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Sad, another crappy broken at launch console port. It's not on steam so no money back, cheers Microshaft.

I loved all the Max Paynes and Alan Wake but Remedy should be ashamed of themselves for whoring with MS.

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Giantbomb give it 2/5

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Google "nvidia lack of async compute" that's the problem seems the 970/980/ti are only really good for DX11 and cannot take advantage of the gains DX12 could offer.

I'll probably sell my GTX970 when AMD polaris releases I've lost faith in Nvidia after their 970 ram issue, gimping of older cards and their Sh1tworks.

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They are not free games, unless Sony has just opened up PSN free.

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Yeah I great man once said "Knack is whack".

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Probably but the consoles price will be jacked up as we are forced to pay for a portable console/controller.

And for Nintendo to keep costs down I image the Home basestation console will be fairly low powered if the controller is actually also a portable console.

Maybe the controller is the NX now that would be pretty sad.

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Ffs Gimmicktendo could they of not just gone with something like a Vita that can dock into the homebase console and allow us to us standard controllers also, lets hope it's just a prototype. Nintendo has just gotten progressively worse since the gamecube and I guess the NX will be as weak as an Xbone too as we know nintendo like to penny pinch on hardware.

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TloU 2 100%.

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Damn those ugly masculine looking out of proportion legs though. I like the art style otherwise.

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You will also need to own the PS4 camera and maybe move motion controllers so that adds to around £400.

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The ending of the game does not confirm a sequel, TLoU's massive financial success and critical acclaim is what will ensure another.

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I dont think DICE /EA would take the risk of a WW1 game, would be cool if the single player travelled through history and the multiplayer had locations, tech and weapons from WW1/WW2 Korea and Vietnam etc.

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I don't understand the fuss, yes the two artworks are very very similar but not exactly the same so what is the issue?

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Is there a confirmed release date for the Zelda remaster for steam or PSN yet ? thanks.

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It will probably be 60 MP and 30 SP, like the Gears Ultimate Ed and Uncharted 4.

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You got that backwards.

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Yeah get ready for a downgrade on Xbox one, when the game was first shown it looked so good, too good for the console. It would of been running on a high end PC.

No fanboy BS here as I own a Xbone, PS4 and a decent PC I hate all these misleading fake gameplay videos.

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Lol TLoU remaster digital download was £9.50 on for months, I got it from the US PS store on release for about £30.00. I really dont understand why they inflate the price of digital downloads.

The Order: 1886 for £44.99 wtf it was on sale for $10.00 a few weeks ago on the US store.

Greatness in ripping off awaits, for the players.

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Yeah on Xbone too, it looked and felt like a 360 launch title, game features poor graphics, low framerate, stiff delayed controls and laggy online.

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It's not lazy at all, it's called profit margin, Sony/ND do not want to pay for dedicated servers as they know UC4 will sell sh1t loads anyway.

They don't really care if your multiplayer experience is not as good as it should be as you would of already purchased the game.

And no fanboy bs people Ive played through the Uncharted games many times and will get UC4 day one but I'm not blind to corporate greed.

"For the player...

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