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Annnnnd Pre-Ordered! After a hands on PSX, I am stoked to play this again. Bluepoint (and Sony Japan) has poured some serious labor into this remake and damn does it show.

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He can take all the damn time he needs. Frankly, I am glad we get to see him spread his wings a bit despite my love for MGS. I think he has wanted to move on for a long time.

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Shit was mind-blowing at PSX. Seeing this running is a real treat. Bluepoint took their time to do this game justice.

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This was absolutely mind blowing to see in person. I saw a dev create his own music using a mic and a full blown mixer in the game in a matter of minutes. Wonder what the community will create with these tools.

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Absolutely amazing. I think we are all in for a treat when this finally launches. Some of the fan theories are SUPER interesting.

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They did the same thing with almost every other DLC release for D1 and it sucked. Wish they would have took a different approach this time. I suspect this is Activision's doing but they just seem to want to piss people off. So much wasted potential...

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As someone who is really passionate about games as art, I think this is a pretty good list and I am so happy to see Mirror's Edge represented there. One of my favorites from an artistic perspective. Also, Red Dead Redemption was developed by Rockstar Games not Naughty Dog. ;)

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Factually untrue. You spent the time to write this comment.

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This EASILY goes to Mass Effect. I have yet to play it but it had some amazing potential. Destiny 2 is a great game with a couple of glaring flaws that can be addressed. Even still, the campaign was rock solid and can stand on it's own.

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Stop listening to BS focus groups and mass surveys. While I understand that the gaming demographic has broadened immensely over the last couple generations, it doesn't mean that the real gamers out there don't like linear games. To be honest I am starting to prefer a focused narrative-driven game in an age where AAA gaming is continually trying to throw everything in the book at gamers for perceived "value". Gaming shouldn't simply be about checking off boxes on a check...

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Not this dude. Honestly, you have a problem if you spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic items in games.

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Would you look at that. They added a GT Mode. Now all the naysayers can pick it up and enjoy it. It really is a fantastic improvement over the previous iterations. Did we expect PD to not support the game? In light of all the controversies, the addition of all the free cars is refreshing.

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Okay, now this is just downright shady...So unfortunate the way this has been handled. I hope the industry as a whole takes a look at what happened today and learns something.

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These articles pop all the time and I completely agree. While far from perfect there was a lot there that was serious quality. With a sequel fixing some of it shortcomings, a series could have been something great.

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This is going to be on sale for $30 for black friday.

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Great. There goes a great dev. Next news story "Titanfall currently on hold while Respawn works on new Star Wars title, which may or may not be cancelled or refocused to fit market trends".

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Cool. Time to buy this in 6 months. Used.

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It isn't a costume, it's a consumable only available from chests and supply drops with legendary rarity. Couple that with the fact that it disappears with any damage, I think it is pretty balanced. Likely only a few to exist on the map and takes up a valuable inventory slot.

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Thanks for the update admin. Impressive but far from a generation ahead.

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Novel concept.

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