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Those installment plans

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Kaz said there might be a beta with the feature unlocked in August, so I'll judge it then.

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How is it future proof when AMD is releasing a new gpu with different features in a couple months. Seem PS4 Pro is more future proof by having custom Vega features built in, given Sony 1st party access and experience for the real deal on PS5.

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Cant wait for Vega with HBM2 memory

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Lets hope they can stay revelant during the rest of the year. Sony says its a marathon, not a sprint. You know we still have Pax Prime, TGS, Paris Game Show, PSX, and Gamescon.

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Wonder if it has something to do with Adam Boyes departure.

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Cant wait for the comparisons to Xbox X best games.

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You should look at the games Sony release during the wake of Xbox OG launch. If they the same this year, Microsoft better pray, because that was Sony best holiday line up ever.

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More like microsoft and nintendo are fighting for second place because both are releasing new hardware this year fighting for support.

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How is Sony wrong when talking about their own fanbase. If Microsoft release half as many games as Sony those statistic would change too.

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Would like to play ps1-2 games, but they look terrible on hdtvs

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They design the PS4 and PS4 Pro very similar, maybe they can cut more since all it looks like is adding 1 layer to the PS4 and turning it into PS4 Pro

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I guess it wouldnt hurt reporting those type of issues if they bother you

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Need more couch multiplayer games abd ill jump in. They can re-release SSB and ill buy it. Fire Emblem is a day one buy too.

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Ps4 will still win by being the most budget friendly console. Performance wise:
Scorpio - Platinum
Ps4 Pro - Gold
Ps4 - Silver
XBox One - Bronze

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hope this doesn't give birth to speed runners who just want to experience the game for free.

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I agree, the disparity between the 2 consoles is allot bigger than the
PS4 and the PS4 Pro, the Scorpio power could be gimp by resolution or FPS to match the Lower spec Xbox One S.

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Imagine all of Sony's first party start contributing to the decima engine!

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Day one buy, still have my ps2 saves

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He was doing a social experiment on what people would do for $5. Kind of sick people would do those things for $5 though.

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