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I hear a Batman and GreenArrow type combination superhero is kinda cool. #1.1.1
Hm... at least it wasn't that bad of a list. #2
They're also very different games.
Conviction barely being a stealth game in comparison to previous games. #2.1
I hope it's not any slower than the UMD and that it sucks my battery life. #1.1.4
@Rashid Sayed
LAIR wasn't great, but I don't remember it being hyped much.

The most attention it ever got was from people like you who say the same things you do.

Also, what is considered a "FLOP"?
A game that scored way bellow expectations or a game that didn't sell very good at all. #1.1.11
I liked the recent Mario revivals.
Although I wished they didn't name them "New" Super Mario...
Instead give it an original title.

In my opinion, we need more side-scrolling Mario games. And they need to bring back some power ups, like the cape, frog suit, etc.

I would also love to see an Earthbound revival. #1.2
On the PlayStation
Yes. #1.1.5
Nice! Although I don't think I have enough money to buy all those games :O

Found the source: #1.1.3
Here are a few gripes with this review
Driving is excellent.
Driving is the gameplay.
Yet gameplay is given a 5.0? Hmmm

Unfriendly community?
You can't exactly blame a game for that. Because with that same logic COD and Halo deserve a 6.0 for online.
Besides, I've been having a great time playing with friends through My Lounge.

Added driving options and new awesome physics don't count as "racing evolution"?

The AI isn't ama... #1.1.3
Couldn't agree more. #6.3.1
For some games maybe.
But according to the graphs, many gamers consider an 80 or 75 to be bad(depending on the console at times).

While movies with similar scores are usually considered good or decent.

PS. People know damn straight that LBP2 should be higher than that (if it weren't for those dishonest 6.5s or 7/10 reviews) :P #1.1.3
Umm, they're very different games. #6.2
I've yet to play Anniversary and Underworld. Although I didn't care for Underworld much. I'll get it for Anniversary and Legend, which I haven't played since PS2. #2.1.1
Looking at the article
it seems they're comparing with Uncharted 1. #1.1.14
Is it gonna be good this time? #1.1.13
It could mean "next-gen" as in PS4. Or the next generation of Metal Gear games... #1.1.2
Modding it will only void your warranty.

As long as you stay offline, you won't run into trouble. #1.1.6
The only thing that was 'slow' about it, was developer focus, especially from third-party/multiplatform devs.

When it came to games:
F1:Championship Edition(2006)
Heavenly Sword(2007)
Ratceht & Clank(2007)
+ multiplats

It wasn't too bad for it's first year. Although it did start to improve even more by 2008 and so on. #1.1.1
I don't know. I haven't played Uncharted 3 yet :P

But anyway, Flynn was the douchebag. #1.1.2
It's only available in Europe so far. #1.1.8
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