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Lol at negative effect on schooling, they have to got to school for 13 hours a day in South Korea I'm surprised they find time to game at all.

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I think Sony should heavily market Minecraft for the PS Vita when it comes out by having ads on TV that are targeted towards kids and promote the fact that it is the full complete console experience in the palm of your hand not the crappy pocket edition and also give it a physical release, this could make the Vita sell like hot cakes here in the west.

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Regardless of indie or AAA this game was one of my favourite games of last gen.

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As a gamer who has been playing Tekken for nearly 20 years I was really surprised that the community voted for the vampire Eliza, I thought the female Tekken Force character was a guaranteed winner.

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@rdgneoz3. Actually it has been confirmed for PS3 and will be released at the same time as the X1, M$ only has timed exclusivity over the next gen versions which only means they will get it before the PS4.

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I hope South Park eventually comes to PS4.

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That doesn't look like a legitimate glitch it looks like a hack, I don't think Nintendo would of missed this if it was a glitch.

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Shigeru Miyamoto: "A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is forever bad!"

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The only thing I Am Alive could teach Naughty Dog is how to make a crap game and I don't think Naughty Dog would be interested in that.

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They aren't supporting the Wii U because the user base isn't large enough it doesn't make business sense yet but when the user base is larger which Nintendo is working on by releasing games like Super Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U and Mario Kart 8 which should get core and casuals on board then we should see EA support it and to the people who claim that the Wii U isn't powerful enough, next gen engines are scalable so there is no reason for multi platform games not to be released...

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Talk about variety *Sigh*..........I weep for us Brits.

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Shit! with the exception of NFS: Rivals, CoD: Ghosts an Wii Part U I want everything on that list, *Sigh* poor wallet.

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In my opinion as graphics have gotten better the creatures or monsters in games are less creepy for some reason, Dead hand in Ocarina of Time scared the shit out of me when I was a kid and the graphics were poor by today's standard.

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I hope he gets sued by the big N, this is why I can't take mobile gaming seriously.

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@ape007 MGS V will have 2 chapters that are actually 2 separate games Ground Zeroes will be chapter 1 and The Phantom Pain will be chapter 2, hope this helps.

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Trevor: Come on let's go to Los Santos, if I get bored you can jerk me off! * Turns around* I'm kidding by the way.......You can suck me off!

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Ahh! Going for worst company in America three years in a row I see, very good!.

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This game looks willy stupid!

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This pic that's being used for the thumbnail should of been the box art.

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I think another reason why the traditional games industry is in decline is that the casual gamers that flocked to the Wii and then kinect temporarily inflated the industry and when they left to go to smartphones and tablets it caused the industry to go back to a normal level like before the Wii, I think everything will be fine in the end.

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