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When you select a track (prior to entering the race), it's the second option from the right. If you purchased adjustable suspension, drivetrain, etc. you can go into the tuning screen for them and tweak the values.

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We can only hope that they release an easy offline way to patch games in the future. We can already download firmware to a memory stick/USB key, so why not patches? (this implies that you can go somewhere with Internet access for the download when you can't do it personally)

THAT would be a great feature for people who are missing out on some awesome updates for games.

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1) The demo units are running Gingerbread (Android 2.3). Honeycomb (3.0) extends on tablet/gaming, so expect Sony to want that run on the PS Phone ASAP.

2) A dual/twin submission system would likely be possible. Since the PlayStation app was a completely separate entity in the phone, it's entirely possible that the app is a sandboxed PSP that can connect to PSN. That sandbox would basically be removed from the Android market, making the PSP Minis section useless on PSN...

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Actually, this list is for PSOne games. Kingdom Hearts' first title was on PS2.

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You might want to look at the HD screenshots first.

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Speck in time? He's been far less controversial of late than he's been in the past. Same goes for the rest of the Destructoid team, who have grown to have harsher words about bad games than Sterling ever did.

His last controversy was, what, Black Ops having broken online on PC? He already recanted on that when news of the PC patch (which he reported personally) came out.

At this point, you should be hating Destructoid as a whole rather than just him...

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@Larry L: I just checked Destructoid's recent list of PS3 exclusive reviews. The lowest score given out by Sterling in the past 6 months has been 6.0 for Time Crisis (and with good reason if you play it with the Move, but definitely not if you already have a Guncon).

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Capcom doesn't own the Strider IP. It's by far the biggest problem standing in the way of his inclusion to the roster.

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Wait, is this the EU release date you're talking about? If so, Ubisoft is the strangest company ever since that would be like competing against itself.

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These are North American figures. Since the world doesn't exclusively revolve around the United States, Canada, and Mexico, worldwide figures are far higher and the proportions of sales are different.

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You should know that Murayama actually completed Suikoden III. He's not credited because he left prior to release, but he said in a recent interview that he didn't abandon the project mid-production.

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I found it funny that grabbing the Fire Sealing rune from the story segment just prior to his fight made him INCREDIBLY easy since most of his physical attacks were coupled with the fire element. The only truly dangerous part left was to survive the final duel.

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The problem with using blu-ray discs is that you can't even grab the music from them on the PS3. Prince of Persia's collector's edition had a blu-ray soundtrack and it took pirates to grab the music for portable use.

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Interestingly, there are more and more channels outside of G4 that are carrying brand new episodes of EP Daily/Weekly and Reviews on the Run in Canada. It's gotten to a point where I don't even watch G4 anymore since it's always behind on news and has next to no content you can't already get way earlier on GameFAQs.

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Yes and yes, actually.

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04. / 00. [PS3] Red Dead Redemption (Take-Two Interactive) – 70.599 / NEW
07. / 00. [360] Red Dead Redemption (Take-Two Interactive) – 25.673 / NEW

That's actually a pretty great start for Red Dead Redemption.

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Considering how the PS3 can do keyboard & mouse, I don't see how this would be a bad thing: DS3, Move, KB&M... Make all three available and you cater to pretty much everyone.

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The game already sold really well in Japan, so expect more of them whether you like it or not.

Also, this game is on the Wii. In fact, the game plays about the same on the Wii with the graphics being somewhat poorer than the PS3 version.

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@Chaos Striker: I would love to see you beat Dynasty Warriors VI or Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 by exclusively mashing Square on a difficulty that ISN'T Easy. Chances are you'd get smacked down by the first AI boss you'd come across, since most of them require heavy hits (triangle) to open up their blocking.

So no, the games aren't button mashers. They're Beat-'em-ups, but definitely not button mashers.

As for the review, spending an...

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The key part of this post is "backwards compatibility required". That means you won't be able to play PS2 games if your system couldn't already, so this is in no way "enabling" PS2 games on Slim PS3s.

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