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I have helped back most of the PT inspired horror titles but I am glad I doubled down for this. Really digging how its coming along. Even though they have suffered from a couple of delays, I am glad to see it turning out well.

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I prefer to hear about games when they are further along. Personally 6 months before release is perfect, gets people excited and keeps their interest up until release. Any sooner and we get hype trains that get out of control.

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I have enjoyed all his games. While not perfection, I still appreciate what he brings to the industry. I am sure I'll enjoy this one as well.

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Ah, well pretty poor work then on Gamestop's part. I'll keep an eye out for an official announcement. Thanks for the info.

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That looks fake as hell. Looks like a clickbait article.

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Woo. Glad I still have my originals and the HD collection. Physical will always be my go to until they pry it from my cold dead hands.

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A ND game that is "just alright". Psshh...apparently I have been playing different games for the past several years. I think it looks great and considering their reputation, I have no doubt it will be.

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Whoa, Whoa now. Too far? What about the entirety of last generation when the PS3 owners basically had to wait for every major AAA game DLC. MS had COD, Skyrim, FO...While I can sympathize, having had to wait for content, I still think this is something we need to move away from. But remember, this is a business and Sony and PlayStation have obligations to shareholders and top management so it is bound to occur. I am just glad we are slowly seeing the death of the season pass....

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It's far from a disappointment but it did fail to keep up the momentum of the previous years. I am glad they chose not to combat MS on the X, instead focused on games which is what we are all here to see. Having said that, while the SOTC remake is amazing and a surprise, I felt they needed one or two new game announcements. No doubt it could have been simply timing, as Sony has PSX coming in December with more announcements. It could be that the devs just aren't ready to show what...

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It's an interesting time in console hardware. I wonder how this mid-cycle upgrade will turn out. New norm or will we see a new consoles in the future? Regardless, it is evident that MS has crafted a beast of a machine but with the lack of megaton exclusives, I think it will be a hard sale against a potentially cheaper PS4 Pro. If Sony announces a price drop to $350, it's going to continue it's momentum with the masses. Despite the success of BC with the XBO, a majority of gamers ...

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This is why we can't have nice things....

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I am one of those people that thought they would use it and never did. I still own all my games and have my old consoles so if I really needed to play a past generation game, I could. Still, I am so far behind on this generation's games that I would never use it.

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As a collector, I am purely physical unless it is unavailable. Amazon 20% prime discount is a god send.

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Updated without a problem here. Mine automatically downloading and installed the update.

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What? Like last gen when MS had all the exclusive content? Worked out fine.

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Exactly. The Lycan battles really stood out like a sore thumb in comparison to the rest of the game's quality. Shame really, with better boss encounters and not reusing the same mechanic in a different setting would have propelled this into a whole other realm.

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I enjoyed it quite a bit actually. I paid $15 for it so that definitely factors into my opinion and I can sympathize with those that paid full price for it because it was rather short. Still, the technical prowess of the game and the setting, characters and attention to detail is hard to come by in games these days. Sure, the boss battles were, let's face it, repetitive and shoehorned in but outside of that I thought it was tight and fun to play. The story was also pretty intriguing and...

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While I think it is an odd promotion, I get it. I have enjoyed my time with the game as it reminds me of the WC3 days. Honestly, I would have never even bothered before the promotion due to the stigma of toxic players in MOBAs. Considering it is free to play, I don't think it's half bad. I can't compare it to the other MOBAs but it's fun if you like Blizzard heroes.

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