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I've said this before.

- Destiny is kinda like Borderlands but...
- A lot more generic looking and none of the charm.
- Less loot.
- 3 classes that play the same and armor that looks too similar.
- COD-level storytelling (a downgrade from Halo) with no memorable characters.
- With an OK PvP. Basic capture the flag/team deathmatch stuff. #1.1.17
It's kinda like Borderlands, but more generic looking.

Less loot. 3 classes that play the same and armor that looks the same. COD-level storytelling (a downgrade from Halo) with no memorable characters.
PvP was ok. Basic capture the flag/team deathmatch stuff. #1.1.3
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Cloud processing is the new Blast processing.

Except Blast processing was more tangible and wasn't dependent on any external variables because it was built into the hardware. #1.1.2
So 9 hours of music and 3 to 5 hours of gameplay depending on what and how you play.

Not that bad considering what it has and does. I doubt people will stop buying it just because of battery life. #1.1.1
This sounds like a really great alternative
Might not be for everyone, but for those who love their 3G/4G on the go, this is great! :D #1.1.6
I think he was awesome as the personality cores as well.
My favorite was the adventure core:
Get's funnier toward the end :P #2.1.1
As a true fan of both, I'd have to say that they're very different games.

They hunt for treasure in remote areas.
And that's about it. #3.1
A gamer girl is a lot like every other girl. But the media treats them like tokens.
For some reason, every time we're shown a picture of a "gamer girl" online they're almost always in their underwear(as if begging for attention). It's unrealistic.

Nice to look at, but seriously getting old. #3
Is also a very good addition. And makes sense. #2.1.2
I strongly disagree with Portal 2
I know what to expect. So far it looks as great as the first game, but with more features and harder. Can't wait!

Ok wow! It's a PC fanboy article claiming that consoles will dumb Portal 2 down. Haven't heard that before...

It amazes me how this person is not aware that the first Portal game ALREADY WAS on consoles and it was the EXACT SAME game it was on PC.
It can only get better from there.

Also, Rocksta... #1.1.4
How many games have you heard him in?
He's done more games with completely unrecognizable voices than games with his normal voice.

On another note:
Nolan North will always be Nate, except when modifying his voice.
Mark Hamill is a better Joker than Luke.
And John DiMaggio will always be Bender :)
[flame shield engaged] #1.1
I was hoping for a game starring Deimos.
With a slightly different gameplay.

But we'll just have to wait and see what this is all about. #1.1.8
Samus Aran
Hands down :) #2
What's your point? She doesn't even look Asian anymore
She doesn't even look like Alyx anymore. #1.4.5
Early April's Fools joke, right?
Eww indeed.

That's NOT Alyx. #1.1.13
Haha, that was just terrible directing.
They had him voice two guys at the same time. And when the two characters say goodbye to each other, the animations don't change. They don't move, they just stand there doing movements like they're still talking. #2.2.5
That's BS dude!
You only say that because his voice is unique and easily recognizable in a few games.

You've probably played many other games that had him in there too, but didn't realize it because he does a great job.

Thanks for the vid. I liked his work in Ratchet&Clank: ACIT. Didn't notice it was him until I saw the credits. #2.1.2
That wasn't even remotely funny. #5.1.3
Either one is correct.
Although "from" is somewhat more formal. #2.1.2
Probably better to have hackers put their talent to good use. #1.3
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