help but wonder if Nd are being sneaky and are already well underway on remastering uncharted trilogy for pre xmas release? #1.11.1
Actually they said they had about ten ish people working on it for a year and 40-50 or so this past six months. I think it will come but I can't see it hitting before uncharted 4 which I maintain will be released next summer. Unless the last of us remastered team were already working on it. Tbf engine is there now they just need to move the games across and polish and add textures and stuff to uncharted 1. Less work is needed to be done on latter two but I would deffo buy the uncharted tr... #1.3.1
It is a link to the ps store yeah, but all the other stuff like watching videos, sending messages, viewing notifications and friends lists and trophys etc are all done in app... it's not that bad an app could do with some upgrades though. #2.3.1
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Little bit of logic sure does go a long way :P But no seriously they can think their superior to me if they like. However in all honesty I don't care. The games good enough that as at uni I don't have a ps3 with me and I'm going to want to play this game sometimes I'm willing to buy it again. It's cost me £30. This is no different to the GOTY dlc collections normally released for alot of games instead your getting MORE for your money. So let them think themselves supe... #4.1.2
@omega: when you have a studio like Naughty Dog you only force them to make stuff if you are stupid, if you want a fair bit of that amazing talent to up and move elsewhere. You only try to force them if you want a situation like say Bungie buying themselves out so they could persue things that weren't halo..... Sony aren't known for doing that and I don't think will. The very fact many games they release don't alone pull a profit but the few that do subsidises the rest should... #1.1.2
yeah, im so glad to see the jaggies gone they really bug me, destiny was beta in it's defence-might not bean issue in actual final build. #3.1.1
This is utter BS I've gone months at a time in the past with a lapsed subscription because my ps3 was broken, I was away/had exams and unable to play etc and one occassion simply cba with the cost. Never last a thing all you have todo is on ps4 renew licenses and on ps3 redownload it, or go as if to redownload it from the store if it's not on your downloads list (which whenever you renenew your subscription all plus stuff moves up the list to that date) just go to the store find it an... #6
Ahhh no more jaggies, I actually noticed them first playthrough-game waas so good i ignored it but... #3
This wasn't an obvious plot template to go with..... #1
Ms' s announcement and all the whinging. I also think the hd streaming update was meant for gamescom originally with youtube and dlna and mp3 was due for may, but MS' s moves and tje complaints meant they switched priorities. #20.1
Being saved for gamescom those features are clearly. Well at least it proves Sony is actually listening to what people are saying and have changed-back in early ps3 days theres no way they could/would react so fast. Unless this had been planned for months and had just been going to be stealth released and this is all a coimcidence. My thunking is it was to be part of gamescom firmware announcement but the complaining means its coming earlier with rest still to follow. #16.2.1
Do my dad is still alive thank god. Looks like he's not going anywhere soon (I really hope not...) and I'm like a month off being 20 a few years older than this guy. And I remember about this time 14/15 years ago my father randomly brining a Playstation 1 home with the original Rayman and Fifa and colin mcrae and gran turismo 2. I remember playing games on there all the time with my father. As time went on however he plays games less and less and fewer games have decent splitscreen/cc... #51
Wow.... thing is that if that were me I'd totally forget that setting a new time would delete the other till like 4 seconds after I'd beaten it... #4.2
H1Z1 is made by sony it deffo wont come... #7.1
The shoe has been on thw other foot and funny thing is it wasnt troll central insteas ps3 owners were complaining about too many updates and wanted the groupes into one larger say quarterly update like MS had been doing. Sony already said thats what they were aiming for this gen. #16.3
Lol sony commented on this months back-aiming at one major update per quarter due to all the complaints about the constant trickle of features and updates last gen... its gamers own faults its taking so long they are evidently saving ready features for their "big" updates... #13.1
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