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I know, but they need to market it like a handheld. Its not going to sell with those weak console specs and having better performance on tablet mode is discouraging.

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I would pay $300 for a handheld that can be played on a TV, but not the other way around.

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For that price, there is no reason not to, and they have a paid online service. They need to add features and apps. Don't want this to be the next PSTV.

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Not happy with fire emblem being made into a jack and slash game.

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Should of push it back another year, don't want to play the game after every update just to get a piece of the story.

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I rather have a pre E3 event for Scorpio, then display games during E3 to build up hype.

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It will be interesting on to see if it can match PSVR, since PSVR is the bare minimum on quality wise most people can tolerate.

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With JRPG's releasing, they both will be good. Excited about the switch though.

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This is their first multiplayer game, hope they hire some top notch network developers.

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With Xbox exclusives releasing on PC even though they are trying to claim it W10 exclusive it doesn't benefit the Xbox one platform at all.

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Gamingbolt won 2016

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Can't wait to see what horizon looks like in the end with both teams sharing and building codes. Don't even know what kind of improvements this type of collaboration will bring which is exciting.

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For the price of a scorpio maybe

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Sounds like DRM is making a comeback

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I'm thinking $600 if the rumored specs are true due to AMD havn't release there new Zen CPU and GPU yet. They will need to produce enough CPU for both the PC and Xbox markets. At that price you can get a high end GPU.

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It was release as a $40 dollar game, I feel the negativity was undeserved.

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Maybe it's not fully optimize from the PS3 version and that's what causing problems, just speculating.

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Day one buy, not upgrading my PS4 saves me some extra cash.

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That's is how it should be, but with the amount of PS4's in people's homes, will they utilize the scorpio to its fullest potential while figuring out the new architecture?

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Better be price lower than a top tier gpu

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