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Man there will be so many copies of this floating about next week as it can be beat in one or two sittings.

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If it turns out that Giant Bomb, Angry Joe, Jim sterling and a few others all say the game is a meh rental than yeah I think that they could be correct.

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Stop talking bollox, Giant bomb and Jeff Gerstmann are honest and well respected by many, also they know what they are talking about.

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"There are things here worth checking out, but the action feels half-cocked and you'll be finished with it in an afternoon. I won't pretend to guess at how much $60 means to you, dear reader, but I will say that The Order is a middling experience with a couple of bright flashes that only serve to remind you that this could be a more int...

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That's just sad, when you think of how much Gears, Resi4 and Uncharted gave us in terms a quality content and replay value.

I think I'll wait for a price drop £50 for this seems wrong, imagine if you bought COD and all it had was it's single player mode.

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It's called denial, You know people you can still be a fan of Sony and this game and still have a critical eye.

I will probably get this at launch but I can see that the retail version now displays less detail overall.

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The old version looks better, it's obviously been downgraded, just look at the detail in the clothing, wall and door textures are less defined lower res.

The game still looks great and may be great but I think it has been scaled back.

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Anyone know when the reviews will be out ?

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A real price drop on the 32Gb not just a sell off of old 8gb stock, Region Free, The abilty to play and upscale GC games, Better online service.

Downloadable games that are tied to your account and not locked to the console itself so if your console dies you have to re buy everything.

Better 3rd party support and original IP's not just Zelda/mario/starfox etc.

These are some of the issues that have kept me from investing in the Wii U. <...

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Ok for £120 that is worth taking a chance on I suppose.

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Yeah I knew it would be gimped.

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Got mine from Tesco in store about 10 days ago for £24.00.

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We need fuck of and die, I will accept if she just fucks off for ever though, but she won't as she is a parasite.

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Your ignorance is bliss, sorry I mean piss.

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Try TLoU remaster at 60 then drop it down to 30, you would quickly set it back to 60fps and never drop it down to 30fps again.

We put up with in on some console games because there is no choice when it comes to exclusives but if you are also a PC gamer you would know the importance of 60fps.

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For me it stutters less now but there is increased pop-in using a 4770k and 4gb GTX670.

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Yes there really is no excuse for this kind of shit both Sony and Microsoft should feel ashamed that they took peoples money for driveclub and Halo and release unfinished broken games.

They both should of had open betas, these are first party flagship titles ffs not some 3 man indie deved first release.

Anyone defending broken releases should be bummedinthegob.

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