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I don't think she was in any exorcism movies (but if that was a joke then lol)

But yeah, she would be the ideal choice. #2.2
It's not the same.
If both were full $60 games, then yes you are completely right.
But one of them is a $15 mini-game. #5.2.4
Price difference
You can't compare a $15 mini-game with a $60 game.

Killzone is great for its price and so is Plants vs Zombies(although I think it should be $10 now). #5.1.1
Rating systems are (weakly)enforced guidelines.
If an adult purchases something for a minor, then those guidelines are being bypassed at no fault of the retailer, game developer or rating system. #1.1.5
I hope Versus' combat is nothing like XIII's.

XIII's was too fast for my taste and didn't give me enough time to strategize and just ended up mashing the X button. #2
Not sure if I want DMC2 again... #1.3
It's not exactly necessary
As long as the game looks good(which it does; it looks great) then it should be fine. Of course, there's always more room for improvement. #1.1.11
The tone and attitude of those ads seem to aim at kids and young teens.
Which is funny because the game is rated "M" after all and people 17, 18+ don't care what their parents think of their games.

So in a way, they're pointless. #3.1
Those commercials are terrible.

Ok we get it. Parents hate it, so it must be "cool". Buy it.
Glad I got to play it before I saw them, otherwise I would have been completely put off. #2
Looks fun!
But is this more of a side game than a full sequel? #1.3
Anyone know anything about towns? #1.1.1
I think the article is confusing "remakes" with remastered HD collections.
He speaks of improving game mechanics and so on.

Don't see the use of turning PS1 games into HD. It would look too pixelated.
PS2 games on the other hand, yes.

Unless those PS1 games were to be remade entirely, then yes.

HD Collections I'd like to see:
- Jak and Daxter 1, 2 and 3
- Ratchet & Clank 1, 2 a... #1.1.3
There's no way that happened xD #6.1.2
Neither game is better that the other. They are different and can't be compared.
First of all, Half-Life 2 is a lot more versatile. It's not a straight up shooter/FPS. It's more of a FPV(First-Person View) adventure game.

Killzone 3 is a pure First-Person Shooter(with a good back-story I hear). Half-life is not.

They're way too different to compare and the people doing so are foolish. #1.1.13
I don't hate 7, but I didn't care too much for the story or the characters.
It's a great game and one of the most memorable FF games, but it's definitely not the best. #1.2.1
Square too easily forgot that FF already has a fanbase in the West that likes their games as for what they are.

By trying to appeal to a broader audience(the audience that didn't care about FF/JRPGs in the first place), they dumbed down the game(exploration, quests, stats, etc) #2.1.2
Autistic people can be more intelligent than some may think. #1.1.2
I agree, it's not exactly PS3 material.
BUT then again, the image was blown up/enlarged, giving it a blurry look.
On the screen of the NGP itself is going to look nice and crisp :) #1.1.15
They must feel proud
Congratulations, now you're popular for hacking the PS3 and have earned 10 internets. #1.1.28
So it's a bug that's been fixed before?
Alright then, let's hope so. #1.2.3
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