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It'd be the declaration, the invasion and the winning all at once I expect.

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That's really not all that many. Considering er ps4 sold 1 million just in USA in about 12 hours and xbox one sold 1 million in first day or two. The ps4 also sold over one million first day on sale in Eu.... Not saying this is anywhere near as popular but. .....

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Yh the yen price converts to 200 pounds roughly apparently here in UK they are going to be charging 280.... Do one Nintendo. Even the use conversion is just under 250 pounds... Ripping us off even more. Officially makes xbox one and ps4 cheaper here in UK and ps4 pro slightly more.

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The same way the wii u's marginal power boost over ps3 which was a the time like 5/6 years old was spun into a massive positive.

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Getting polemic star which is sun a fun moon together with some expanded features apparently

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I never said they SHOULD have bought them, just why it failed and Killzone was like 2-4gb. The biggest sized games that. Old be put on thehard copy and past cards we're 4gb

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What are you on about Vita required WiFi?, it works fine offline? It initially had a 3g version but that was optional....

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Least someone else here knows what's up. I personally cared and the Vita is a great device. It really is a shame the market rejected it and that Sony fucked it with the whole expensive memory.

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The Vita failed because people didn't support it out the gate so it lost Dec's support. It launched with a good lineup and had strong titles all year, problem is handheld titles don't usually work well if they are trying to be home console titles aswell.

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Lol as Microsoft basically started the trend this is ironic.

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You talk about them turning over a new leaf but the otherday they made a statement about digital only future that basically confirmed the original plans E for the xbox one are still there Nd what they aim to introduce slowly now to make it more acceptable. They will slowly transition and before everyone knows it, it will be too late and will be industry standard.

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It's clearly going to be lower than ps4 and xbox one. I mean apart from anything else the games they've shown/teased like woth the wii u are Mario, zelda etc games or last gen ports/games that a year's old. There is a reason for this.

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How much will that cost though?? A fortune that's how mjch

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This sounds legit tbh. I hope it's true :p

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There is one for AC?

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Sony also had clause that pro version couldn't run worse and see release/certification. Plenty still did till they got patched. So watch this space for when devs jut start ignoring it.

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Why would they when only a very small % of the pc market even fall into the category of those able to use such tech advances.

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If the high end rigs get cheaper more powerful consoles get cheaper too....

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He can say what he wants. If the GPU is new, the ram type and configuration is new, the cpu is new, the hdd is new etc then it's clearly and xbox one in name only. Makes me think of that only fools and horses scene where trigger goes "I've had 7 new broom heads and 6 new shafts since I started Road sweeping" and Boyce replies: "..... Well it's not the same bloody broom then is it??!!" If all the components are new architecture /models then clearly it's not...

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@death: vue has PlayStation branding but isn't actually a PlayStation product. They didnt spend the hour long reveal showing tv features infact they barely mention them, they are extra features not the main attraction. The PlayStation's main function is gaming, then everything else. Stuff like PlayStation music is part of their network services push, they are only using PlayStation branding in the name because everyone knows it and alot of people trust it.

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