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It would be cool if ND gave us some more MP DLC for TLoUr adding the infected or even just some new maps.

Day 1 purchase anyway! #1.3.2
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The consoles will have some great exclusives but yes they really are weak power wise.

If people don't mind Sub 1080p and 30fps and cannot/ do not want to get a decent PC then they are fine. But to be stuck with these low powered consoles for another 5-8 years is very sad. #4.1
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Cold but true, I suppose like me you would wish to see the technology move forward and not be held back for 5+ years for the sake of 'console parity'.

So Ubi either did not want to push to PC tech for fear of creating more work for themselves bug fixing etc or maybe even incompetence.

Or there was some sort of deal done to not show up the consoles limitations by release a PC version that did look 'next gen'.

Either way shame... #3.1.2
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Yes it's sad but true as people have proved that there is a market for DLC and it makes money so it's here to stay.

For me if I feel I'm being nickle and dimed so to speak then I wait for the complete edition which ruins all the excitement for a game.

Pure greed is everywhere in the corporate world all we can do is vote with our wallets. #1.1.2
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I really hope it's a rock solid 60fps this game deserves nothing less.

So glad ND realise the importance of 60fps, just hoping for UC4 to be 60fps too. #7.1
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If you want games at a bargain price then the Xbone would be a bad choice. Steam and GOG is where the deals are and maybe PS+. #9
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Slow news day? #29
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Why would anyone want to pre order a digital version so early, It's not like a physical copy at a store where it could actually sell out. #84
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It probably will take advantage of the better PC hardware even it it's just higher res and framerate.

Just sounds to me like they don't want to lose console game sales.

All this PS4/XB1 version will be like the PC at ultra is pure bollocks there will always be options with the PC versions to push way beyond what the consoles can do even if it's with mods.

Anyone that owns a decent gaming PC and a PS4 knows this.

... #1.6.1
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'Many games will get bought. Only some of them will get played'

So it shall be written, so it shall be done. #11.1
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Looks like 80% of those games are not exclusives, what a useless article. #8.2
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You can't really label BF4 on PS4 as 60fps, most of the time it ran at around 45fps, for me the fluctuating fraterate was off putting and that's probably why destiny is 30 locked. #17.1
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I care and that's why I'm getting it on the PC and not my PS4, f@ck the DLC 30fps in 2014 is for peasants. #15.1
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The PS4 and XB1 are just not that powerful it's simple, fanboys are just in denial.

Consoles for their exclusives and PC for the performance.

We get what we pay for when it comes to tech a £350 console cannot compete wih a PC with even a £150 graphics card. #1.6.4
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The word you are looking for is 'gimped'
Sorry I just could not help my bad self. Yes it will be enhanced compared to the PS3 but gimped compared to PC.

Console features:

Low resolution and framrate, aliasing, pop in and long load times. Yay for 'nextgen'! #3.5
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I hope to fuckery that it's not a poor PC port like GTA4, If it needs SLi GTX780's to get 60fps @1080p max details then I may cry, or just get the PS4 version.

I really hope R* have learned a lot since GTA4. #10
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I hope we also get a Uncharted remastered trilogy 1080p/60fps some time in the future. #18
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There are no TVs that are true 120HZ for that you would need a 120/144Hz PC monitor.

Anyway no game on the PS4/XB1 will be 120Hz/FPS the best we can ever hope for is a locked 60fps and I applaud ND for pushing for a locked 60fps.

I've sold my copy of TLoU ready for the remaster, can't wait. #1.2.8
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Yes ! more horror, less dumb shooting galleries. #3
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You better wait for 'Next gen' then As their won't be many AAA 1080p/60fps on these consoles.

So is Sunset overdrive a real exclusive or a Microsoft 'exclusive' that only lasts 6 months?

Will this ever come to the PC or PS4 ?
I will probably get the Xbone for the Halos/Gears but there ain't that much on it that impresses me. #1.4.4
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