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Yeah on Xbone too, it looked and felt like a 360 launch title, game features poor graphics, low framerate, stiff delayed controls and laggy online.

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It's not lazy at all, it's called profit margin, Sony/ND do not want to pay for dedicated servers as they know UC4 will sell sh1t loads anyway.

They don't really care if your multiplayer experience is not as good as it should be as you would of already purchased the game.

And no fanboy bs people Ive played through the Uncharted games many times and will get UC4 day one but I'm not blind to corporate greed.

"For the player...

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Yeah MS needs it's exclusives to stay on the Xbone to help sell the console.

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My Hype was near killed by both the Rainbow and BF betas, thanks for the heads up EA and Ubi.

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You forgot to add that it looks like a last gen game and runs at a low framerate most of the time, F that indeed.

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Yeah the full game cost £95, you get your £55 base game first then have to wait months for the rest of the content that you already paid for to unlock.

£95 for what is essentially a multiplayer only game, you cannot blame EA/Dice's need for greed as they know they will get away will it , suckers will pay full price.

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What there was of destiny was great but to me if felt like 3/4 of the game was missing and the crucible stuff did not interest me.

I sold it after a week once I felt mugged after finishing the main 'story'.

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Yeah Im loving MGSV but it would of been nice to see some roaming traders, bandits or civilians now and then.

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Check out at about 8m5s enemies clip through Drake, I hope this gets sorted out.

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That's what fire + wind looks like, you should probably see more of the real world if you don't know that.

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Well you would think that there has to be a Mass Effect trilogy remaster 1080p/60 with ALL DLC included released before ME4, they could use the PC assets etc, seems like easy money to me.

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It also says that your purchased dlc and even save games will work from the 360 to the xbone, through the cloud save function and licence transfer whatever.

I would of liked a gears remaster trilogy but obviously they didn't have enough time to do them all before gears 4 so I will take this as a second best, thanks MS.

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All the Risen games are sh1t, I pity the fools that buy this p1ss poor port.

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And also from what I've seen the emulated games actually run worse on the Xbone than they did on the 360, I don't think Activision will allow any COD to be BC you know they everyone buying they latest version along with the DLC.

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I dont think this will happen, I can see Microsoft selling digital versions of original xbox and 360 games on their next console or even on the Xbone at a later date.

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I've had a feeling for years that they don't want to realese it as they know it can never live up to the hype.

Half Life 3 was 'finished' and ready for release years ago.

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You really think Capcom with their constant easy money re hashes and DLC bs could not afford to develope a new street fighter without help from Sony?

Anyway all forms of this paying to lock out another console is b0llocks to me, Sony and MS should be putting thier money into creating exclusive original IP's to actually give us reasons to own their consoles.

More REAL exclusives !

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Timed exclusive content and once multi platform games going system exclusive feels to me disrespectful of your loyal customers/fans.

Why screw over a massive part of your fanbase? Tomb raider and street fighter should never be exclusive to any console.

I own a PS4, XB1 and PC so I don't have to really miss out (but many others will) I will not be buying those games new, that is my small protest at this discgraceful pratice and show of greed.

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Yes the quality is quite poor, I know for a fact that uncharted 2 looks better on the PS3 than how it looks in this vid.

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