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A real price drop on the 32Gb not just a sell off of old 8gb stock, Region Free, The abilty to play and upscale GC games, Better online service.

Downloadable games that are tied to your account and not locked to the console itself so if your console dies you have to re buy everything.

Better 3rd party support and original IP's not just Zelda/mario/starfox etc.

These are some of the issues that have kept me from investing in the Wii U. <... #29.1.3
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Ok for £120 that is worth taking a chance on I suppose. #5.1.2
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Yeah I knew it would be gimped. #6.2
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Got mine from Tesco in store about 10 days ago for £24.00. #2.1.1
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We need fuck of and die, I will accept if she just fucks off for ever though, but she won't as she is a parasite. #14
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Your ignorance is bliss, sorry I mean piss. #19.2
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Try TLoU remaster at 60 then drop it down to 30, you would quickly set it back to 60fps and never drop it down to 30fps again.

We put up with in on some console games because there is no choice when it comes to exclusives but if you are also a PC gamer you would know the importance of 60fps. #18.1.1
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For me it stutters less now but there is increased pop-in using a 4770k and 4gb GTX670. #6
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Yes there really is no excuse for this kind of shit both Sony and Microsoft should feel ashamed that they took peoples money for driveclub and Halo and release unfinished broken games.

They both should of had open betas, these are first party flagship titles ffs not some 3 man indie deved first release.

Anyone defending broken releases should be bummedinthegob. #1.2.3
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You def need to play 3 and the original is still cool, 2 meh.

FC3 was my game of that year and FC4 seems to be on track to end up the same, 15% complete and I'm loving it. #1.2
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Yes they are missing out on an extra 50% framerate.....simples.

Though Forza horizon 2 runs at 30fps and seems perfectly fine and also has a great sense of speed.

For shooters, fighters and racers framerate is king. #7
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Yeah two weak games for an 8 year old console, Merry Christmas love microshite.

Well SSX is decent but it's another game you can pick up for £3.00. #12.1
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Yep pure crap from MS, wow 1080p worms ! #7.1
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20fps, Tha.....t's Ubisoft. They will never return to the glory days of Rainbow 6, Splinter cell and Beyond good and evil. #13
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You people can say what you want but it's a bit sad that the game is 30fps and still cannot run at full 1080p, Yes the Xbone has less power than the PS4 but it could of ran this this at nstive 1080p i think If ubisoft put more effort in.

I have FC4 on PC and it has issues and you can tell that it has not been optimised very well. #18
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Remember me saying this in future, this game WILL NOT be 1080p with a locked 60fps, it will be a locked 30fps or a unlocked 40-50fps.

Only delusional noobs will disagree, if BF4, Killzone SF and Cod AW can't do a rock solid 1080p60fps then neither will Planetside 2. #22
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2014 the year of the unfinished game release. #13
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So they take our money for a broken product and we should be greatful that they have said they will try and fix things later.

This thing happens because of people like you. #1.6.1
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Yes if the game is constantly droping frames to the low 20's then it is a unfinished/ unoptimised broken game that was rushed to released for the cash grab of the holiday season.

I think Ubisoft's problem is quanity over quality they are spread too thin making too many games on too many platforms, they should either hire more staff or stagger platform releases, they won't change their lack of Q and A until we hit them where it hurts. #1.4.3
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So i finally got it to work by removing my blutooth mouse drivers and unplugging the dongle, game seems like a bit of a system hog but it's probably just not very well optimised, I think I'll wait for a patch or two. #1.2.1
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