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I believe EA made this argument too in the past, when discussing why they didn't do 'Steam-style' sales on Origin.

In my experience, the only people who 'wait for a sale' are people who aren't too sure about a game, but willing to take a punt for a low price.

As for lower prices on PC in general. Games may be cheaper on PC than on console, but since I made the switch I'm not spending any less on games, just buying more! That can...

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As I pointed out on that thread, our review of Knack was actually above the average critic score (6.5 compared to a 5.4 metacritic score), so I'm not sure why that particular review got so many comments about the scoring...

I can at least understand the comments re: this title, given that the score contrasts so much from the average. I suppose that's always going to happen in an industry that relies on 'one man's opinion'.

Someone called i...

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Posted this along with 2 other pieces at the same time, based on what was outstanding from the site. No consideration was given to when other reviews were published and how they were scored.

Neither is this a 'troll' review, it's an honest piece written by an avid gamer and experienced writer based on his experiences with the game. I would point out also that the score given is significantly higher than the 5.4/10 critical average for the game, and more-or-less de...

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Absolutely, everyone is entitled to agree or disagree. Didn't mean to imply otherwise, but accept that Wasn't clear from my initial comment.

Healthy debate is great, I was more referring to those who reply to these pieces with insult rather than opinion.

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Not the best article of all time, but it's an opinion piece and the author is certainly entitled to his.

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Nice preview. I installed Starbound last night and hope to get some playtime this evening. This preview made me want to play it NOW.

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In reply to Pisque's point mostly,

Yeah, I too spent a lot of money on my PC-based entertainment setup. I've invested a bit over £2K on my gaming setup - not including games, which I dread to think about. But so what? Like most people, I work hard for my cash and deserve to splash out on things I get enjoyment out of.

SteamBox probably isn't for me. I've already got a PC hooked up to the TV and it'll be cheaper to focus on upgrades ra...

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Do you have your own established production company? Jonathan Ross has.

Because nothing qualifies you more for a Producer's job than, you know, already being an experienced Producer.

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The acquisition of the rights to make a Warhammer game will bring a new fan base to Sega. Get Creative Assembly to develop it and it could be a missive hit; bringing in both Warhammer fans and Total War fans and pretty much guaranteeing success.

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Enjoyed this article, a good read made me want to play the game..... almost ;).

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I got Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead in last years Summer Sale and have yet to even install them once!

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I would argue that if the higest mark in a scoring system cannot be reached, then the system is flawed. What is the point of scoring out of 10 if the maximum one can acheive is a 9 or 9.5? Is the system then really marking out of 9.5?

In any event, this is the GameGrin scoring guide for our critics. It is by no means a definitive, but a guide for our writers to promote consistency. I hope this clarifies the measure of our scoring. Thanks for reading.

10 - The...

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It's a circle. Developers think women don't play games, so they target their games at men, so women don't buy them, so developers think women don't play games, so....

We are lucky to have three female writers on staff right now and we've had emails from female readers saying it's quite refreshing to read a publication that isn't male dominated - so I know that female gamers are out there!

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It's an excellent game. A good preview that sums it up well.

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Thanks for the comments guys.

The reason I though people might care is that I thought people might be in the same situation. There are just so many games out there that most of us will never get the chance to play all of them, so we have to make the choice of what to play and what to skip.

That's certainly the impression I've got from talking to people anyway, which is why I wrote it. The piece is from my perspective, but I don't think I'm th...

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Thanks for commenting,

I'm sure I could take some time out to play a great game, but my point is there are so many great games that there just isn't enough time.

It's not specific to this game of course, it's just the latest in a series of "must play" games.

Admittedly it's a bit of a first world problem sort-of piece, but it grew from discussions I had with fellow gamers in similar positions who just don't h...

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The patent is old news, and Sony's confirmation that PS4 will play used games came after the patent was revealed.

BTW dude. PlayStation has a capital 'S'.

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