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Agreed. Have had a ps4 for a year now... might be time to get a one in late 2015 as well.

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Neixus.. I was meaning gameplay to encompass the whole experience, not just the physics. Sorry.

I should also have said it looks like crap instead of it is crap... I have not played it. It was an unfair comment.

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they seem to be in the vast majority though....

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They have only repeated what most other gaming sites said... it is crap.

Too bad, was hoping for Uncharted type gameplay.....

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Dude, it is a pretty good site.

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yep.. it is part of the equation.

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your comment alone suggests you care a little.......

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ArgumentumAdPopulum.. please see no limit post above.


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No_Limit.. he will not hear you through the noise....

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This site's anti-MS tripe makes my head spin.....

Does this apply to people who buy new cars as well?

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Blades fist ... Well said. N4G is so toxic to dissenting opinion that I seldom visit it anymore. ps4 sub-reddit is much more open to opinion, imho ;)

Morgan... You can not be serious if you do not think that this board is HUGLEY Sony friendly and, too a large extent, dictates one's bubble rank.

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Sorry, but he is right... I hate this bug.

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HeavenlySnipes.. au contraire

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Never heard of the verge? It is a really good site, better than most linked from n4g....... imo.

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I have a feeling if you want one at launch, or close to it, you can find one. Undoubtably, it will be the same for the One. I can't help but think these shortage stories are pushed by the manufactures to manipulate the public to an extent. Well, except for the Wii, which was probably artificially under manufactured to drive hysteria.

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I'll get a one next early. I was going to jump on the ps4 right away with kz4, but with the lukewarm reviews it is getting I might wait a month or so.

but I still expect the ps4 to be my prime rig......

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that was pretty laughable, but with kz4 they seem to be a little closer to the average score... so far.

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kz2 was 92 at meta, I think 3 was around 85.... both really good.

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Too bad... this was going to be my first software..... might wait to pull the trigger on ps4 now. sigh.....

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KZ2 was excellent, 3 very good. 1 was average.

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