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They have (want) to sell more copies of the console versions first and maybe DLC.

They know people will buy the console version and the PC version too.

It is 100% coming to PC and probably nextgen we just have to wait. #2.6
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Any console that plays games from Naughty Dog, Team Ico or Sony Santa Monica will never be obsolete. #22
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I'll wait for the PC version. You know Capcom they rehash and re sell just about all of their titles.

Dead rising 3 Ultimate turbo directors cut remix edition. #28
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Horrid B1tch! #52
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The LCD screen will be no where near as good as the Amoled, that alone makes me never want to get the new vita. #2
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They are trying to maximise sales of the current gen versions first as they will know some people will hold off and some will buy it twice.

There is no way that a game that is so popular and costs so much to make will be limited to only being on 2 systems.

There will be a PC version and to port it to PS4 is easy money. #24
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It's a bit sad to think that we will have these consoles for 5-8 years and they cannot give us exclusives that easily run at 1080p@60fps. #1.1.43
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Will never happen with such an expensive game, this will be out on most platforms eventually.

Especially as the porting from PC to Xbone/PS4 will be less time consuming.

Time=money. #3.2
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I knew when they first showed gameplay that it looked too good (smooth/AA) to be PS3 footage. Now that I've played the 360 and PS3 versions it confirms it.

They look good but the pop up, jaggies and low framerate spoil it.

Console only players wont care but PC gamers will. #2.9
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Yes GTA4 and Red dead both ran better on the 360. #3.4.2
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Yep it's true people both versions have pop up and Jaggies everywhere, I want a PC/PS4 version this game deserves better hardware.

It looks great but the old hardware cannot keep up. #3.3.3
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The game is rated 18 and just like 18 rated films it contains sex. violence and naughty words.

It's only controversial because the media think video games are for children and idiotic retailers sell M/18 rated titles to kids and/or their dumb parents. #40
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If your 360 is unplugged from the power the time/date resets. So playing offline is fine. You would have to stay offline until release day though.

This whole thing with MS banned people for playing LEGIT RETAIL but early copies of games is a disgrace.

As if any gamer that gets a game early would or should have to wait for the official release date, it's immoral for Microsoft to do this especially as of now there is NO PIRATED VERSION online.
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Trust me the first version the get 'stolen' will be the Xbox 360 one. Piracy will always exist, it does not kill any industry it's just a fact of life. #1.3.4
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PS3 had a better CPU whilst XB360 had a better GPU so they turned out to be quite equal.

The PS3 shone with it's exclusive studios. #1.10.2
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Lol never gonna happen. You will be lucky to get 1080p @60fps. #1.1.25
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Is this running of an actual Xbone or PC ? I just can't trust anything I see from Microsoft at the moment. #8
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It also extends the life of the disc drive / laser as it is not constantly seeking/reading from a bluray. #8.1.1
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