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I don't know what you mean by "waiting 2 years".

There were several launch games that were more than just "decent":

F1:Championship Edition(2006)
Heavenly Sword(2007)
Ratceht & Clank: Future(2007)
+ multiplats

And human eyes can't see 120fps. Why would people care. Nvm everything else you said, which was pure n... #4.1.1
That's not the point.
Since they're different. I would want both to be the best each can be.

I'm sure the NGP will be great with the whole networking side of things, like the web browser, Trophies and friends. #1.3
Aliasing was the last thing I noticed from that video. #2.1.2
I like the sound of that. It'll be interesting to see how ND will approach the game's finale. #1.1.3
No, it would not make it 1000 times better.
Think about how that would play out.
In other games, any faceless character can pick up a gun and shoot it.
But they all can't play just like Cole.

Yes. #1.1.5
Without talking about graphics, I think yes. #1.1.6
Using the same PSN account, you can go to your download history and re-download any content you want. #1.1.2
By "flop" you mean... #7.1.1
Except Resistance takes place on Earth and don't wear any power-armor.
Come to think of it, I don't think they do in KZ either.

But ok, to the point now.
It's bad enough that Nicky_N4G trolled. Trolling back isn't really doing any better.
And you're all doing a bad job at it too. #4.2.1
Why did Bloodmask change the score from 4/5 to 3.5?
The stuff people get away with here... -_- #1.1.9
I remember I first drove my dad's car when I was 10. #1.1.2
Like I said above. It really depends on the type of game.

Some games just don't call for it and having free roam at a certain point can break the momentum of the storytelling. #1.1.6
Uncharted is a proper "linear" game.
Final Fantasy is supposed to be an RPG.

Linearity depends a lot on the genre and overall style of the game. #1.1.4
Underappreciated and under-recognized
Unfortunately many of these games don't have enough "mainstream appeal" despite them being so good, which is a shame. #1.1.5
I'm a little concerned about the new LOZ game.
From what Miyamoto showed at E3, it seemed to play like Wii Sports Resort with a Zelda look.

And I loved Twilight Princess! #1.1.2
Is he actually making this stuff up to troll? lol #1.1.7
I'd say no, but
It would be great if they made an MvC type game with all Sony characters like Kratos, Ratchet, Sly, Jak, Drake, Cole, etc.
(I'd die if they brought Crash back :P)

PS. Move Heroes and Smash Bros are completely different types of games. #1.1.5
What do you mean "your console".

They're both my consoles and hacking on either one matters to me. #5.2.6
She wasn't in that movie
She just happens to have the same name as the character in the movie lol #2.2.2
Wait WTF!?
Uncharted is based around a family that solves cases...?

I was trying to keep my hopes up for this movie, but HOLY CRAP this guy sounds clueless about the games!

At least read the back of the case of UC2 man! #1.1.2
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