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I don't think Silent Hills was forgotten. Many games have been inspired by it's vision and not to mention many still have the P.T. demo. It lives on in other games.

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Right? I mean anyone that dares to comment against the majority gets down voted. What happened to being hopefully optimistic? If it doesn't deliver it will reflect so in the sales. Nobody said you have to love every outing of a franchise. IF there is deviation from past releases could it be potentially innovative? We don't know yet! No one has played the damn game...

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Here we are again months before release, before anyone outside of the devs have played the final build extensively and we are taking preview articles as gospel? Perhaps we could wait for the release and make judgments based on reviews and captured footage? We are at the peak of consumerism, we can instantly attain information at the swipe of a screen. Don't like the offering? Don't buy it. We are killing the industry with this toxic crap.

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Shadow of the Colossus had me bawling.

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It is a brilliant franchise and one of my personal favorites. It had so much potential having learned what they set out to do. Ultimately, it's complex development was in shambles and it was released far too soon due to a multitude of reasons. Regardless, it highlights and important note to the industry, even the largest names can flop.

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Agreed. This was the same argument for when it increase on this side of the pond. While it sucks, I am sure maintaining a global network isn't cheap.

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Very cool. Glad to see more of this game. Could possibly be one of my favorite horror games. So expertly crafted and does the Alien franchise justice. Can't recommend it enough!

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I really dig the changes to PVP. I think there needs to be a few tweaks but overall it feels more dependent on team play and skill that it did in D1. Gunplay is still some of the most satisfying out there and the new weapon sounds feel like they pack a punch. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Reading the responses to practically anything related to this game is making loose more and more faith in humanity. Even the simplest of concepts escapes people. A beta is a small portion of the game to test back-end support of a game, not to give you accurate depiction of the final product.

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Care to enlighten me? Otherwise thanks for your glowing contribution to this discussion....

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I have in fact played both. I wasn't aware you had intimate knowledge of my gaming history. I never stated which was a better game I simply pointed out that they made a follow up of sorts and that "I" enjoyed it. I believe it's okay to have an opinion of a game that I own and played. As far as it being "ANYTHING" like Warhawk, I believe it is a fair bit similar and I would wager that someone without intimate knowledge of both games could draw some similarities betw...

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While I understand that is wasn't a direct follow up to the PS3 version of Warhawk it still held a similar name, a majority of the same developers and was in it's foundation the same style of game. Of course they added to it and some could argue moved away from the original a bit but I would be hard pressed to say that it wasn't an attempt to capture the success of Warhawk.

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Great. Stop commenting in articles about it.

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Bungie has told countless early previewers that they are still finalizing the leveling system. The beta just gives you a maxed out character to fool around with. The beta is to stress test servers and gather data prior to release. When did we loose the meaning of a beta version?

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They did, it was called Starhawk. No one bought it. I thought it was really cool and probably the four other people who bought it.

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It feels like a new game. Graphically and mechanically speaking it feels refined over the first. I like a lot of the changes they are making to the minute to minute gameplay, it seems more difficult and more strategic. Story seems promising at this point as well. While I admit they have a few missed opportunities, the addition of a new class, and a couple new enemy factions would have been nice. Who knows, we are only seeing 10% of the game right now, I am hoping they have some surprises up t...

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Agreed. The main characters helping out does add a lot to the experience. I felt the first mission was lengthy and varied. If they can pull off 6-7 of those types of missions for the story, I will be happy. Already a vast improvement over D1.

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Played last night with almost no issue. One PVP match failed to load once but that was about it.

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Shame...It's a damn shame...

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