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What percentage of games shown at TGS will release outside of Japan? #3
I really enjoyed the game. Might have to check this film out when it is released. #1
I was boozed too, haha. You my boy, fenome. I raise my glass to you. Cheers. #6.2
yea , i moved along too...they have a cerny section at redtube and other porn sites now. #7.1
its possible some people have not been aware of this. it maybe a smal amount of people that havnt but they deserve to hear too. #6.1
Then move along. Luckily there is plenty of other internet out there fore you to check out. #4.1
Cerny deserves the attention. He's an inspirational person. I rather hear about heroes of our culture than butt hurt fanboys whining about minuscule bull-crap.. #2.1
I can't wait to check my account balance on a ATM. #16
Man...I still need to get that game. #1.1

Being able to play a game on both is a factor but internet may no be available or reliable all the time. That's why physical copies of games will be useful. If vita sales rise with the availability of PS4, you can bet there will be more reason to develop vita exclusives. I would be surprised if developers and publishers were not aware of this. #1.1.4
This game may delay me from taking over the world. #2
I'm gonna buy the crap out of this game and then buy it again. #3
Truly, an amazing week for gamers; especially for fans of Sony and common sense. #2.1
Awesome. This is good stuff. #1
I hope they add wonderbook as a playable character. #20
I like to dim the lights when I touch my vita, even if it is in the worst place. #2
Speak for yourself 3-4-5...Keep those smurf games coming!!! #1.1.1
Kirby Village would propably suck. #14
They're all busy playing it. #1.1.1
Vita could still potentially survive on it's own. PS4 will help a fraction of Vitas momentum #1.3.1
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