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I'm scared if how they'll place the flags. really dropped the ball there. sharqi peninsula is my favorite bf2 map

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Thats how ps3 fanboys roll around here. Oblivious to logic

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Still it's bad press. People will find any excuse to moan and complain. It serves no real purpose and devs have nothing to gain out of telling us.

It's like sports athletes and twitter. it does nothing for them and espn will bash athletes all day long if they say anything they don't like. It only hurts them to use twitter

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This this this

I bought amazons dd version for 40. I would have paid 60 on steam if steam carried it. They effectively screwed themselves over 10 bucks if they had to pay valve 10 bucks to list it on steam.

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No matter how you slice it, ea is trying to ride the hard work valve put into digital distribution.

It's like how china blatantly rips off anything that makes a buck. Anything other than battlefield is still going to be bought on steam. Valve had to earn their fanboys you know. A lot of them saved a small fortune buying up a vast library of games.

Ea will offer the same sales but that's only temporarily. They won't hesitate to try and nickel and d...

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The bigger the monitor or tv the more crappy the consoles look.

Example if you can find a720p image of bf3 hold ctrl+ mouse wheel till its full screen size. Thats pretty much how console looks. Pc is native 1080p and then some.

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doesn't even matter to be honest.

next week you guys will still be clicking links to them giving them ad money.

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lol for a second I thought this was gamingbolt. BF3 proves that on DICE needs to stick with what it knows best. That's giving the player a damn battlefield.

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Whats funny is. Had they went the l4d route and cut out sp entirely and just threw in bot matches. The meta would be sitting a lot higher.

I'm not surprised though. I was one of the ones complaining about them making a campaign for bf3 to begin with.

I would have taken 5-10 more maps over that sp campaign any day of the week. so much time wasted when they could have polished mp alot more

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The people that want battlefield bought battlefield. I'm not sure if you console folk know this but if you pirate battlefield. All you get is the sp. Thats it. thats how it is with most online games. the pirates never planned on buying it to begin with.

What I'm saying is. It's pointless to pirate a battlefield game as it revolves around mp.

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one real desert strike like chopper mission. One air-to-ground A10 and one air-to-air f18 jet mission not on rails would have sealed the deal.

I know this isn't for everyone but maybe even some blackhawk flying. Moving squads to a hotzone, medevac, lifting troops out of a hotzone all in one mission. I would have enjoyed it.

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Hopefully you guys enjoy it. I've been playing cs on and off since 1.2. Sadly I'm all burned out on it. I think bf3 is going to be my last fps for a few years. unless they decide to try out frostbite 2 in battlefield 1944 or 2143.

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If anything this shows just how big an impact drivers make on performance.

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So now the group of chicks that plays words with friends or sims and goes bar hopping and running around town to check in everywhere, while posting duckface pics at every stop supports the industry like the group of gamers that play on xbox, ps3, and steam. just gonna stop there

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Isn't there a playstation phone and windows xbl phone already?

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Lol someones jelly.

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Ummm battlelog has it's own forums. it's where all the battlefield players go. Even the devs. Theres been no mention of hacks.

Though I'm sure they are out now. to not expect hacks is foolish. The best way to resolve this is to join a server with constant admins. Clan servers or community servers like penny arcade, or reddit means hackers get insta banned.

this article is making it seem like the game is rampant with em. Very misleading

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if I remember correctly he gave witcher 2 a 5 or 6. That was the last time I visited destructoid

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an 8 is controversial?




wow, you ps3 fanboys got some real insecurity issues

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I saw the osprey invasion from Battle for LA, The this is sparta kick from 300, and the inception van roll

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