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"Explosion Sauce... It's good on its own!"


It's hard to play a game with Nolan North in it and not think "it's Nate!" :P #1.2.2
I want both. #1.3
I liked Harvey Birdman. I borrowed it from a friend for the PSP.
And I recently bought it for $10 bucks for the Wii :D haha

I never played Portable Ops Plus, but I did enjoy the main Portable Ops game quite a bit.

And so do non-Kinect 360 gamers who defend it like their lives depend on it, just because... #1.1.2
I don't understand
why the jumping in LBP is always brought up as an issue.

Get used to it, it's physics based. #1.1.12
Not true
The Uncharted series still needs more recognition.

Most of us know about it and have played it, but a lot of people out there are clueless. #2.1.6
When was the last time you saw an Italian like Ezio? And how is it cliché? #2.1.1
More like
Captain Hindsight.

Although I wished there were better reasons people bought a 360 instead of just Kinect.
[edit] Not sure that came out right... #1.1.3
I must agree. That's an excellent point.
(When reading your comment in a non-sarcastic manner, it all makes sense now! :D hahaha)

The standards for Kinect games are... different.
Don't get too excited. #1.1.3
Why is this news!??
The install is pretty much like the first game. #1.1.12
[on topic]
Side shimmy was done like one or two times in UC2 I think. #1.2.1
What kind of dumba-- comparison was that?!

Sorry but, Lolwut? #1.2
I wanted to take the controller from his hands and do a better job at it! :P #1.1.26
I say no. This is pushing it. #1.1.4
That's Prologue info from 2007. Though I'm not sure about GT5.

You're so right. It is very photorealistic.
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Oh man :( The vid got taken down. #1.1.10
I'll just go ahead and leave this here
Enjoy! #1.1.9
Offline co-op would be great!

But I don't wanna start getting hyped for something that isn't yet confirmed. #1.1.6
Jimmy Fallon is freaking out again.
Hahaha :P #3
This, Space Invaders and Pac-Man Champion DX for me :D #1.1.5
Yeah it will. #2.1.1
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