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I wasn't agreeing with the "bullshots" argument.
But I still stand by what I said above.

There's nothing wrong with steady 30fps. And many console games do 60fps. TVs don't go past 1080, so why bother pushing console games to go further. The differences are unnoticeable.

No one's being delusional. Everyone knows PCs can achieve higher specs. It is you, the insecure PC fans who go around all the time saying how inferior con...

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It does suck... if you put it in your pocket with your keys :P

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What makes you think the new PSP2 won't have Persona, Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy as well?
It definitely wouldn't be the first time those games have been on a PlayStation system.

They haven't even announced any software for it. It'd be wise to hold judgement on games until later.

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They play differently and have different types of games.

It doesn't matter to me which system "sells the most" or "wins".
I don't have to choose one over the other.

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There's a difference between phones that are able to play some games and a portable true gaming device with phone capabilities (which is what the PSP2 most likely is).

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Microsoft banned some guy whose last name was "Gaywood". MS deemed it inappropriate and was banned from XBL, despite the guy proving them that it was his real name.

Microsoft can be pretty square to the point of lacking common sense at times.

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There's nothing wrong with 720p and steady 30fps or even 60 like many other console games.
Besides, most TVs don't go over 720 or 1080 in the first place.

You PC fanboys are so insecure.

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Yeah, official GT5 development started in 2007 after the GTHD concept/project was scrapped in 2006.
People need to improve their math skills.

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When was Lair or MAG overhyped?
What's wrong with 220 amazing looking cars? And what about the ingame/realtime graphics?
http://i54.tinypic.com/epgm... (replay/photo looks the same minus the shadow jagg...

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I like your attempt at stealth-trolling.
But really, you can't be "stealth" if everyone already knows -_-
"Bulletstorm" is the last thing that comes to mind.

OT: This actually looks pretty good. I kinda like the looks of the jungle, understanding that Helghan is indeed a hellhole, like NateCole above puts it.

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Uh...yeah in a way.

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Yeah, but it's a good thing each chapter's install is overwritten.

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I'll take that PSP2 with OLED screen and dual analogs!
But no 3D please.

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The level of Grammar Nazism is even bigger than his errors.
I read the review and looked past these since everything written made sense. I didn't have to go back and reread a sentence because of how bad it was, because really, it wasn't that bad.

looks like it was made by one of my old teacher, buy with a demeaning sarcastic tone.

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Good point!

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It's actually not that hard.
The one on the left hand side says ©1998 and has N64 buttons :P

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Honestly, it looks a little less fun and a little more work...

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Who's we??
I play on PC as well, but my system isn't quite capable of running a game at 60fps+ and 1080+ smoothly.

There's nothing wrong with 720p and steady 30fps or even 60 like other console games.
Besides, most TVs don't go over 720 or 1080 in the first place.

And in what way is Uncharted a Tomb Raider clone??
I'm a fairly big Tomb Raider fan and I know the differences.
I could probably start naming seve...

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Considering how it's always boasted by PC fans as the ultimate graphical achievement all the time :P

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XIII-2 grabbed my attention for only a few hours until I saw the Versus XIII trailer. Which was pretty awesome.

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