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If you are def gonna get the remastered and you other new stuff to play then I would wait for the PS4 version. #1.1.7
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Yeah thats a really crap sale, USA got way better sales.

May as well wait for stuff to hit PSN+. #3.1
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What I think he means it that there is not a lot going on the screen at once, compare the scale of GTA or BF4 to a racing game that is on a single track or a sigle stage fighting game that has only 1 AI opponent at once.

The more a game has to render at once the more resources are needed, then you have also to take into account real time lighting, physics and the complexity of the AI. #4.1.1
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Yes eye candy sells games to many people and they do not know/care about framerate, it's generally us PC AND console gamers that care.

If you are used to 1080p@60 on all your PC games then you know when a games is running at 30 or sub 60 fps and it feels crap. I suppose you get spoiled by PC games and don't want to go backwards. #2.2
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You can't tell the difference between these 3 ? #1.1.7
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Microsoft were they lazy and disrespectful ones as they knew they had their loyal fans by the balls deeply invested/hooked on Xb live and could get away with skimping costs on the hardware to cater to to the casual multimedia crowd. The hardcore gamers came last to them. #1.6.11
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True if were priced similar to the Wii U then you could almost forgive it but it has to last another 5-8 years so one would think It would be slightly future proof.

But no like Nintendo, Microsoft penny pinched to the max, I loved Halo and Gears but I can wait as I think the Xbone needs a massive price cut to interest me just like the Wii U.

I will survive with my PC/PS4 and old school consoles for a bit. #99.1
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Oh sh1t that is just pathetic for a game such as this. MS really gimp the Xbone badly. Xbone owners should not be defending Miscrosoft as they have been screwed royally, a £430 console that they are stuck with for at least 5 years cannont run a game like this at 1080/60.

I guess the next Halo and Gears will be either 1080p or 60fps but not both how weak.

I'm not falling for the DX12/Cloud hype. #104
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The Xbox one is not next gen neither is the PS4 they are current gen ffs, are people going to be calling these next gen for another year like they did after the launch of last gen. #53
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Yes those specs are more than enough, Hook your laptop up to your HDTV get a wired 360 controller or DS4 and your set, plus the PC version will cost about £20 less. #5.4
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Lol you are trolling right? a GTX680 destroys the PS4.
If you want to play at 30fps and medium graphics settings get the PS4 version.

You want to go higher get it on PC, and remember if you upgrade your PC in future you can then replay the game at even higher settings it's a no brainer.

No console version will look as good as this: #3.8
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Marginal ? 1440p @ 60fps with the possibility of 4k and mods etc vs <1080p 30fps and no mods.

Don't fool yourself, there is a reason some graphics cards cost more than PS4/Xbone. #1.1.7
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I agree but the frame limiter was because infamous ss could not hit a continual 60fps, so people wanted it locked to awaoid the jerkiness of a fluctuating framerate. Makes sense the more options for us all the better I think. #7.6
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Once you get the hang of the multiplayer, it becomes so addictive there is nothing like it really, teamwork is a must.

It's tense and awesome, hoping for 60fps and addition DLC. #3.2
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All this lets keeps games at 30fps for the cinematic effect is utter bollocks.

Films are fine running at 24fps as you do not have to control the scene in real time.

Anything below 30fps in games we see as judder, all games benfit from being 60fps not just fast paced shooters etc.

TLoU's cinematics will still be 30fps. Just look at the PC version of dark souls 2 and you will see how 60fps improves the animation fluidity and control of you... #1.3.2
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Itsa Yee..........prison b1tch! #10
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Yeah if we at least get 60fps locked for the excellent multiplayer then I'm in.

Who am I kidding I will buy this masterpiece day one no matter what, just hope they make it as near perfect as possible,

And some extra DLC, like if they wanted to extend the MP's lifespan with more maps etc.

I can't wait. #19.1
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Of course it will be an iteration of their last Engine only refined and now they have a more epowerful platform to run it on.

ND are without equal in this genre with the exception of Kojima maybe. #9.4
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I was an Xbox 360 owner last gen but was also not stupid enough to not buy the PS3 also.

I pitty any fools that have not played MGS4, the Uncharted trilogy, TLoU, Gow etc. #3.2
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Should of gone to specsavers. #2.3
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