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So you're going to compare a start up with $8 million dollars to multi-billion dollar companies like Apple and Google?

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I think the advantage the cheaper more mid-level console would have is scale. They can justify lower price points because the scope isn't 10's of millions like traditional consoles but hundreds of millions due to mobile.

Granted if more sophisticated games do start to come they may not playable on mobile devices any longer, but I'd assume devs wouldn't invest in something like that until either the Apple TV or Google (console) has sold tens of millions.

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You do realize that developers are free to make any type of games they want right? I'd suspect there would be more game with depth because you are now playing on your TV sitting on a couch. Mobile games are made for short burst of play for a reason...

Use your imagination!

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I think a lot of people are getting defensive and missing the point.

A) This would be good for the gaming industry as a whole. The more players in gaming the better. Having only two or three companies stifles innovation and limits competition.

B) Opening up gaming to people that May have otherwise never owned a traditional gaming console potentially creates new gamers and expands the market creating a healthy industry.

C) There's a pote...

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Are you kidding? Do you realize how many developers support iOS now? Literally tend of thousands, including most the major game publishers. Not to mention Apple has more money than God.

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Thank you deathstriker! Not sure how the website is "backwater". I'm a writer and designer with nearly a decade experience in the video game industry. If there is something you don't agree with on you can address it here or on the comments of my website and we can discuss.

Just because you've never heard of something or isn't owned by a multinational corporation doesn't mean it's not good or valid.

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You know I do address that in the article. They could've done an opt-in approach for game installs/online check to allow you to play physical games on any Xbox One.

I'm not sure if its vindictive or just wanting all of this to be behind them but I think they missed any opportunity to make most people happy.

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I can't believe someone reported this story as "old", the news just came out a few hours ago.

Anyone know how many disagrees it takes to get the report taken off?

Can the story still be approved?

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This is magnificent!

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I agree. They have to address it head on. That's been the biggest problem with this whole thing. If they came out in the first event and just explained it clearly they may not have had such a negative reaction.

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From most of the comments it seems most people are assuming Sony isn't going to have strict DRM on their games. Man I hope so, or it could turn ugly really fast. I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

And if they show off LBP3 or Kingdom Hearts I might have a heart attack.

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If they come out and say their policy will stay the same way as the PS3 they may get a standing ovation although I have a feeling there will be at least some caveats do to publisher pressure.

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Well said. Very nice comment. The serious "hardcore" console gamer is definitely at risk this generation.

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I'm going to guess you didn't even bother to read it. Grow up.

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I wonder with all the outrage if by E3 Microsoft doesn't back away from some of these plans for used games.

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No game that comes out next year is going to run on a $250-350 PC. Sorry. They aren't going to subsidize hardware either because it'll pretty much kill any chance of any other PC maker releasing a Steam Box.

The Steam Box is DOA

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That's what it says in the article ;)

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Digital Trends made a "Steam Box" for $500 that looks pretty good. http://www.digitaltrends.co...

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You say you play PS3 and Xbox 360 now...Would you buy a Steam Box for $500+ instead of a PS4 or Next Xbox? The latter will be cheaper, have better performance (if you're spending less than $800 or so)and easily works on your TV.

Sure Steam has all of the RTS games (that I love as well) but you wont be playing those with a keyboard any how. Besides, have you ever played CIV 5 in 1080P? It blows.

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Exactly. Gamers shouldn't feel threatened because of the media services. If Microsoft doesn't have 1st party games it's not because of their entertainment options.

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