Explosion Sauce... It's good on its own!
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It's actually a decent beginner tips and hints video.

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I think they're confusing their hate for the preview with the review.

A 10/10 is a little too much for any game. But also a 7-8 was slightly harsh, IMO because there was lower emphasis on the positive aspects of the game.
I try not to guide myself by review scores. I enjoy numberless reviews better.

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What's wrong with the damage? I think it's ok.

What reviewers were looking for were a lot of scratch textures, but GT5 doesn't do that.

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The decline of gaming magazines and rise of online sites give more freedom and room for fanboyism, as well as hits.

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Nice article


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Not really. I enjoy both series because they're vastly different to me.

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You can say it's "disappointing" all you want.
But the lighting in GT5 is unlike anything I've seen before.
And yes, it is photo-realistic.

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Forza 3's graphics are great, but definitely not photo-realistic like GT5.

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It's an opinion piece. People need to relax.

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I'll watch it for the announcements and new trailers. Not really interested in the awards.

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Isn't Conviction like the only Xbox exclusive Splinter Cell?
Maybe he was referring to the other Splinter Cell games and not Conviction. And if he did, he's probably mistaken.

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I don't think he's saying that it will replace consoles.

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Hide? From whom?
Most people interested in the game already checked out all the facts about it and most are buying the game.

You only want more of these type of articles so you can have something to bitch about (like you did on your first comment), amiright? This is the type of stuff you guys feed off. Find something else to do or play, while everyone else enjoys the game.

K bye.

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It's preferable if she likes the SAME type of games you do.
That's my tip.

[edit] Also, I would never date a girl who was that obsessed about Halo like the one in the pic (or any other game, for that matter).

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Who said it wasn't quality? LOL
You should check that out. It's actually a quite decent review.

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I hope I'm seeing this wrong, but why is E. Ryu's hair red?

On the other hand, "Oni" Akuma looks similar to Shin Akuma from the VS games (white hair).

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She creeps me out still...

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Very good review. It had most of my thoughts on the game.

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It mostly disappoints those who don't care about the game.
I think most fans are enjoying the game regardless.

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Lol, they keep saying that.

Not saying they're lying or anything, but come on :P

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