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FPS games
I'm not sure about the FPS genre being the most popular... at least not "always". Its popularity has greatly increased in the past dacade. Although this doesn't make it the best genre. In my personal opinion, of course.

Admittedly I have enjoyed my time on certain FPS games and had fun since the days of Doom. I
enjoy them the most when they do something different, like in Bioshock or Portal. #1.2
...Will be a beast of a game! :P #1.1.1
This is a sketchy subject...
It depends on how you define "flop".
Are we talking about sales, quality or both?

Some games are really great, yet considered "flops" due to the low amount of sales.
While there are some games out there that undeservingly have lots of sales, but aren't really the best out there. These may also be considred flops, though this case is more uncommon.
Then there's the ultimate flops. Bad games with low sales.

In... #1.3.2
The Wii will do just fine
With the wave of games recently announced, I'm pretty excited about it.

Move and Kinect are add-ons. So even if they fail, the 360 and PS3 can still survive as they are now, without any motion controls.
While the Wii's motion controls are part of the actual system. If it fails, the whole thing fails. But we know that's not true, and the Wii has been an immense success! #2.3
That's cool
This way they can ensure high quality and a stable experience on both versions. Although I imagine this taking more work than a usual multiplatform game.
It's good to know they're putting a lot of effort into it. #2.2
Why does this have to be so complicated?
*If you have PS2 games, then you have either a PS2 or a BC PS3.

*If you have PS2 games and a PS2 and you're about to buy a non-BC PS3, then DON"T get rid of your PS2 or sell it. It isn't going to get you much and you'll regret it.

*If you don't have a PS2 or a BC PS3, then don't buy PS2 games.

*If your PS2 broke, you can still buy one for $99. It'll be cheaper than getting a non-BC PS3 and complaining about it. <... #1.1.16
What do you mean "SIM? ehh it's alright"?
Have you tried it yourself? /s
I hear the new physics engine they built after Prologue is quite beast and an improvement. #1.3.3
"Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years..."

I don't think PC gaming ever left in the first place. Sure, attention might have been deviated from it to consoles a little bit, but PC has always been there and it's huge. #1.1
Haha, definitely. It looks fun.
Will be getting this along with DKC Returns :) #1.1
I don't believe the Wii and the PS3 are exactly competing. At least not at the same level.
They're both just so different. From the type of games to the actual hardware.
The 360 and PS3 on the other hand, have a lot more similarities and comparisons are understandable.
But with the Wii and PS3, it's like two different worlds.

Which is why I'm glad of having both and getting all of my gaming needs so far :P #1.1.1
I have both and loving it!
They fulfill all of my gaming needs.
And they even match in color :) #3
I'm pretty sure Crysis 2 will have some of the best graphics out there, especially on PC. But what I'm still more interested on aside from good graphics is the gameplay and the "fun" factor.
I'd like to get my hands on it. Hoping there will be a demo. #1
Agree with every single one of these. As long as they remain side-scrolling, I don't mind if they're 3 dementional characters.

Although, considering how well Super Mario games have done as full 3D games, it's hard to say that it should stay 2D(personal preference). I just loooove side-scrolling Mario games a lot more.

Kirby's Epic Yarn will be a must have for me :) #1
It's hard to pic a top favorite...
I would like to thanks the guys at Media Molecule for bringing the awesome that is LBP to life.

As well as Shigeru Miyamoto and his team for my all time favorite Super Mario games. Oh and also Zelda.

Hideo Kojima for the Metal Gear franchise of course.

Kaz Yamauchi for the GT series.

Naughty Dog for Crash, Jak and UC.

Rare, for the original DK Country games...and whomever made Kirby! xD #1.1.1
The Team ICO Collection would be awesome. I already have both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. But I really like the idea of playing this with trophies and in HD. #1.1.1
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