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So they take our money for a broken product and we should be greatful that they have said they will try and fix things later.

This thing happens because of people like you. #1.6.1
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Yes if the game is constantly droping frames to the low 20's then it is a unfinished/ unoptimised broken game that was rushed to released for the cash grab of the holiday season.

I think Ubisoft's problem is quanity over quality they are spread too thin making too many games on too many platforms, they should either hire more staff or stagger platform releases, they won't change their lack of Q and A until we hit them where it hurts. #1.4.3
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So i finally got it to work by removing my blutooth mouse drivers and unplugging the dongle, game seems like a bit of a system hog but it's probably just not very well optimised, I think I'll wait for a patch or two. #1.2.1
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That can't be the case it may have different or less problems with nvidia who knows but the console are both AMD and Ubisoft are not that dumb to cut off AMD PC users.

We all need a damn patch to fix this crap really quick, it seems devs have no shame these days and just think fuckit we will patch the shit out of it once released.

Fuckyouwegotyamoney. #2.1
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Thaaaaaaaat's Ubisoft, I can't even launch Farcry 4 on my PC just get a black screen. #1.2
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You have to respect Nintendo for choosing framerate over resolution. #4
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They just want to do what EA have done and try and force people to buy from uplay and at console game prices. They are a f*cking greedy discrace, this type of shit will create more pirates or people will just wait for the prices to drop.

I saw this coming years ago when they started using uplay.

Activision and EA could get away with this as their biggest games are MP focused but Ubisoft's games are not making the choice between uplay and utorrent for some... #30
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FPS mode is optional GET IT so if you don't like it that's fine. The more options the better thanks R*. #2.1.2
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They will I'm sure, ive been waiting for their verdict so I can choose between the PS4 and recently purchased Xbone. #2.1.1
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Yeah only 2 frames too many, it's sad really. #2.1
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It's because games are sold using screenshots or trailers where eye candy is used to impress, most console games will be 30fps as people do care about graphics and are ignorant or in denial about framerate.

There were so many people last gen defending low res and framerate as they could not admit their consoles were very outdated.

The same will happen this gen but to a less extent as many gamers have experienced higher framerates for the first time. The f... #11.1
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Welcome to the light brother. #8.1
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Been saying this for years that once you are used to a solid 60 going back to 30 or a fluctuating 40-55 feels so crap, as others have said its about the responsiveness as well as the way it looks. #6.1
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2 words that may help you .....steam sales. #1.1.4
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No that not the case 99.9% of our games in Uk/europe run at 60Hz it's been that way since LCD Tv's.

It will be because of network lag. #3.1.1
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Yes it is very similar to the old cods, this time it has a touch of crysis and killzone but it still feels very much like the old COD.

You have a powerful jump boost that can hover and a melee that can send fools flying. #6.6
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What's all this talk of Zombies? because I have the game and there is not zombie mode that I can see.

The first menu says :


Exo is just waves of humans unless zombies unlocks later.

OK so exo zombies does unlock later it seems. #2.2.1
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It's probably Sony just using precautions incase of piracy, and it sucks. #4.2
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Have you tries making a folder in the root of the phones storage and naming it MUSIC ?

It's the same as using an ipod as its just a USB mass storage device unless it has to be format with a certain files system, I it just has to be fat/fat32. #1.2.2
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Luftrausers and Escape Plan are decent too. #1.2.5
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