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Finally someone else said it. Been saying this for years. Clearly this behavior hasn't changed anything, in fact, I think it has made things worse.

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I am of the mind that we need support the countless man hours that game require these days. More than one person on the team of 200 poured their heart and soul into this game and that is something I like to support. I also am a avid collector and often pick up versions of the game at launch that can be difficult to track down later. I know it doesn't make all the economical sense in the world but I am getting better by waiting for sales for many titles. To each his own I guess. I am still...

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I sincerely hope this is a joke. If it isn't, you likely have never played his titles or simply do not have a grasp on technical and story achievement within the video game medium. While an argument that his games are not for every style of gamer could be made, simply coming down on his fans without a valid argument is in bad taste. There is a reason he is considered a visionary (much like Miyamoto) and frankly like everything else, these types of visionaries inspire each other and the wo...

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Being a huge fan of the original games, I am going to do what I always do. Pick it up at launch and finish up a few other things while I wait for a patch or two.

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All of those points are very good to hear. Looking forward to diving into this.

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Wasn't this announced as being free and was coming in December of last year? Regardless, while the remaster was fantastic and meticulously done, adding all the microtrans and asking money for this is a bit ridiculous.

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Wow. That is going above and beyond. Looking forward to diving into this when I get some time.

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Thoroughly enjoyed The Order. Far from perfect but there was some real talent on display there. Story, atmosphere were all fantastic but it took control from the player a bit too often and the boss encounters could have been retooled a bit. Still, despite the negativity it received, I would love to see these guys get a second chance as well. This little title does look like a lot of fun though.

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Overjoyed that both of these games saw the light of day. Each of them is what I would consider a niche title. Enjoy TLG right now and while it saddens me to see poor sales, I understand why. It's just not what the "mainstream" gravitate to. Either way, has been and always will be one of the reason I love PlayStation. They are willing or fully understand that some games need to be outside the "mainstream" for the sake of the medium. GR2 is on my purchase list but sadl...

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Such crap. I truly believe Konami is the reason the game never reached Kojima's true vision. With that said, I enjoyed it immensely.

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Yup, scew em!

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Makes me so sad but it was released in a tight spot. I am going to pick it up on black friday though!

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Oh I want it. I am going to support it at some point in the near-ish future, there is just far too much coming out to pick it up at launch. Especially considering black friday sales are almost a guarantee from EA.

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Sick! This is really close to home. Been to every PSX, so this is going to be no exception.

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Exactly. Announce when you know you can meet the ship date no more than 6 months in advance. I get that you want people to know what is coming but these early announcements just end up hurting the game more in the long run.

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Don't get me wrong. I want one. Hell, I have one pre-ordered. I understand what you are saying and its not about the technical aspect of having two configurations it's about the support. At some point in development of a game the team has to decide to scale up, or scale down a project depending on the initial approach. Do they just figure to shoot towards to the platform that has the highest market share (ex. the standard PS4) and offer minimal enhancements for the higher end models. ...

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Thanks for the insight, Captain Obvious.

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This is a concern for both console makers. As they create two separate devices and offer additional power to developers and not demand certain criteria be met for the higher end console, I can see the support of Pro or Scorpio features diminish as it results in additional work for the developer/publisher. While we are seeing first-party and some third-support now, how will support be a year from now? Right now this is my issue with picking up these higher end devices. Will we continue to see ...

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Everyone is up in arms about 4K this and HDR that. I get all games to run at 1080P at 60 frames with the potential for increased graphics fidelity? Sign me up. Isn't this the exact same thing PC owners do to keep their rig running the newest games to the their full capabilities? If you have a 4K TV, great added bonus for you, but for me its about how my games run and how they will run in the future. Clearly the Pro is meant to keep that quality flowing without falling behind the PC platfo...

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