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"Explosion Sauce... It's good on its own!"


I thought it was Drake's Deception, not Deceit.

Anyway, this is cool. #1.1.2
Before I read... these are facts and not speculation right?

[edit] OMG AWESOME! :D #2.1.1
Yeah, Skate is better than Tony Hawk now. But not better than Tony Hawk from back in the day :P #1.1.3
I hope not.
They're "treasure hunters", but the games are not alike.
There are more games out there that have much more in common than the aforementioned two.
What the guy in the vid said in the beginning of the video is true.

I'm thinking that what they might recreate from Uncharted is the whole cinematic feel. But I hope that's about it for the most part, as I want them to keep a lot of that Tomb Raider feel.

... #1.1.2
Did you not read what he said? LoL
You can see that guard survive. He swims away! #1.1.10
That made no sense.

The soldiers were aiming to kill Nate, why would he not defend himself.
Also, all the guards in that level were knocked out, not killed(or at least, no one is meant to be killed). #1.1.8
[removed] #1.7
@Active Reload
Since when have the two games been comparable. #2.1.4
Nvm #2.4
Plus, I think Marcus would have to get rid of his armor to be able to Kombat with the rest of the characters haha #1.2.1
@Active Reload
Umm sales don't exactly mean "iconic".
The character also has to fit in to the genre. #1.1.3
Can't wait for this. It looks so fun. #1.1.4
I don't mind IGN.
But I can't understand how they gave GT5 a lower score than Prologue. And Naruto UNS2 a lower score than UNS1. #3.1
FPS? Don't they mean FPV?
And we saw something like that at the end of GOWIII. #4
I thought it was kinda funny. #2.1
I like the first pic too.
Don't know why, but I kinda like the colors. #1.1.4
I could tell by the hair and arms.
Everything else is too grainy. #1.1.3
If it's free and already in the game, why not. #1
LMAO #1.1
I think mechanical damage is much more important to the gameplay than the visual damamge, because obviously, scratches and dents don't change anything.

But now with this, there's a reason why NOT to crash. #1.1.6
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