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ME3 is looking like even more of a shooter than ME2 was(and war-ish) and less of an RPG. But I guess that's what happens after people bitched about ME1.
Basically Gears of War with a good story anyone? No? Ok.

But whatever, I'm sure it'll turn out a great game just like the previous two. So no worries there. #2
Actually the graphics in that gif are unpolished.
During the same video you see the same scenes from the trailer, but also unpolished in comparison.

So I'm very sure there will be dust and whatnot in that later. #1.2.6
I really don't see how.
Kratos already proved to work great in fighting games, mainly because he's a physical combat type character in the first place.

But shooter characters from games like Gears or COD??

Don't wanna say this but, do I sense desperation from Midway? Some things just don't make sense. #1.1.12
Is she even a real gamer just some pretty face G4 hired a while back? #1.4.2
Didn't work for me either.
Ended up paying an outrageous $0.50! :D #2.3
That code is everyone's code. I got the same exact code, so did my wife and friends. #5.1.1
Enough of that mumbo-jumbo.

I'm seeing good results here and I like what Sony and Naughty Dog are outputting with Uncharted 3.

At the end of the day, regardless of numbers/data, the end result remains the same. Uncharted 3 looks amazing. #1.1.25
Didn't you say that in the trolling comments above?
2 game better than none right??

Besides, there are more than the 2 shown at the VGAs. #2.1.2
It's Geoff Keighley's job to overhype things. And I don't think LA Noire is exclusive. But yeah, I was waiting on other game reveals.

Anyway the jokes were awful.
GT5 wasn't even nominated for Driving Game. But Blur and SplitSecond were.
And COD's Sgt. Generic won Best Game Character?

Trailers weren't half bad, but everything else... #1.1.7
Sorry, you just happened to have the same argument other people did. #2.1.6
PC Fanboy Guide 101:
"When in doubt/feeling insecure, refer to Crysis again". #4.1.1
It's not really "milking" if each game is unique (and awesome). #1.1.6
All I know is that Nomura and his team are developing Versus XIII exclusively for the PS3.
But whether SquareEnix decides to make it multiplatform later causing it to be delayed for a simultaneous release, is another story.

SquareEnix is pissing me off. They haven't shown shite about this game since the first trailer. Then there was one 20sec short trailer we've seen before as images in a magazine. #1.1.6
We have a movie expert in N4G! I guess haters gonna hate. Especially because it's so popular too.
You could say it makes you feel smarter by calling people out about watching it to feel smart.

Over 95% of films out there aren't even as complex.
I didn't find Inception to be that complex in the first place. I just found the plot to be intriguing and simply liked it. #2.1.3

There is going to be a new PGR. Not sure when though.
But to me it's really not bigger than UC3, imo.

What if it is "DEIMOS: The Game". Featuring all new gameplay mechanics, etc etc.
http://i85... #1.1.4
I'd say ONE OF the greatest games.
But THE greatest game ever depends soly personal preference.

Can't wait for UC3 :D #1.1.5
Real people can gain and lose weight.
So you never know :P #1.2.4
It's not Naughty Dog's fault that Ubisoft changed Sam Fisher to look like Nathan Drake's older brother for some reason.
Haha :P #1.1.1
Do you even know anything about the game. #1.9.2
It may he his jawline. I wouldn't worry about it though. #1.3.6
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