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Their problems would be fitting all that on the cpu while maintaining acceptable tdp and die shrink.

But if they are not targeting enthusiasts, I hope they allow crossfire configuration with their higher end graphics cards. #3.2
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Better hope gran turismo doesn't come out 1080p 60fps or people will call them lazy #24
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Those Skyrim mods are amazing. Well he should stop releasing mods to the public until the trolls are desperate and envious, then they will shut up for awhile. #3.1.1
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Should just keep the mods to himself and display it on YouTube. #3
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Even if this was a free, I wouldn't go see it. #15
Yea, if they can make it easy and intuitive then I can see it really taking off. I'm always better off using my hands to create something than using a controller because I feel like I have more control. #14.1.1
Of course the Xbox One has a chance, but they can't rely on 3rd party games to sway customers because it will always run better on the PS4. Xbox One need exclusive games to entice the public on why they should buy the Xbox One. Sony has first party exclusive + indie support which means the PS4 will be able to play most indie titles that appear on steam and real exclusive that you can't play anywhere else besides the PlayStation platform. #15
The face look like the one at there demonstration of those clay models they use for the rock band type presentation. #14
It always better to play at native resolution. Most PC gamers out there will tell you why higher resolution is better. Higher resolution means more detailed picture, less AA. #19
Isn't rendering at higher resolution equate to the power difference? #15

I know many people think it is a gimmick, but Facebook is willing to investing $2 billion and so is Sony. Think of the potential market it can cause. Imagine VR cafe's where everyone can go and enjoy watching movies, playing games, businessmen/women go to relax. I think it might be the next innovation simply because you don't need to be at home to experience certain type of media that were once exclusive to home. The potential is there, they just need t... #3.1.2
With the upcoming eventual release of VR, I think Kinect has lost its appeal to the general audience. VR is simply too close to being a final product for Kinect to have any major impact. With the new Xbox being Kinectless, Kinect will die a slow death as the release of date VR headset approaches. #3.1
Hope this game bring Titan to its knees. #8.2
If Star Citizen is pushing PC's like what the original Crysis did, then I think they are right. Hope with the launch of Star Citizen we can see more exclusives for the PCs that take advantage of its superior hardware. #12
That is where Mark Cerny comes in. #9.1.1
I guess writing code to utilize the GDDR5 for software applications has it own hurdles. #13
Dude a genius when it comes to engineering, just don't let him be a CEO again. As long as the system stays Developer friendly then we have nothing to worry about. #9
1080p should be the standard since it is becoming more affordable. More and more people are becoming aware of resolution and performance. It will be harder to down play the Ps4 performance in the future as the gap widen and resolution becomes common knowledge. #23
There are plenty of females out there that can take on any guys. I rather have females vs males because of equal rights. By having cross gender matches will help female athletes be taken more seriously rather than a second though imo. #6
I wonder if I can go from winter to summer an back again, can't wait to make a Vivaldi track. I would say FH2 is competing against The Crew instead of DC, for being open world. #10
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