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I liked Harvey Birdman. I borrowed it from a friend for the PSP.
And I recently bought it for $10 bucks for the Wii :D haha

I never played Portable Ops Plus, but I did enjoy the main Portable Ops game quite a bit.

And so do non-Kinect 360 gamers who defend it like their lives depend on it, just because... #1.1.2
I don't understand
why the jumping in LBP is always brought up as an issue.

Get used to it, it's physics based. #1.1.12
Not true
The Uncharted series still needs more recognition.

Most of us know about it and have played it, but a lot of people out there are clueless. #2.1.6
When was the last time you saw an Italian like Ezio? And how is it cliché? #2.1.1
More like
Captain Hindsight.

Although I wished there were better reasons people bought a 360 instead of just Kinect.
[edit] Not sure that came out right... #1.1.3
I must agree. That's an excellent point.
(When reading your comment in a non-sarcastic manner, it all makes sense now! :D hahaha)

The standards for Kinect games are... different.
Don't get too excited. #1.1.3
Why is this news!??
The install is pretty much like the first game. #1.1.12
[on topic]
Side shimmy was done like one or two times in UC2 I think. #1.2.1
What kind of dumba-- comparison was that?!

Sorry but, Lolwut? #1.2
I wanted to take the controller from his hands and do a better job at it! :P #1.1.26
I say no. This is pushing it. #1.1.4
That's Prologue info from 2007. Though I'm not sure about GT5.

You're so right. It is very photorealistic.
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Oh man :( The vid got taken down. #1.1.10
I'll just go ahead and leave this here
http://www.youtube.com/watc... #1.1.9
Offline co-op would be great!

But I don't wanna start getting hyped for something that isn't yet confirmed. #1.1.6
Jimmy Fallon is freaking out again.
Hahaha :P #3
This, Space Invaders and Pac-Man Champion DX for me :D #1.1.5
Yeah it will. #2.1.1
ME3 is looking like even more of a shooter than ME2 was(and war-ish) and less of an RPG. But I guess that's what happens after people bitched about ME1.
Basically Gears of War with a good story anyone? No? Ok.

But whatever, I'm sure it'll turn out a great game just like the previous two. So no worries there. #2
Actually the graphics in that gif are unpolished.
During the same video you see the same scenes from the trailer, but also unpolished in comparison.

So I'm very sure there will be dust and whatnot in that later. #1.2.6
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