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Yet another half finished game they'll release and forget.
I'm not touching anything made by 2k games again.
They launch and forget the product once you've bought it.
I bought 2k13 for PC and can't even play against friends online, can't use classic teams, simple things they could fix in a heartbeat but their useless lazy pricks.
Lucky NBA live is coming back, just sucks it aint on PC. #10
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Hooray!!! NWN was my fave pc game ever. #173
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they made it crap so there's no option but to buy from RMAH or buy their gold to buy from the AH.

That's what happens when a game sells out. Why make something good when you can make money instead. #3
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Why are people so fucking ignorant and stupid.

You don't pay any extra for stand-alone games, games you can sit in your dark basement and play on your own. You finish the game, the end.

Instead of paying another $90AU for the a company to churn out the same gam eon the same engine with different missions and maps, you can now buy an addon for a lot cheaper.

Additionally, if you want to play an online game with dedicated servers, support a... #6
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3 ways this article was written by a fucking idiot:

1. Doesn't understand the concept of a beta.

2. Doesn't understand Rush mode in terms of actual map size and progression.

3. Doesn't understand the purpose for the beta.

Mike drop. #7
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i love how everyone is complaining about a console with 3 year old technology not being able to compete with the latest 6 core cpus and video cards. PC will always have better graphics because they don't have to sacrifice anything and the tech can always catch up. consoles are restricted to the hardware they've got and have to be down-scaled to suit. Don't like the low res graphics, buy a pc and play how it should be played #28
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