It is the nature of men to create monsters, it is the nature of monsters to destroy their makers.


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Got my vacation approved, got my order comfirmation, is it September yet?

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I've been on 5 email notification lists for the pipboy edition since June 20. I doubt they'll produce any more, but I do hope you're right.

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I'm still in disbelief to this day that I spent over 740 hours between both games and their DLC.

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Bikar here is expressing his/her appreciation for Primus, actually. Saying they suck is a tongue-in-cheek injoke between fans and the band, since around the early '90s.

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Primus indeed sucks! Les Claypool slaps a mean bass!

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@Brotard, I'd imagine its at least 30 people in a dark room testing for bugs in each version of the game while 2 supervisors crack whips at them for at least 10 hours a day, trying to meet a deadline. Ok, fair point. Let me rephrase by saying it probably wasnt bad QA testing, but most likely rushed.

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Your 1 improvement should count for at least 3 of those 6. Makes me wonder if the Gamebryo engine is to blame or just bad QA testing on Bethesdas behalf.

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I was wondering about that too. All the platform warrior loonies are going to come out of the woodworks. Remember the "open zone" comment sections?

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Definitely!!! The encounter in the press conference room made me the most paranoid throughout the game. Mr. X sure knows how to make an entrance...and exit.

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I didn't even realize its already November 7th. Here's hoping the next game has ME1's exploration, ME2's awesome storyline, and ME3's combat. Oh and I'd love to see the M-920 Cain make a return :)

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Acid Rounds.

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Its not perfect, but the game is without a doubt, a love letter to Ghostbuster fans. My only regret is not hitting platinum on it (multiplayer community died fairly quickly).

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Between Fallout 3, New Vegas and the add-on DLC, I blew through just over 730 hours. Mass Effect trilogy is a close 2nd place, mainly due to Garrus and Mordin.

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Doomguy's expression in the lower left corner at 12:58 is PRICELESS!!!

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Can't complain. The press conference went without any blunders.

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Yep, its the only game I know of where even the weakest enemy in the game can kill the player and steal his body. Definitely an insult to injury kind of death.

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No....Big Rigs HD Remastered Rebirth!

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I think they're holding off on adding heist for as long as possible in an effort to nudge gamers towards buying Shark Cards. Car mods, Tanks, Attack choppers don't come cheap in GTA online, that's for sure!

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