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^Having started up D3 again for the new expansion this is so true. The game continues to supply you with gear in a meaningful way as to feel like you are making progress. A buddy of mine is taking a break from Destiny after a 6 hour binge to try get one coin for Xur. As he put it, the anti player road blocks and progression based on pure luck of drops is off putting. They can fix it but it needs to come quickly. #1.1.3
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After over 200 hours I am going to tone down my time with the game for a bit. The issues he brings up about the loot has me worried about how they will introduce no content down the road. I have come to discover that I feel the light system is just fundamentally flawed it feels like efforts to get new gear are road blocked continuously. There is so much done right but flaws in critical elements like loot. Ill be sticking around until the next expansion to see if they can move in the right dir... #10
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Darn...maybe this has something to with PS Now. Crazy increase in traffic? #25
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I feel like this happened to a ton of people as the game does a horrible job introducing you to its mechanics and only really gets started in its higher level content. I have been playing since the alpha and still am having a great time with it. There are several glaring flaws but I believe Bungie can rectify them in the coming updates. Looking forward to the expansions the large update in the fall. #6
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I cannot explain the hilariousness of this game. It has been a long time since I laughed so hard in a multiplayer game. Got a hands on at PSX in December and I will be picking this up. #8
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1. Best New Studio - Stoic Studio (Banner Saga)

2. Best New IP - Destiny

3. Best New Video Game Character - Amanda Ripley

4. Most Interesting Gameplay Innovation - Alien: Isolation Alien A.I.

5. Gaming News Story of the Year - GamerGate

6. Most Replayable Game - Destiny

7. Best Single Player Experience - Alien: Isolation

8. Best Multiplayer Experience - Destiny
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Sweet! So happy to see the long term plans for the game. #31
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Although gamers purchase Call of Duty map packs at $15 a pop that often contain revised versions of previous maps and no one bats an eyelash. Just trying to put it into perspective. This dlc added a healthly bit of content for $20. #3.1
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I had a great time. I would purchase another ticket next year if they decide to do it again. #40
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I would by one immediately. #27
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I will not purchase this. I have them but this is just getting out of hand I can understand X/X-2 but come on SE. #89
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I love the game. It's has its ups and downs and Bungie has some work cut out for them but they can tweak the upgrade system to get it right. These are just growing pains and they will sort it out. #11
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Nope. #28
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I was really happy with this demo at PSX. Looking forward to it next year. #6
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I think it does by a long shot. The raid alone offers about 8 hours of play for a cold turkey run. Couple that with a few hours of new story mission AND new crucible maps. Worth far more than $20 in my opinion. Hell, some FPS campaigns are not even 8 hours in length. What baffles my mind is why everyone makes such a big deal about this while COD has been sucking people dry with four map pack expansion for $15 a pop. Pull back and look at the big picture here. #1.1.2
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I have been using those sites a lot for the first raid. So far, I have had nothing but wonderful guys join my raid teams. Really love the community that plays this game. A far cry from CODs. #2.2
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New content is really good thus far and I have yet to attempt the raid. #2
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I got to speak with him about Drawn to Death at PSX this past weekend. He was really nice and seemed very interested in our perspective of the game. Personally I like his attitude towards the modern gamer, dont like it? Then piss off. He doesnt let them get under his skin. #32
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At much as I want more of this, Alien: Isolation was perfect. No need for a sequel CA. #8
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I held off because of all the other titles but I am going to pick it up down the road. #8
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