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Hope they bring back powerstone and hydro thunder #20
They have it on steam too #4.1
Mark Cerny is probably the only outsider that get to work soo close to Sony first party without being apart of the company. #10
They should of done what konami did with phantom pain #30
I think gt sport is just a prologue that is being used to host the next Nissan academy. #4
Maybe the overclock has something to do with it. #5
No, if one episode bombs, then there might not be a next episode. #13
How are you suppose to fight emerald and ruby weapon/ grinding levels? #20
Looks like they are trying to hype up the indie studios to make games for their vr #7
I hope they have gotten better at adding gamed otherwise is will take years to scratch the surface of the PS2 library. I would pay only to make big companies like EA to put more effort into adding their titles. #105
Maybe a custom controller where you are able to switch out parts, $150 is a steep price tag for me to justify it. #19
And surprisingly that light bar actually help me locate the controller while playing in the dark, a nice unexpected bonus use of the light bar. #2.1.2
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Maybe the winner gets to be a professional race car driver and yamauchi wants to create a eracing sport a thing. #14
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The only way I think VR will be a hit is if they sell the vr headset at a loss, and make up the loss in software sales. #6
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As long as the price is going down I'm happy, but I'm more interested in PS1 - PS2 games. #19
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It doesn't, only the developers. I have a capable pc and a ps4 so the developers will get my money and I don't have to put out for another console. #11.2
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A little too late for a lot of people after being told to keep the X360 after being shut down for asking about bc a couple years ago. #28
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If Sony open the app to every TV manufacturers like what they did with Samsung, then it's worth it. #22
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What is the point in knowing more about the story now? The game is coming out next year. #18
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We just need to wait until Sony change their slogan to "greatness is here" #7
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