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so instead of trying to prove me wrong you call for me being banned.

dem tears mmmmmm

go ahead prove me wrong.

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Day of defeat was exactly what I was thinking. My guess is you will also not be able to check your six either

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Because the truth is the opposite of what you say. Meaning I'm always right and you're always wrong.

Btw how did they get that turd to curl so much. Thats some perseverance

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The same way I play nba2k. With my 360 controller.

Thats all i need. Did I mention I play it at 1080p 60fps AAx8 from the comfort of my couch?

Looks like I'll finally be buying a fifa game

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I bought it for ps3 took the pc code and traded it in. that on top of a 15 dollar amazon credit the game cost me 5 bucks.

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If your worried about k/d your doin it wrong. A man score is highest amount of kills AND highest amount of deaths if your on top in points also then I want you on my team

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This is gonna sound weird but the story in the old republic is as crazy good as mass effect. At least for bounty hunters havnt tried sith or jedi

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Mi bad. That was pretty douchebag of me

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I agree with your opinion but it's just that. Nothing set in stone has been released

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In the console world your argument is unmatched hands down.

But some console gamers think they are pc gamers. I'm sure you see it. "used to be a pc gamer, now I play on consoles" well these are the fools imo who would buy a 60fps title over a 30.

I see a lot of people blaming the ps3 fanboys for this controversy. I dont think so. They get a free pass this time as I believe its the ex pc gamers. Most of them bought ps3's and most of them pla...

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so the ps4 is gonna be a $300-$400 ram upgrade?


sucks to be you guys.

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as no name as you can get

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he's trolling you idiot.

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"However, the way DICE are saying this, is kind of making them look like jackasses."

does it?

have you seen the other top articles this week?

"BF3 on ps3 will not be 1080p QQ"

"BF3 on ps3 will not be 60fps QQmoar"

he's just stating the obvious. Sometimes the obvious isn't all cherries and rainbows.

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sith bounty hunter. the more i play it the more i get sucked in lol

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i've been on the fence throughout beta until i hit lvl 10.

once I started flashpoints I knew this was the next evolutionary step in mmo gaming. flashpoints are pretty damn engaging.

Its like playing a Bioware rpg in 4 player coop. story was there. action was there. loot was there. was tons of fun doing the 4 player party custscene conversations

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bf2 sold 1.5 million first month.

it's an established franchise on the pc. It will be successful even if it didn't launch on console.

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256 video memory 256 system memory is not 512

so panda is correct

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at this point in crysis 2's life that patch is gonna do nothing for the game.

The only thing it does is give them a card to say

"hey we gave pc gamers dx11 and it still sold poorly!"

In the end the dx11 patch is going to do more harm then good

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so console gamers want 1080p and they want 60fps...

im trying to contain my laughter here. they got a taste of what pc gaming is and now they don't wanna go back.

can't blame em

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