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Awww :( Hope didn't die in XIII?
I couldn't drag myself to finish the game so I wouldn't know.

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Also, I think it happens to whoever joins in.
My friend joined me and the infinite loading screen came up a couple times for him.
Then he invited me and it started happening to me.

Hope this gets fixed soon cause being online with friends in LBP is one of the best things ever.

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No need to be pushy. Naughty Dog already said they're doing improvements in several areas.
I say just let them do their thing and I'm sure the result will great anyway.

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Unless the devs are actually Sony. Like Sony Santa Monica or Team Ico, etc.

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I've said this before.

Nomura is only developing Versus XIII exclusively for the PS3.
Whether the heads of SquareEnix decide to make it multiplatform and put it on 4 DVDs later on in the future, is another story.

In which case, I'd have to agree with 'ChineseDemocracy' above :)

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LBP2 talk starts @ 23:00

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That always sounded like a bad excuse anyway.

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But this battle always looks great to me

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Didn't this happen with MGS4?

Didn't sites like these thought the word of the game's director wasn't enough? So they kept stirring up shit?

Let things be. We'll know the outcome when it's time.

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I don't mind the overall score, but...

Did they really deduct a whole point from 10 to 9.0 for sound?
That's odd.

And the same thing for graphics too, even though they say it looks better using ME3's engine?
I'm confused by this.

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If you think LBP is a babyish family game, then you missed the whole point of the game and what it's about.

Using that "I only play mature man games" attitude only makes you seem more immature.

What is this, middle-school??
I jest :P

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Getting LBP2 today.
ME2 can wait, since I've played before as well.

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Although I guess you can still like it, cause it's not that terrible.
It was ok.

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You wouldn't be too far from the truth. I don't think a game like GTAIV deserved a 10. But to each their own, I guess. Maybe they're seeing something we don't(if).

But that aside and on topic.
I might be getting this. I already played ME on PC, but it wasn't able to run as smoothly as I would've liked. So I'll more than likely get it on PS3 (and finish it this time).

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"M" should be 16+

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I don't understand why they couldn't implement the Tag gameplay in Tekken 6, even on a separate mode, instead of being two different games.

Hope they do that for Tekken 7.

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Definitely. MGS4 had awesome character models.

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- PS Move is like a super-Wii, in terms of tech within the controller itself, the PS3 system and the PS-Eye cam, which is well capable of motion sensing on its own as well.

- Kinect is a bit more of a full-fledged version of the PS-Eye(if you will), disregarding any controller input.

- BUT the Wii has the most software by a landslide. Main reason for that is that the Wii's motion controls are part of the system, while Kinect and Move are add-ons.

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You had to be a lot more stealthy in MGS4.
In fact, in higher difficulties, you had to be stealthy, because in many situations a straight forward approach would get you killed.

I'm sure you played it, right?

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