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Need more couch multiplayer games abd ill jump in. They can re-release SSB and ill buy it. Fire Emblem is a day one buy too.

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Ps4 will still win by being the most budget friendly console. Performance wise:
Scorpio - Platinum
Ps4 Pro - Gold
Ps4 - Silver
XBox One - Bronze

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hope this doesn't give birth to speed runners who just want to experience the game for free.

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I agree, the disparity between the 2 consoles is allot bigger than the
PS4 and the PS4 Pro, the Scorpio power could be gimp by resolution or FPS to match the Lower spec Xbox One S.

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Imagine all of Sony's first party start contributing to the decima engine!

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Day one buy, still have my ps2 saves

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He was doing a social experiment on what people would do for $5. Kind of sick people would do those things for $5 though.

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For Xbox sake hopefully this is a minor problem, because if more developers are going this route with the 2-1 fanbase, it's gonna get ugly.

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You guys are getting tricked by the fake news from wallstreet, watch this: watch?v=JLNSiFrS3n4 it explains the whole situation and how wallstreet made a click bait headline out of PewDiePie.

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Who is going to make exclusives for a mid gen upgrade console? Even if it reaches 2 million, it will still lose out on the overall install base. They have to recoup the money spent developing the game and that won't happen with the niche install base of the newer consoles.

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Doesn't help that PSVR is short on supplies

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Good luck trying to power that

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Can't wait

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I know, but they need to market it like a handheld. Its not going to sell with those weak console specs and having better performance on tablet mode is discouraging.

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I would pay $300 for a handheld that can be played on a TV, but not the other way around.

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For that price, there is no reason not to, and they have a paid online service. They need to add features and apps. Don't want this to be the next PSTV.

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Not happy with fire emblem being made into a jack and slash game.

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Should of push it back another year, don't want to play the game after every update just to get a piece of the story.

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I rather have a pre E3 event for Scorpio, then display games during E3 to build up hype.

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It will be interesting on to see if it can match PSVR, since PSVR is the bare minimum on quality wise most people can tolerate.

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