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I think you are correct, the GPU power needed for decent framerates at 4k is just not viable.

GTA 5 with a Titan X and getting around 40fps.

Crysis 3 with SLi 980 getting around 20fps.

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I hate the idea of season passes but have the game including season pass for £25.00 so I just had to have it.

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$80CAN is £43.00 with sales tax added its probably about the same as us in the UK so what's the big deal? Like us they have a national health and welfare system which has to be paid for through taxes etc.

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They can have both, optimized for 30fps or optimized for 60fps in the options menu. Most console devs don't do this because it's extra work and time and that equals money.

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It's not just a case of drivers, the wheels for xb1/ps4 need to contain certain chips that communicate with the console.

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Yeah I will be p1ssed if it's just Gears 1 at 1080p/60fps because the PC version already did that years ago.

Now a trilogy with all the DLC 1080/60, improved visuals, dedicated servers and maybe some extra maps that would be an instant buy for me. But that sounds too good to be true.

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I knew this was the case from day one, that's why I sold destiny after a week. Bungie sold their souls to Activision, their Halo glory days will never return.

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Wait for e3 and see if we have real gameplay footage. They will probably promise 60fps again also yet the game will run at at around 45fps.

What we see at e3 will be on the best PC's out, expect console downgrades.

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Yes the gameplay visuals even on the most powerful PC will look nowhere near as good as this trailer.

We all want this game to be great but it seems the hype delusion has gotten to many yet again. Publishers know this will happen that's why we will continue getting these and the fake gameplay trailers like watchdogs.

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Except in the rain when the fps drops to 30.

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The gameplay visuals will be no where near this level.

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I thought it seemed too good to be true 1080p/60 with 40 cars on track and weather effects, the consoles can't cut it.

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Yeah I too think it will be a handheld that docks into a base unit home console, so similar to the Wii U but the gamepad will actually be like a 3DS.

A portable/ home console hybrid that could be cool especially if one game could work in either big screen tv mode or portable mode.

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Yep and on the news.

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Yeah violence is all good but a bit of Anime/ cartoon titty well thats just evil.

Remember nudity is a sin, shower in your clothes or risk going to hell.

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Yes why sell a complete game for $60 when you can charge that with 30% ripped out to be sold as dlc later on for a further 20-40$. Easy money.

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The greed of Activision makes perfect sense to them.

For example COD black ops 2 on steam is currently £39.99 and COD4 is £19.99, even Quake 4 is £14.99 ffs.

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I have an Xbone and PS4 but want to play this on the PC so I will wait for the steam sale or they may even lose a sale.

I hate timed or exclusive content no matter which 3rd party does it. Its like saying f"ck you to a large percentage of your fanbase.

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Exclusive DLC for a multiplatform game as always is bulsh1t, all it does for me is make me want to wait for the complete edition for cheap.

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