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Yeah, the Gears trilogy with all the DLC, dedicated servers and a solid 1080/60 would actually get me to buy the Xbone.

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For the people who are not happy that the new consoles can't do 1080/60 on most games then the only option is to stop bitching and build a gaming PC.

I care about +1080/60 that's why I'll play the multiplats on my PC and leave PS4/XB1 for the exclusives.

The PS4 has more processing power than the Xb1 but is still quite underpowered I knew that day one when I played Killzone SF and BF4 and saw how low the framerate would drop on occasions.

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I'd just like to state again for the idiots PS+ IS NOT FREE, you pay for the service and anything that is a part of that service cost money.

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Since when has PS+ been free ? tut tut!

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Because the online is a very big part of DC, to get people hooked into the club leader boards and challnges etc.

I suppose they don't want to put pople off by only giving them the SP, they need that extra to make it addictive.

Imagine COD without perks and unlocks or borderlands without loot.

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Hey Sony I have an Idea, you know all that money you get from PS+ subscribers why don't you invest in more/better servers.

Or is this just an excuse to delay the PS+ 'demo'.

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Gametrailers 8.6:

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I'm guessing it's similar to MSR/PGR and nothing like ridge racer.

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Two of those games should be 'free' for PS+ by now so not really a great deal.

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Hang on £31.00 for a wired controller, they are taking the piss here.

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The consoles have 8Gb of shared ram, say for example 2gb for os, 3gb system and 3gb for video.

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I got the PC version with all the DLC in the steam sale for like £6.00, too me that was the definitive value edition.

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Edge gave Dead or Alive beach volleyball on the Xbox an 8/10 back in the day and that's when I stopped caring about their scores.

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It's okay you can buy the rest of the game later as DLC, Bungie and Activision just did'nt want to overwhelm us gamers with too much awesome content at once.

God bless DLC and god bless Bobby Koldic!

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Respect to Joe he's 100% correct on this.

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They may also claim 1080p/60fps but if it's not rock solid 60 then forget about it.

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You mean current gen console, the PS4 is almost a year old.

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SLI has never seem worth it too me, I think ebaying your old card and putting it towards a newer one is a better option.

To me anyway the power draw, extra heat/noise etc is not worth the hassle.

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