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This guy wins the internet. XD sums up my article perfectly

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Dont jump to fanboy conclusions i only play my wii for megamanx virtual console. Also dont call people wiitards thats really rude and offensive.

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All 3 companies aren't doing too hot in general. Indie devs and steam are whats keeping things alive for me.

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Don't forget the 32 million LoL players as well. I don't get into MMOs because of the subscription BS, but since GW2 is a flat one time fee I'm interested. I just missed the betas so do you know if there's a demo/free trail for Guild Wars 2 when it comes out?

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I don't think that's the reason people are pissed off because most MMO expansions do that. What pisses me off is how every patch I'm thinking to myself, "No PvP, guess I'm not playing Diablo 3 for another 2 months"

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I agree I stated in the article that they need to get rid of Auction house and put PvP in.

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Haha this show is for you guys it is called WTF Pokemon and they tear apart the show XD

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Jigglypuff singing into her sharpie pen. Worst subplot ever.

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Agreed too much of the same over and over for 15 years, not much innovation to the formula.

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8-bit Pokemon noises FTW!

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Thank you. You make a valid point as well.

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The Wii U was named the Wii U because with the Wii it was about "We" and togetherness. With the Wii U it's not only about "We" (And gaming together) it's also about "You" the gamer. In which you get "Wii U." The apples are wonderful thanks

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I heard about this idea ancient times it was called "Sharing" but didn't catch on with modern gamers.

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If people are ruining LOL for me nothing beats a Tanky Teemo and shift+3 on the nexus.

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These comments are so generic...can't people who hate opinion pieces at least use better grammar? XD

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I love DayZ, but it was recently announced to have a standalone game so that's when it will be judged for GOTY stuff

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Yeah, it leaves Witcher 2 in a weird grey area for Game of the year nominations in 2012.

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Even though Witcher 2 is fantastic and I love that game it was actually released in 2011. The xbox 360 version was 2012.

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