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It is a better solution, we agree... but not the most convenient. It will take a lot of man power to monitor this kind of stuff now. With over 1,000,000 units out there with instant access to Twitch.

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A lot of controversy surrounding the release of the PlayStation 4. I completely understand the author's frustration. Though Europe has not seen a release yet, we certainly hope that Sony make an effort to iron out even the smallest issues before then.

It is usually the things that people find irrelevant that end up becoming a nuisance later on.

On behalf of Europe, I'd like to thank the United States for beta testing the PlayStation 4 for us.

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Hi Cernunnos.

You are completely right. We have actually addressed the mistype as you can see by reading ThePsychoGamer's comment.

We've "agreed" and added a speech bubble vote to your comment.

Thanks for fact checking for us!

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Hi GribbleGrunger.

We agree with you. There are, however, a few things Erina's contact mentioned in the email, and we will be certain to make it available to the public.

We too were very skeptical about her source's information but it was the confidence and the little details to the information that made him reliable to us.

As I mentioned earlier, we appreciate constructive feedback. If you would like, we have a PayDay 2: Career Crimi...

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Thanks for pointing that out. We've corrected the mistype.

We appreciate positive and constructive feedback. We've got a PayDay 2 steam code you are welcome to have, or give, if you like.

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The Last of Us 2.
Far Cry 4.
Tomb Raider 2.

These guys had a field day.

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Well said.

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We've seen the potential that Vita has with cross-connectivity with the PlayStation 4. Ultimately, the fate of the Vita depends on the developers will to integrate Vita usage into their games.

Pachter seems to be a bit of an attention seeker these days. He cried wolf for the PlayStation 3 also.

Our take is that the Vita's brightest days are ahead.

edit: CCP's Dust 514 Vita app is a perfect example of the possibilities. Consider w...

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Can't wait!

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So. Your point is; "it depends on the game"?

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Ah. We have a cure for the Derps. Try mix your gaming diet up a little. Blops is like a desert and should only be consumed in moderation. :)

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The WarZ screen shot has been pulled. It was poorly labeled in our database, but this has been fixed.

Apart from that, this is not an article, it's a press release directly from Bohemia Interactive.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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We're all for Destiny on the Wii U. No gamer should have to miss out on this amazing looking game.

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@ThatKansasGuy. Our site. There are five staff members who work on this site.

Regardless, all the best ideas are born when you are on the toilet. Any writer can tell you this.

It's very unfortunate for you that you don't like the site. Just don't visit us. :)

Have a wonderful day.

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Not if Destiny is on a next generation console. Then these two tiles are in completely separate leagues.

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You don't think $45USD is too much for 15 mediocre retro 16bit games? Each to their own, I guess.

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A doubt many people read this very well written and interesting article. Let alone comprehended its content.

I think they may be onto something. PlayStation 4 + Gaikai implementation.

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Definitely choosing lesser of two evils. If done probably, an Aliens first person shooter game could trump most other shooters.

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I think the issue is rather that the smaller, indie, studios don't have the funds or resources to be able to port to the PlayStation 3.

The Xbox 360's structure is a lot more convenient to develop for and a lot more accommodating to indie developers who have experience developing for Windows.

However, one could argue that the PlayStation 3 receives more quality titles than the Xbox 360.

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