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Yes it is very similar to the old cods, this time it has a touch of crysis and killzone but it still feels very much like the old COD.

You have a powerful jump boost that can hover and a melee that can send fools flying.

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What's all this talk of Zombies? because I have the game and there is not zombie mode that I can see.

The first menu says :


Exo is just waves of humans unless zombies unlocks later.

OK so exo zombies does unlock later it seems.

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It's probably Sony just using precautions incase of piracy, and it sucks.

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Have you tries making a folder in the root of the phones storage and naming it MUSIC ?

It's the same as using an ipod as its just a USB mass storage device unless it has to be format with a certain files system, I it just has to be fat/fat32.

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Luftrausers and Escape Plan are decent too.

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Sadly they know so many will still buy it. Damn greedy Activision, proof of their greed, on steam even after all these years Cod 1 is £14.99 and COD4 MW is £19.99.

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Damn you Bungie you sold your souls to Activision. So glad I sold my copie of destiny a week after release and only lost £6.

I may re buy it one day when it's finally a complete game.

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Borderlands exclusive to any one platform will never happen.

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Yes it should do 1080/60 no problem, max on my PC I get about 140fps, It's UE3 so not that demanding.

And this will 100% come to PS4/XB1.

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Lets hope that this time they put some money into new Ip's and devs to deliver some REAL exclusives and not just splash the cash for timed BS.

I really want MS and Sony to do well but with real exclusives as by this Friday I will own the Xbone to go along side my PS4.

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I agree, If you also have steam then most of what sony has given since the PS4 release has been a let down, so many indie game that I've already got from steam for about 2.50 ages ago.

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I've used the orb PS4 thumb grips from day one, they add extra grip and prevent the degrading of the original rubber.

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That's a good price, from where?

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Jaqen_Hghar, A man should google DS4windows, just that and a usb cable and the Xbox 360 PC drivers. This works with any PC game that can use the 360 controller.

It's free but you can donate if you wish.

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Famitsu have been proven to have paid for reviews so why does anyone still think they are valid ?

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45Gb on disc + 20Gb download for the multiplayer part.

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Bring it on I would love a gears and Uncharted remastered trilogy, I would buy both day one no doubt.

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Yeah, the Gears trilogy with all the DLC, dedicated servers and a solid 1080/60 would actually get me to buy the Xbone.

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For the people who are not happy that the new consoles can't do 1080/60 on most games then the only option is to stop bitching and build a gaming PC.

I care about +1080/60 that's why I'll play the multiplats on my PC and leave PS4/XB1 for the exclusives.

The PS4 has more processing power than the Xb1 but is still quite underpowered I knew that day one when I played Killzone SF and BF4 and saw how low the framerate would drop on occasions.

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I'd just like to state again for the idiots PS+ IS NOT FREE, you pay for the service and anything that is a part of that service cost money.

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