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Only SSD's can take avantage of SATA3 no platter based HDD is as fast enough to max SATA2.

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Looks bad and ass yes. Oh that face is scary.

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Yes it's pricey now but will only get cheaper in time, hats off to Nvidia for pushing this tech.

I'm glad I bought a GTX and have held of buying a new gaming monitor as I really want G-sync I can't stand tearing or stuttering and g-sync will extend the lifespan of a GPU.

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Err it's called easy effing money, that's the point add all the DLC and maybe some exclusive sh1t. [email protected] better textures and maybe improved lighting etc you know it will sell and so do bethesda.

We may see alot of this as it is easy to port the PC versions to PS4/XBone and just add some extras to sweeten the deal and maybe a reduced price, probably will be full priced though as they can use the 'next gen excuse'.

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Why sell a game once when you can sell it twice. Easy money.

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Yeah and cut out backwards compatability so they can re sell you all the games you already bought at least the HD remakes looked better now we will just have the older games but with compression and added lag.

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No Sh1t we all know it's about selling rip off map pack DLC's nowadays. A game like Cod/Titanfall/BF will never give us free content.

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Yeah that's pathetic I maxed it out on PC at 60+ fps. Really not worth £50 when the PC version is £15.

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Rent it, it's a good game but once finished you will probably not want to play through it again.

It's basically a poor man's uncharted .

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No A) Greed.

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1080p alone is not a problem for the new consoles but AA, LOD and high framerates are, at 1080p anyway.

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Not a chance @ 60fps. It will run at 30fps and be medium-high.

The PS4 is a great little machine but a powerhouse High spec PC equivalent it is not.

Planetside 2 is even more demanding that battlefield and that is not ultra @ 60fps on the PS4.

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Yes! once it's been activated to your account you can download or not whenever, like psn+ you dont need to download just click it and grab it later.

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Photo realistic my Erse!

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Err PS3/360 is last gen mate not current gen.

A lack of games and a small used games market also means that they think they can get away with inflated retail prices. It will sort itself out in time just like the start of CD/DVD/BluRay.

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Dice should not of made themselves EA's b1tches. Yeah EA are evil but Dice are to blame also.

If we are going to have a new BF every year then to workforce needs to expand or we have a 18 month cycle.

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You would think that after all this sh1t is done and 'fixed' maybe they would give something back like a free map pack they could call it The sorry we are EA's b1tches and they made us rush it out expansion.

But we all know we will get jack sh1t from a company that charges more for the DLC than the actual game.

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Well as we can't trust Crapcom our best bet will probably be this :

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EA are still a disgrace and probably always will be. It's a shame so many devs are in bed with them now.

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